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MDA Festival Prizes

Fyrd Argentus

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Innocence asked me to post the following:
Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking SO long to get this list together! There are reasons but they are irrelevant. Please know that I accept full responsibility for the delay.

The lists below are to let everyone know who won what during the first MagicDuel Archives Festival among the door prizes as well as the awarded events. The set up is fairly simple:

Prize Won (Who is supplying the prize)--Winner

I would prefer all winners receive their prize(s) directly from the one who donated it--especially for the creatures. However, if there is a problem or if someone is not around to contact or some other issue arises, please contact me (Innocence) and we'll figure out what to do.

Without further ado, here are the winners!!

Door Prizes:
Golemus Drachorn (Mur via Seighart)--AmberRune
Unholy Priest (Stipple)--Raine Castaway
5 silver (Neno Veliki)--Windy
5 credit pack (dst)--Ars Alchemy
2 tea cups (Windy)--Guillak
Bloodpact Archer (Poe)--Dayredeemer
Pimped Grassan (Poe)--Nava
10M heat-infused creature (xreig)--Duxie
Tormented Soul (Poe)--Vika Noir
Tormented Soul (Poe)--Tipu
Imperial Aramor (Inno)--Sagewoman
Imperial Aramor (Inno)--Lone Wolf
Joker* (Inno?)--De Mimsy Porpington
Joker* (Inno?)--Darigan
Angien (Passant)--Jolla
2 Chaos Archers (Grido)--Sandra Klien
Daimon, Elemental, Grassan (Grido)--Phinneas
Daimon, Elemental, Grassan (Grido)--Sunfire

Story Night:
Most Clever— 1 gold (Inno), 5 credit pack (dst)--Poe
Most Amusing— 1 gold (Inno), Joker* (Grido?), Pimped (Burns)--Brulant
Closest to the AL— 1 gold (Inno), Wishpoint (Yrthilian via Innocence)--Passant

Poetry Slam:
Best Structured— 1 gold (Inno), Lumber (Poe via Inno) and Glass (Passant via Fyrd)--Shemhazaj
Best Free Verse— 1 gold (Inno), No Armor Stone (Burns via Inno)--Kyphis
Most Original Imagery—1 gold (Inno), Wishpoint (Yrthilian via Inno)--Awiiya
Special Mention--TBD (TBD)--Poe

Several Notes:
The first issue I wish to address is that I seem to have awarded more Jokers than I know I had available in stock. One was to be awarded by me, and at least one other was to be awarded by Grido. I have contacted him regarding this issue to see where I made the mistake.
If it turns out that I only have two Jokers total to give out, I will offer up another prize or some gold or something else to the one who doesn't end up with a Joker.
I wanted to present the list "as is" in case I do have everything to award as I thought I did, but I also wanted to add this note to make sure it was known that there's the possibility of a slight mix up which, again, is all on me.

I ask that the winners of the Jokers (Darigan, De Mimsy Porpington, and Brulant) to please not claim these prizes until I have confirmed whether or not they are all available. I will make a Mood Panel announcement for the three of them when I know for certain.

There were several prizes donated to the MagicDuel Archive "treasure chest" that I had associated with Burns' Grand Chase to give away as prizes. However, due to the low turnout for the event--as described by Burns--I did not feel that I could award those prizes, especially the Sharp Shooters from Mighty Pirate, to those who participated. These, along with several other prizes, were not awarded.

In conjunction with the above, I cannot tell you how happy and thrilled I was with the amount of donations this event received. I wish to sincerely thank all those who donated to this event and to let them all know that while the goal of the celebration was to have fun with each other in the world we have created through our shared history, it was just that much better that we could also offer up prizes for participation in the various events.
So, again, a huge personal "Thank you!!" from me to all of you who donated to help make this festival better than I could have hoped for.

For those who donated the prizes I did not award, I hope you considering offering them up for the next celebration or contest someone plans.

I wish to send out a HUGE HUG AND KISS to everyone who participated in the event in any way. I cannot put into words how happy I am about the turnout for this festival. Without the support of the community, it would not have been anywhere near as successful as it was.
I was smiling the whole 24 hours of the festival (even during my sleep!) and I'm grinning again just remembering it now. Again, thank you so much!

I also want to make sure to extend special thanks to Fired for being my voice on the forum as well as putting together an awesome Mud Race event. Special thanks are also going out to Spike, Moonpie, and Burns for hosting their respective events, and to Kyphis and Eggs for running the registry and handing the door prize raffle.
Also, a note of special thanks to Queen Handy Pockets for graciously using her accousticremains to grab the transcripts of the Story Night and Poetry Slam and passing them on to the appropriate persons. While it is regrettable that the Adventure Log Ad Lib transcript was lost, I do have the stories filled out and will have them posted, along with the transcripts for the other events, shortly.
Please, please, please be sure to thank them for their efforts in this.
Without their help, I'm afraid the celebration would have fallen apart. So, again, thank you!!

And thank you again to everyone!!

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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Sorted this out with Inno, two Jokers were from me, I will be giving the Jokers to Mimsy and Darigan, Inno (I presume) will be giving to Brulant.


If people I'm set to give rewards to want to find me? I'm currently at Awiiya's Way, but will probably be moving back to Paper Cabin later this evening.

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I actually just noticed what I won!(A bit busy IRL ATM :()A big thank you to the organizers, it was a really delightful event.... even if I had not won a big prize.

I would also like to thank all who have participated and and thus rewarded the effort of the organizers through a lot of shared fun.

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