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  1. I get you Juba, but what's the point ? Isn't the trend to limit one-sided activity ? I used to play MD just by gathering resources and trading and that is messed up now. The independent items are now considered as normal (Ann 5168) Also, growing creatures is being penalized, big time: Change regarding the creature recruiting cost. Why would fighting be allowed instead of limited ?
  2. yes, missing a "," after "capable of distorting"
  3. yes, rules make things simpler as it they can be code-enforced. Consequences make them complicated as they need to be understood by everybody , thus abuses are really easy to achieve but difficult to prevent.
  4. The chat box looks and behaves weird to say the least. Comparing Chrome to Firefox: It is ugly as s**t, here is a proposal: Instead of : <textarea rows="1" cols="30" autocomplete="off" name="msg" class="frm-input-msg" id="msg" style="width:82%; word-break: break-all; resize: none; overflow:" maxlength="200" placeholder="Type your spells or message here..." wrap="hard"></textarea> use this: <textarea oninput="this.style.height = '5px'; this.style.height=(this.scrollHeight + 2)+'px'" rows="4" cols="30" autocomplete="off" name="msg" class="frm-input-msg" id="msg" style="width: 82%; word-break: break-all; resize: none; overflow: hidden; height: 19px;" maxlength="200" placeholder="Type your spells or message here..." onload="this.style.height = '5px'; this.style.height=(this.scrollHeight)+'px'" wrap="hard"></textarea> And the outcome would be : I hope you can test it in Safari as well, but at least it would improve on these 2 browsers
  5. Yes, it was It was concluded that it is an acceptable limitation for alliances. On another note/rant: why bother with fights ?
  6. Why would stat farming be a problem ? BTW, as this is a long forgotten topic, I can add some updates: for my 22nd bird, it only asks me for 900 AP
  7. No one

    Ann 5168

    Sure, there should not be 2 common items of same time usable at the same time. As you may guess, I am on the side of excluding the independent tools from this restriction. Considering the independent tools in the same category with common tools with same restrictions feels like an insult. Having an independent tools is a priviledge earned (or probably payed). No matter how over powered the items are, you only show the disregard toward the effort to acquire these items and you give a bad vibe that everything gained or bought in this game can be changed/lost with little to no notice. Is this "bad vibes" that you want to advertise ?
  8. I have no idea why it happened. Indeed was a new windows 10 and now I can see it. But still that was weird. Sorry to bother you all with it.
  9. Firefox 60.6.0esr (32-bit) But it shows the same behavior on other sites
  10. Don't know when it started, but it seems that the login box doesn't display any input box for user / password / code. An older player might find them as is used with their location but a newer player might get frustrated.
  11. I like this one but with a twist: add a ritual from with my current list of rituals and ... it has a definable expiration time. So, when opened, you will be prompted to fight it (you attack). On fight end ... a message should be sent to both fighter & creator of dummy with result. this smells like a training manual & a new age in competitions ------------------------ My proposal would be : a way to reset cool down for usable items (anything less then 1 day so about all except recently used kill & revive items). Thus a cool down of just a few seconds.
  12. I wonder if the "outside" concept of alliance would bring something to MD. "Outside" concept being : anyone can pay smth to create an alliance then he and he alone can choose to invite ppl in it and to grant them some permissions inside its alliance. Also, only the leader can choose to disband his alliance and only he can abdicate. So? Would the loyalty system that we currently have in place with its instability and troubles and opportunities it brings is better then the stability and stagnation of the other system ? At times I do favor our loyalty system but MD does need some stability and certainty.
  13. Indeed this sounds like slavery But tight to land instead or to an alliance, that would sound awesome. But even then ... we'd need to refine & (re)define some concepts related to land ruling and alliance ownership.
  14. @Chewett , as long as the current system with item creation is used (using entire stack instead of the required amount), the system will not be used to its max. It was understandable at beginning as @Muratus del Mur wanted to withdraw from market the huge amounts of resources available and that worked ... sort of. Now we need the rate of item creation (thus consumption) to increase and for this we need to allow smaller amounts to be transferred / converted. Also, to have an increase flow of resources, MD would benefit from some sort of Alliance stashes where and / alliance specific lands. There is no competition anymore, there is no purpose as what is new is either too expensive for some or too common for others. We need to bring ppl to work together and to give them some sort of benefit thus we should shift focus to benefits for groups (aka alliances).
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