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    It is rather simple what they are useful for, entertainment mostly. The idea of a podcast is that they are an audio-only format generally, even with videos the video itself is irrelevant. This helps for people who are doing other things they need to visually focus on, often people cite they will listen to a podcast on the commute to work. Why podcasts are attractive to me has to do with that average time. I prefer long-form content over clips like tik-tok or youtube shorts. If I'm browsing youtube I hardly find a reason to click a video under 10 minutes, when I find videos like that I feel as though I spend more time trying to find the next video to watch than I do watching the videos and that is just a waste of time. Podcasts remedy that. Yeah there is a trend in people wanting short-form content, anything from movies being 60-90 minutes at most to mobile games meant to be played periodically in short bursts. It makes some sense in the context of long work/study hours mixed with new technology that people want to pay attention to but have little time to do so.
  2. To my knowledge and from my experiences the 'standard' trade rate has been 15 silver for a gold coin, everyone I have traded with asking for a value has accepted this rate as normal. That is not to say the rate can't change, but perhaps to say that the rate you give listed on the notes is a proclaimed rate that is not reflected in typical commerce. My idea now is at least to ignore any shop availability of gold/silver as you need to factor in cost of credits vs gold which at some times was considered to be 5 credits to one gold coin, but that rate is likely wildly overvaluing gold at this point at least due to inflation in coinage. Considering that with consecutive login day bonuses you can get both gold and silver these are somewhat directly tied to eachother in value if you have perfect attendance. A gold coin can be valued worth about 4.2 silver coins although it is more likely that silver coins are put into the market than gold since you need less perfect attendance and time to obtain the silver, so a gold could be worth slightly more than that. So at least by your offer it could be wise for people to buy silver from you. Also I would like to make an offer to you, that I have 72 silver coins that I would trade for equal value of any silver notes in your possession so you may further continue your trades.
  3. yes have all the tokens affected by the vit slider, as in, using 100% means you are not using the tokens bonus at all, using 0% slider and you are getting full power of the tokens, and all the percentages inbetween having less than 0 stats myself, I use 0% to get the bonuses from the tokens, and this provides me a decent buff to my stats to help keep me in line against players that have thousands or more stats, being able to use the full stats and token bonuses is not what is implied and goes against the idea that tokens can be an equalizer for newer players or underpowered players such as myself
  4. what is interesting is what use the skill will have also currency doesn't strike me as being related to creatures
  5. Try to unplug your computer, remove the ram and then put it back into the slots. Check the capacitors to see if any are failing: Bulging or cracking of the capacitor's top vent, The casing sitting crooked on the board if the capacitor's base is pushed out, Rust-colored electrolyte leaked onto the motherboard, Missing or detached capacitor case. 9. Check your hardware Restart required PCI bus error can be caused by incompatible hardware, and if you installed any new hardware recently, be sure to remove it or replace it. If the new hardware isn’t fully compatible with your PC that can lead to system instability and BSoD errors, so be sure to remove any recently installed hardware. If the problem isn’t caused by new hardware, be sure to check all major hardware components such as your RAM, motherboard, hard drive, etc. This error is usually caused by problematic drivers or by overclocking, so be sure to update all your drivers and remove all overclocking settings in order to fix this error.
  6. To my memory you also need at least 5 casts of a spell, because 4 out of 4 would be at least 80%, and then every player with a single level of a spell can enchant all of those spells and that is also not possible.
  7. I can confirm the labyrinth is not able to be entered from the MDA side. All I can say is that this reminds me of the many years I have spent in the East waiting for the day I can cross the Gate of the Bored using my land affinity, to reach that day and later have that ability stripped from me by the gate being closed.
  8. Ok well what do you think players like me can do to help advance these ideas along? "Some of my best clickie work is in the far east (pre-viscosity), and I bet a lot of people never found it due to the difficulty to go there." I think most established players knew of your "look" quests and viewed them as the harder to hardest things to do in the game, and I even struggled to complete a lot of it. The one problem I have nowadays is quests like this are often gated by availability of the player running it, if you need to activate your clickies every 15 days, of course some are more permanent but we need a large base of these quests that are permanent along with being more visible. I mean Burns' and Jubarius' tutorial quests and the sorts (I have one made by Ungod that I fail to constantly upkeep), we have so many clickies that are underutilized as is. And we definitely need more game mechanics that require you to do things in the land, to stay there. Even the diamond maker, it takes a month to process, but while it does you wander elsewhere. My uncle faceted gems for sale, and I have spent many hours watching him do this and a few doing it myself. It is not an automatic process and we don't even have machines do to it, not like manufacturing a car and even these processes require humans to operate the machines. We have nothing like this in MD. If my tone sounds negative as I think it does it is a result of not dissatisfaction but a lack of optimism.
  9. You may remember a time when several groups would congregate around the GoE, MDP, Wind's Sanctuary, willow's walk and other locations daily, and you also may remember a time when it would take a long time to walk through the realm for which you seek pickles as a remedy, but that time was a long time ago and since then the exact scenario you describe, "It forces people to congregate together at GoE" is something that is not forced anymore, and yet it still remains constant. Viscosity or not the activity of doing anything around the realm is minute, brief, you can walk to the gate of the bored and back to GoE in a few minutes and anything you needed along the way comes back with you. There is no reason to stay, and outside of events like the MD birthday you don't see people congregating in locations other than the GoE nowadays. Even in times where I can coax a few people to sit at the marble dale park the "sparring" location for a month or two for the easy daily loyalty, the xmas tree comes around and before you know it everyone is idle at the GoE again. This is the problem I am describing. That there is no need and little want to do anything outside of the GoE. Viscosity at least brought people together if only by force. I don't want viscosity necessarily but I would like to see real reasons to explore and inhabit a space in the realm.
  10. while I could try to use a lot of words to describe how I think the game mechanics are not helpful towards community activies I would have to sum it up as: Movement doesn't reflect what it used to very well before all of the action point changes were added/applied... In some instances walking through a land could take hours, for example MDA, the East, or even Loreroot, as most of what we had to fight was viscosity and that required us to walk in groups. I don't think it needs to take hours to do things but the practice of us needing to combat viscosity and work together to get somewhere was very rewarding.
  11. Basically just forces me to take a screenshot or control+C to copy the things I could otherwise do with a rightclick/copy, it being disabled does pretty much nothing to stop me from using the functionality I just need to do it in other ways. Would prefer it to be enabled.
  12. all this is is an error where a / will appear with a ' it used to happen in the mood panel as well when you would put a ' the slash would appear and I believe it has been fixed since then. As far as on silver coins I have some recent ones here:
  13. I can only express my discontent at not one but two Caretakers attempting to engage in such irresponsible actions
  14. Some principles, like 1 point of a principle would reduce your heat by 10,000. With a full 4,000 principles spent you could reduce up to 40,000,000 heat. The tradeoff here is related to the creature methods of reducing heat, this is a new way to do so as the principles can help to lose heat when creature sacrifices cannot be utilized.
  15. Item 1: Anni creature 2021. Price: 15 plushies (limit: 1 p.p.) Item 6: Avatar goldening Token (can be used to make any avatar gold), Price: 40 plushies Item 13: 1 token (of your choice) applied to one creature, Price 10 plushies Enlightening token for ID: 803785 Enlightening token for ID: 804023 Enlightening token for ID: 878093 Total 85 plushies, thanks ????
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