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  1. Hi Che, Could you please select the winner? Thank you!
  2. Hi Che, I would like to have: Item 1: Anni creature 2021. Price: 15 plushies (limit: 1 p.p.) Item 10: Send to Gazebo - 15 plushies - it is only one time? or it is a tool to use when I need? If is the second one, then I choose it, if not I will choose another one ty!
  3. I have talked with Chewett , about a new quest. the discussion were related about a song quest . as you may know in capital of MB, it's a song on the background. I think that will be funny, interesting to have more scenes with the same thing. So to be more specify I've put below a name of a scene and the song that from my point of view are merge perfectly. Please also describe way do you think that these two (song and scene) are merged. Please, for those that love music or for those with imagination, merge another 10 scenes. Maybe the best merge will be voted. (Chewett ?) The prize from my side will be: Joker ID: 872267 Inside the Drachorn Lair Territory: Golemus GolemicarumCoord: 1_-4x-3_2 It is a dragon inside of lair that spit fire, from my point of view it is the same as added song .
  4. The witch doctor, Was the player that introducing me in this world. All begun for me at Gazebo of Equilibrium where he teach me how to fight in head conquest, the race that I won in that moment at MP3. He will remain in my thoughts forever.
  5. yes it would be most fair to be a lottery would not offend anyone: P
  6. tacitamuta


    fresh Rustgold drachom I offer 3gc
  7. I offer 1 gc on creature Elemental V(WON)
  8. tacitamuta


    What is it exactly? fresh Rustgold drachom min bid 4 gc 5 silvers not recognize the name
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