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  1. I see no reason for allowing it. If one wants to grind there are means. But not having combat between alliance members is kind of a symbolic thing, something gained something lost.
  2. Ave, Right click along with the content shown belongs to the end browser. Disabling right click can be disabled very easily on browse side. So i just consider it a feature without merit.
  3. I'll Buy: Item 1: Anni creature 2021. Price: 15 plushies (limit: 1 p.p.) Item 2: Anni custom pin badge (second of a collectable series). Price: 10 plushies (limit: 1 p.p) Item 7: Lock in choas Spellstone - 12 plushies Also giving a notice that 60 of my plushies are for lazarus to use.
  4. What group/land you represent in your request: Golemus Golemicarum Amount of Storage wanted (items): 500 (assuming they are stacked as player inventory) Amount of Storage wanted (creatures): 200 How much you would pay (weekly) for this: One time fee can be paid. The exact value or service depends what MD treasury would desire Location you would put your treasury: 1_-4x-2_2 center door unless scenes end up added.
  5. Miq


    Hi, I'm stuck in a scene and as per: I cannot write to the mood panel (i think) how can i play?
  6. Yes some tokens change the crit stats on crit page (aka dormant mode) also.
  7. That is your browser highlighting text selection. Double click is known to select text.
  8. You will be in disadvantage in most activities while being on mobile.
  9. Gain fame, do things, be where it's needed at the right time. Message alot.
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