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  1. Ledah


    Yes The maths on the other hand...
  2. Darksky needs to be updated I think, was wondering why it didn't match! But it works according to this ann: https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/962 Not sure it is scaling though? Giving 1300 on 0% and 1200 on 25 %, shouldn't it be either 1000+75% of 300 or just 75% of the 1300? [darksky] Dark Sky If owner has darkness principle it increases both attack and defence by the value of this principle, otherwise it increases attack double the value of the principle but lowers defence by same ammount. 0% 25% 100% Claw2, Claw3, Sunshine seem fine. BD2+3 seem fine after taking into account stats (30494 attack 5550 initiative) and sword shade 3 stats - I suck at maths though.
  3. True, instead of a rule I believe anyone who attacks their own ally member should be summarily executed and have their account reset... as a consequence.
  4. It was a fun 3-man fight Need better positioning, I felt sorry for Mag, stuck between me and Chew like that...
  5. If I buy all your silver at that market rate, would it not help establish the market rate?
  6. I will give you as many gold as you will give me silver. Mainly to cover up all my misdeeds in the item trading logs. Should we meet at your place or mine?
  7. You can also hop over rivers, but it would be nice if people had to make bridges first. Could then add other terrain that is hard/impossible to manoevure through, like mountains. Make a unit that can traverse them like scouts to cut off supply lines/parcels
  8. I look forward to trying this out So each individual cell needs to have the right food to produce something on it? Helps explain the random feeling of not being able to build in that case!
  9. Or at least other options! Map editor should be good, I'll play with it tonight, one fo the funner games was where me and Chew had to battle it out for a 2 tile-wide passage between water. Well, he didn't put up that much of a fight... Food is funky, T1 you get none if you are player 1, but then you do have the advantage of going first. The seeming randomness to being able to create/build is a bigger issue for me. Plus maybe some indication of upkeep on food, I'm not sure why units starve sometimes. It is a fun game though, I feel a tourney coming on...
  10. It is a fun quest, lots of clickies and a thread to follow, but it follows the thread quite logically, it is good stuff Cheers for the quest Fyrd, and for the next one there certainly needs to be more elven maidens, except this time in distress of course. PS: I stole one of your Bag of Nails on the other clickie, but nothing else
  11. Not sure if clicking a button every 5 minutes needs any more reward than it already has. Now, expanding what you can achieve through combat on the other hand...
  12. Cheers for the token Personally I think it is better to have all the shop tokens affected by the vit slider equally. Can always create another class later that explicitly aren't and give smaller bonuses.
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