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Looking for a specific avatar

Elthen Airis

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Greetings, fellow realm dwellers. I'm looking for an avatar of a thin man with a top hat and as far as i remember a cane. It was in the possession of someone, but unfortunately i can't remember who. I want to have that avatar as it really suits my appearance and i would be glad if you could help me obtain it. I'm willing to pay the price for it, although i'm not very wealthy, but i'll do my best to suit your demands.

Of course, if you have any other avatar of a man with a bowler hat/magnifying glass/detective looking i would gladly see if it suits me.

Thanks in advance!


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Got some free time today.....tried drawing one......feel free to edit this and use it :)...

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Alright, since neither Rendril or Ravenstrider are willing to actually part with those avatars, i'd like to ask any of the artists who have skills in drawing to give it a try and draw an avatar that would be suitable for a detective. PM me if you need more details.

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Well, i don't want to waste your time. There is another artist who's already working, perhaps it's best to wait to see what he'll create and then bother you, because i don't know which one i'll choose. But if you feel like it, give it a try. I'm open for proposals.

As for the one you posted up in the thread, it's not what i had in mind, although it's a very nice work. It's just not me.

Thanks for the interest!

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ha ha okies..............but no one stops dr from drawing.......here is one more he he....and the first one...I am taking it back ( u can find in the shop soon, if they approves..[size=2].[i]it has a gun :)[/i] [/size])....



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