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  1. Damn video won't load, but I saw the first pic...that's Datura s., right? Beloved of Shiva, if I'm not mistaken
  2. Ahaha, now I get it why you went on with MD like that- you thought about what you wanted to get from it and let that shape the 'roots' of the system. So the confidence was all in this one idea... Actually, isn't it how life orders things? Birds of a feather flock together, all you need do is show your feathers. And in one superior universal order, you get what you want, somehow. But, hmm, this is a positive interpretation - the talk about winners and losers (same idea behind) isn't so positive when you think you may have never had a chance.
  3. So what you're saying is...it's like some people always seem to win their matches (always get a contract, always get first place etc) i.e. they're on a roll . Normally, you'd think it was about time for them to step down, or for someone to beat them in a match, but that rarely seems to happen Even if the chances of them winning are 50%, they manage to win every time I find it hard to accept a system chooses its winners, but maybe it's true...
  4. This sentence...means we have no free will, right? I think it was the 17th and 18th centuries that were so focused on this, trying to say we are different from animals because we have free will (also, Christian theology is putting emphasis on this).
  5. It is a funny thought...and it's what makes games fun to play: there's something totally logical in a game that would be completely irrational in real life. and some people would carry on in a game forever and ever because in there the chance of having such luck is actually possible
  6. I also thought about an eye, but it's missing the balance.
  7. As the title says, I'm looking for a symbol for ''maintaining the balance by observing the harmony''. My first thought was the yin-yang symbol, but that's about duality (and other things I'm not entirely sure about). Harmony* is the state of the world; it cannot be destroyed, nor created individually - it can only be observed. It means both killing others and needing others to be alive. It is the will of the living that brings about harmony, the sum of their wills; since the living can only have the will to live, it means harmony simply is, and is not created. Balance, on the other hand, is an inevitable outcome. It has nothing to do with the will of the living, it is a 'mathematic' mechanism of life. Cut too many plants because you are not paying attention to the harmony of the world, and you create an imbalance - rise in temperatures, floods, etc; ultimately, the remaining species (or even the planet itself) will create another harmony. Balance is the mechanism that 'brings about' harmony, so to speak; also, by observing the harmony, you 'maintain' the balance (because you're not creating imbalances). I'm looking for a symbol for this, help is much appreciated. *personal reflections
  8. Ungod


    I guess they are useful like that (although you have to get your hands on books anyway)
  9. oh, i see, it's the team that's the goal. going for the clickies is like hunting in the jungle for the sparrows
  10. This is only clicky hunting? You get clues or you solve riddles to be directed to where it may be or...?
  11. Ungod


    I think you're not part of the majority, though that's interesting stuff you posted; thanks for leaving a reply ehre
  12. Ungod


    Recently I've been looking more at podcasts and although some source says 50% of the Americans are fans of podcasts, I can't really see why. I haven't browsed too many of them, but they seem uninteresting - sorta like radio programmes. Now, this may be because I'm a reader, but... I was curious if there is someone here who finds them quite useful (and for what). Also, recently, there's this craziness of adding the average time one takes to read a text under each blog post/article etc. This is a 3 minute read, this one is 12 min read...I understand where it's coming from, but with a rush towards brevity in blogging, twittering, podcasting etc, I think MD must seem like a torture to young players. I mean, not only you need to read (at times a lot), but you need patience, too. Hang around some dudes for a couple of years to get your hands on research? How about no, a new player would say. Give it to me, give it to me fast and give it to me now. Childish, but it's the trend.
  13. my bad, didn't read that carefully. assumed it was the same error on the 'scarab'
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