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  1. Ouch! The video works for me... Anybody else having issues? Anyway, yes, it's Datura (D. Wrightii and D. Innoxia) and its flower is said to come from Shiva's chest. šŸ™‚
  2. Is the quest still active? If so, here's a bump. šŸ˜œ
  3. Having collected almost 40 pictures (around 100 MB) for this quest, and seeing how Max total size is 3.91 MB, I decided to submit my entry as a video (around 50 MB). It documents 4 months of cares (april - august) to my beloved plants. I hope you enjoy it. P.S. As stated in the video, this plant is extremely toxic. You're warned.
  4. I'd say yes, do it! 100% vit slider = 0% tokens and vice versa. As Mallos wrote, it's the best balance for those with low stats.
  5. Congratulations Invie! And congratulations to Fyrd for running the most voracious guild of our times.
  6. Welcome back Duke of Malfi!
  7. I had the same issue, here's a possible solution ????
  8. item 7 x 3 (lockinchaos stone) - 36 Plushies item 10 x 3 (sendtogoe stone) - 45 Plushies 81 in total
  9. Only one entry was submitted for this quest, but a nice one nonetheless. Behold the sexiest among the trees, Model nĀ° 1 !!! Congratulations to the winner, Fyrd Argentus!!!
  10. Update: all participants get a free pass to Necrovion! It lasts for one week and you can spend it until autumn Equinox. 5 hours left: hurry hurry hurry!
  11. I have the same problem but I noticed you can delete messages one by one. Just open the message and delete it from there.
  12. lashtal using Firefox 89.0 on macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Low priority While joining an alliance (Caretakers) I lost 2500 honor. I didn't find any announcement mentioning this, is it supposed to work this way? Thank you.
  13. Internet is full of tutorials, perhaps not THAT focused on grasans but...
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