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  1. i know its not infinite, but it was weird to me that it was so much, but good if its for testing
  2. i mean we kinda started it so we he did the revenge thing already
  3. to be fair, movement is also odd to me, like why can i instantly jump 500 tiles in my own realm
  4. yeah i noticed, this is probably one of those momnents where we look completely different at things xD
  5. Steve:" hey bob do you remember the useless fields i have in the back of my empire, where there is nothing?" Bob: "yeah, why?" Steve:"Well i had this idea to distribute all the food i produce evenly in my empire, so i will never have a supply chain issue with my troops anymore" Bob:" So you want to tell me that the food is just wasted there, where most likely no troops will need them?" Steve:"well Yes!, but they could need them at some point!" Bob:"...ok"
  6. all this time i thought farms next to water give me an advantage, they dont xD
  7. yeah, right that was it i was trying to find out why you dont see that or if something changed sorry for not saying that in a reply to your question
  8. yes it should only contain things ingame and working, i have a seperate map with my ideas
  9. What group/land you represent in your request: Underground Amount of Storage wanted (items): 1000 Amount of Storage wanted (creatures): 100 How much you would pay (weekly) for this: Nothing, since Dst is still leader i can only write the application this wayidk what she would pay Location you would put your treasury: Somewhere in UG
  10. i could offer you a half assed, terrible translation if you want one xD
  11. is that the colored one? if yes then 3 please
  12. that is a very valid point you have, balance wise, i would also recommend not change too much there in terms of "punishment" of the dead person
  13. i do not agree, i dont see anyone just wasting a kill for no reason the tools have cooldown and unwarranted is very much subjective, i do see it more as making a point or the occational alliance/land disbanding mechanic that does give the players the power to change the game i do understand your personal feeling concern but thats also not something i can agree with, death as it is is not even permanent mechanic wise, it is an inconvenience for the killed party and that is the only way to "remove them from your sight" for a longer period than a spell like lock in chaos can, if you can not seperate your feeling for real death to fictional then you have to work on that yourself, i also lost people important to me but i never saw the ingame kill as a real death or felt any of the emotions that real death triggers, its not like it is a daily occurence in the game either as for the mp3/mp4 idea you had, that is also a bad idea in my opinion, there are more alts than new players and some of them do try to provoke on purpose, now people will most likely not waste a kill on an alt because they are hard to get, but belive me when i say i'd have loved to get rid of one or the other alt that was trying to piss me off that way principle loss could have positive side effects, considering how the calculations happen for shards i would hate statloss, so thats probably a reasonable punishment for me, but other people that want to lose stats might think different Creature stat loss is probably weird to think through, shards or abilities that you used shards to give on the other hand seem easy to think of i am very much against item loss(rp items, tools etc), resources that you can refarm make more sense to me here, nice resource sink side effect as Ailith stated i dont think it it is bad, as i stated above, it is an inconvenience that you can force on another player if you feel like they deserve it and that is enough punishment for the killed person this is also something i can not fully agree with, its not like we have laws about that within the realm, just because we project our morals and laws into the game becasue thats what we are used to from RL doesnt mean that the realm of MD has to have that i do think the price of a coin is alright, realistically its like buying a knife to stab someone, if i had a sword like ingame then i wouldnt even need that to kill an annoying cat for example there are not that many ways to negatively affect other peoples accounts, death, spells the only one that you cant really protect against and i do think they are needed
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