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  1. I have not altered of its placement nor of its existence, as its repurpose were yet unclear.
  2. I believe this is not a bug. The Bacon Knight of the Gateway Arena states the following: As the Duke of Malfi, I believe, doth possess of many more than thirty active days, this method to leave the Island were, correctly, unavailable.
  3. A25 users are unable to alter the interface in any meaningful manner, so this will require Mur's or Chewett's amendment.
  4. Apologies to all whom I did cause of distress with this mistake; do let me know if I may do aught else in reparation.
  5. Upon looking at the logs, it appears that I was the A25 member in question who did remove the clicky (without intention to do so). I have recently been plotting map-coordinates for some of the scenes in realm 3, and had been using a temporary clicky to determine the x-y coordinates. It appears that the time at which I had deleted the clicky item15 from the Split Pass Halt corresponds similarly with the time I had deleted the temporary clicky item15 from the map-scene; perhaps I had refreshed the portal after movement causing deletion of item15 from the Split Pass Halt. I have restored the entrance to the Split Pass Halt; I do not believe any further amendments should be made, other than, mayhap, investigation into how I did manage to cause this issue.
  6. Of these, I would believe that (3) and (6) are trivially possible, with the tools that are presently available, while (4) is also possible, and with extensive effort and limitations to the mission, (5). The remainder would require some functionality which were not already present in A25.
  7. I have voted against the alteration, although it were not a strong opinion. I believe such a change will merely serve to accelerate the decline of the realm. I would think that one who were new to the realm may find that such a lack of players appearing on this list would cause them to believe the realm to be inactive.
  8. It did appear that the clicky for the Faceless Ones had gone quite absent. I have restored it, and added a hover-text to the guards also. If the reported issue were persistent after clearance of one's cache, do notify me to amend it once more.
  9. I will review this upon return home.
  10. I will likely purchase from the Shop when the Auction were complete.
  11. I too also await of two wishes to appear within the Wish-Shop. I have not spent of aught in some time, so I cannot elaborate either.
  12. Would it be reasonable to assume that one cannot purchase any greater than two levels of this spell from the Wish-Shop - and would require a custom wish to obtain any further levels?
  13. An additional observation: Nepgear is the first to ascend the coloured elemental to its maximum without the use of Wish-Points. One must wonder how many Wish-Points have been used to ascend these beings, but I believe no fewer than three have thus far been used in this manner.
  14. 170311 were the system-item that did create these fenths.
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