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I was originally not going to do this, but since Amoran has a few in-game responsibilities such as taking care of adepts and worshipers..

I will be heading up to Lake Texoma this weekend to go camping. Fancy camping, that is, because the marinas there seem not to know what 'roughing it' is.

Anyway, to my adepts: I will be taking my laptop with me, but I not be able to get online very much as the area we are camping in does not include internet, however there is an internet cafe near by so I will try to check messages and such when I am able.

To the Eclipse: I will be leaving Amoran's position of Sybil with Phantom Orchid and the remaining priesthood while I'm gone.

To fellow LHO: I will resume working toward becoming LHO when I return.

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I wish I could rough it for real. I haven't done that since I was 11 and camping at the gulf. Ah well, camping has a different meaning now I guess. To me it means you buy a cucumber, carrots, granola, and a ton of meat to cook over an open flame.. and you set up a big tent right on the ground, or sleep under the stars. It's really nice when you do it that way actually. :)

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Right, so.. the lake turned out to be a bit of a downer. I will advise anyone who goes to any of the lakes in the upper portion of Texas during this time, that there are severe outbreaks of blue-green algae and that the symptoms, rashes, and what not IS real. A friend who came with us had to leave early due to being sick from this stuff.

The Marinas will not tell you this until the day of your leaving for the cabin, so the warning is likely to be late...intentionally I feel. Their biggest money-making weekend was blown, so of course.

Right-then. It wasn't all terrible, just being away from the city was an enjoyable experience. Go for the cabins, not for the lake if you're headed there.

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