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Solve a mystery...or 2


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Ok...so here is the first mystery you have to solve. Read the story and PM me the answer:

It's a really really easy one:

One day Detective Seed was getting bored in Wind's Sanctuary when he received a smoke signal from his old fiiend Short Legs the grassan to meet at Howling Gates.

2 hours later the 2 met. Short Legs told Detective Seed that he needs help: he wants to hire someone as curator for a Chiense exhibit and he has a potential candidate but wishes to know if he made the right choice or not.
Short Legs showed the Detective the CV he had from a guy Called Mental Baron.

Under his qualifications he had a few relevant jobs listed with all the required references but it wasn't the job history that caught Short Legs' attention. Rather, under the heading of hobbies and interests, MB had listed that he was very much interested in the Chinese culture and had been studying their language, alphabet, geography, religions, history, and customs for close to ten years. The resume then went on to list other desirable traits and details that would be of some benefit to the position.

"This is the guy I want to hire. He should be perfect for the job. What do you say Seeds?"

The Detective picked the piece of paper and looked over it once again and said:
"I would not hire him if I were you. There is something about his CV that leads me to believe he's being dishonest about his qualifications"

[u][b]What mistake did Mental Baron did in his resume?[/b][/u]

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