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I want to free up some of my creature slots.
I'll accept pretty much anything in any combination, but I'd prefer silver. Do not offer a 1:1 creature swap, that would be rather counterproductive.

[s]Bloodpact -- [b]Manda[/b][b] 8sc[/b][/s]
[s]Stored Heat 38639[/s]
[s]Age 154 [/s]

[s]Sharptear -- [b]Soothing Sands[/b][b] 10sc[/b][/s]
[s]Stored Heat 340778[/s]
[s]Age 137 [/s]

[s]Joker 1 -- [b]Chengmingz 15 water[/b][/s]
[s]Stored Heat 84795 [/s]
[s]Age 115 [/s]

[s]Joker 2 -- [b]Chengmingz 15 water[/b][/s]
[s]Stored Heat 47594 [/s]
[s]Age 58 [/s]

[s]Imperial Aramor -- [b]ZenTao 2sc[/b][/s]
[s]Stored Heat 7062[/s]
[s]Age 88[/s]

Auction will end in a week.

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