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WTS/WTT 3 rustys 1 reindrach


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I would like to sell/trade my extra rustys and reindrach

here are the relavent stats
Rusty 1
id 585212
4.4 mill heat
667 age
claw 1, claw 2, stardust, antifreeze, goldbelt, darksheild

Rusty 2
id 424208
7.7 mill heat
893 age
claw 1, claw 2, kelletha fire, emeral glare, antifreeze, oynx fangs, dark shield, dark sky, gold belt, purpurmoon

Rusty 3
id 605166
2.9 mill heat
616 age
claw 1, claw 2, claw 3, starsut, antifreeze, darksheild, fire drop

id 605141
2 mill heat
616 age
dark sheild, oynx fangs, jewel shards

I am not interested in silver/gold, I am looking for rare creatures (shades, anniversary aramors, wind drachs, tainted angiens, morphs, etc.)
I may also be interested in md credits and unique items

My current active account is jtz champion, you can pm me there or on the forums for more information

I will only trade if I get a interesting offer as I am in no hurry to get rid of my drachorns

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Rusty 2 --------------------------------------------------------- 2 allow pass

coloerless joker no tokens 40 age
[b]7 Aromatic herbs[/b]
[b]Flowers [/b]

[b]4 Mineral Water [/b]

[b]Sawdust [/b]

[b]4 Tea leaves [/b]

[b]17 Toxic plants [/b]

[b]8 Unidentified plants [/b]

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