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this topic was supposed for Adi to write stories conected to the main story . things that wont be in the game but he is writing them anyway ... also for general talk about what happens in the story and so on ...i guess its not the time yet for this section :angry:

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A movie based on a game instead of a game based on a movie! Genius! Would be first of its kind! We have to beat Halo to it :P

It will be hard work..and lots of series... but ok/..we will do a movie based on a game after the game will be finish..i have some ideas for the movie.about the way i can combine the path from the game.. :P

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and with the way that the cartoon movie r developing: see final fantasy or better yet BEOWULF, in this i spend the firs 15 minute thinkink that is not a cartoon

so if anyone nead somme exra ideeas or molding some parts of the game with the others just tell me and in a couple of days you'l have what to read for a week :)

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