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  1. Happy birthday, Lady Aia; may the grace of the roots always guide you.
  2. Ah, I've missed a lot, I'm so sorry, real life has tricked me.

  3. Congrats for the special day, Fyrd. Happy wedding to your son.
  4. I don't know if this is the right place, but I'll put it here anyway. So, somehow the forum link button on the MD homepage still redirects me to the old forum address. Just a little info, in case this hasn't been checked yet. Cheers^^
  5. Is this shop still open? If it is, I would like to get the: Item 2: Anni custom pin badge (10 Plushies), please?
  6. Hmm, I thought it had been implemented, since I saw some players often disappear and appear on the veterans list. I agree about the idea to include only active player on the list, but 7 days are too short, maybe around 30-90 days inactivity? To avoid a significant changes at one time on the list? So the players who come and go will cover each other's holes.
  7. Item 2 - 10th Anni: 55 Plushies Item 3 - 12th Anni: 25 Plushies Item 4 - 14th Anni: 15 Plushies
  8. You don't have to change everything, what's wrong for you doesn't mean it's wrong for everyone else; chill, take a deep breath, and embrace the moment.

    1. Chewett


      What would you not change? An interesting idea!

  9. Item 11: 16th anniversary piece of cake (x1), please. Price: 5 plushies -- and Item 2: Anni custom pin badge (x 1) Price: 10 plushies (Which is a treat from Lady @Ailith ) ????
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