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MDA Mud Race

Fyrd Argentus

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The following quest was developed for the MDA Festival, but was disabled when a clickie involved got annihilated. It is now up and running again, locations slightly rearranged, and the code will remain in place for some time - likely until the end of the year at least.

Yes, this is a blatant attempt to clear the mud (viscosity) out of MDA lands. Or is it cobwebs?

Prizes - well, a pickle point for each player that completes it (thus helping with mud) plus the first team that completes it will get a selected valuable creature each (same prize as was offered during the MDA fest for BEST TIME). Now, you will be restricted to one pickle award for this event except that any team time that makes a new "best time ever" will be allowed to earn their pickle regardless of previous wins. Thus a series of improved times will win a series of pickles.

—MagicDuel Archive Mud Race—
Words are popping out all over the MDA grounds – perhaps it is a message from the spirits hereabouts. See if you can collect them all and bring them as a sentence to the Fountain of the Lost Path, faster than any other team. And yes, due to all the mud (viscosity), this is a team event. Score is based on time lapse between when the first word is found to when the last team member reports in at the fountain. Try as many times as you wish to better the previous scores – it should get easier as the mud is trampled throughout the day. Prizes, of course. More details will be found on the 3 tiles around the Lost Path Fountain - begin and play any time[s] on the 24th[/s]..

[Note: I will not know that you won unless I happen to check the proper data files. So don't be TOO patient - let me know if you think you've finished this, and I will go check.]

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We have some winners. Duxie, Tipu, and AmberRune finished with a messy tie. Official best score stands at [b][u]17926[/u][/b] seconds. Contact me for creature prizes.

From here forward, a pickle to anybody that finishes. To get a second pickle, you'd have to run twice and get a new best score.

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