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The Feast of the Cycle - A Season of Change

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[u][size=6][b]The Feast of the Cycle.[/b][/size][/u]
[i][size=5]A Season of Change.[/size][/i]

The Ceremony started at the Fields of Abandonment. Yet after 2 minutes, I was sent to GoE and Movelocked. Sooo… We decided to move the crowd.
I edited some at the end, because there were lots of coins flying around.
I wanted to edit the part out where everyone suddenly got the attention span of a fly (after Mur appeared) But I decided to leave it in because it gets a bit mixed with the actual event.

Thank you to all who attended! It was much appreciated.

(the part before I got teleported)
Welcome! Moon-worshippers and Friends alike!
Today, is a day we acknowledge something that is always present in our life, but does not always show itself clearly. Yet this period, it is clear to us, that the Principle of Cyclicity is ever present here.

[19/11/11 23:04] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]kcolevom- Marvolo[/i]
[19/11/11 23:05] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Oh my.
[19/11/11 23:05] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo looks around[/i]
[19/11/11 23:06] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Hrm... *[i]goes to sit on the steps of the Gazebo[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:08] [b]:[/b][i]sasha lilias smiles at Marvolo[/i]
[19/11/11 23:08] [b]Krioni:[/b]Do not worry, the others are on their way Marvolo.
[19/11/11 23:08] [b]*Burns*:[/b]nice joke imo.
[19/11/11 23:08] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Oh! Perfect!
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Well, it is a good way to lenghten a Service that was probably too short.
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]:[/b][i]Brulant chuckles[/i]
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo chuckles[/i]
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]:[/b][i]Krioni smiles and pours a new cup of coffee[/i]
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]sasha lilias:[/b] ([i]This will show who was actually there and not idling (;[/i])
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]sasha lilias:[/b] ([i]:3[/i])
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]Brulant:[/b]Eon is movelocked down there as well, now.
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]Marvolo:[/b]And this is in a way, also a good location for this matter.
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]*Peace*:[/b] ([i]sasha, don't forget that we all have different timezones[/i])
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]:[/b][i]Lord Jaguar laughs and sits next to the gazebo stairs[/i]
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]Krioni:[/b] *[i]rolls his eyes[/i]* Finally.
[19/11/11 23:09] [b]sasha lilias:[/b] *[i]frowns at Brulant[/i]* A bit harsh...
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]sasha lilias:[/b] ([i]I know Peace (: I was only messing ^^.[/i])
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]*Peace*:[/b]A necessary evil.
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]Krioni:[/b]If he has no respect for an event, then he has no right to attend it.
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]Brulant:[/b]He teleported our speaker away and movelocked him so he couldn't return to us.
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]Necessary?
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]ChildOfTheSoul:[/b](but Kyphis had acoustic remains there, didn't he?
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]Brulant:[/b]Besides, he can still see us.
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]:[/b][i]*Peace* nosd to herself sighing.[/i]
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]:[/b][i]Brulant waves to the Matterhorn[/i]
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]:[/b][i]ChildOfTheSoul closes his parentheses[/i]
[19/11/11 23:10] [b]:[/b][i]WhiteRabbit kneels next to gazebo[/i]
[19/11/11 23:11] [b]ChildOfTheSoul:[/b] ([i]scratch that.[/i])
[19/11/11 23:11] [b]Marvolo:[/b]So. all are back now?
[19/11/11 23:11] [b]:[/b][i]Makichama squirms slightly in much morediscomfort as the crowd grows bigger[/i]
[19/11/11 23:11] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Almost all.
[19/11/11 23:11] [b]WhiteRabbit:[/b]Come here Maki if your nervice
[19/11/11 23:11] [b]sasha lilias:[/b]A little bit of fun in my eyes....
[19/11/11 23:11] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Hmm... *[i]goes to stand in the middle of the Gazebo[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:12] [b]Lord Jaguar:[/b] *[i]grins at Maki[/i]* Just relax.
[19/11/11 23:12] [b]:[/b][i]Krioni moves away from the main crowd and lays down his cloak on the ground[/i]
[19/11/11 23:12] [b]sasha lilias:[/b]Anyway... *[i]turns her gaze and attention to Marvolo[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:12] [b]Krioni:[/b]You can sit over here Maki, or anyone else who wishes.
[19/11/11 23:12] [b]:[/b][i]WhiteRabbit pats next to her then turns her attention to Marvolo[/i]
[19/11/11 23:12] [b]Makichama:[/b]I-.. I don't like crowds.. *[i]wiggles her way towards Rabbit for comfort in familiarity once again[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:12] [b]:[/b][i]Krioni turns back to Marvolo[/i]
[19/11/11 23:13] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Can I continue? Or shall I wait a moment longer?
[19/11/11 23:13] [b]:[/b][i]Makichama focuses her attention on Marv this time[/i]
[19/11/11 23:13] [b]ChildOfTheSoul:[/b]it's probably safe to continue.
[19/11/11 23:13] [b]Arkken:[/b]The clergy appears to be in deep meditation.
[19/11/11 23:13] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo laughs[/i]
[19/11/11 23:13] [b]Lord Jaguar:[/b] *[i]chuckles[/i]* Go ahead Marvolo
[19/11/11 23:14] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Good. Now where was I?
[19/11/11 23:14] [b]ChildOfTheSoul:[/b]cyclicity.
[19/11/11 23:14] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Ah yes. I want to mention now, This is not a White, nor a Red service ([i]in the terminology of the Children of the Eclipse[/i]) . For I shall ask you to do as you wish.
[19/11/11 23:14] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]You may begin the ceremony.
[19/11/11 23:14] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]During the ceremony, please be kind and allow Sir Marvolo to speak.
[19/11/11 23:15] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Ammo, you do realise you are the only one interrupting? *[i]laughs[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:15] [b]:[/b][i]Makichama turns her attention to her protector, and is tempted to show her respects, but restrains herself from doing so[/i]
[19/11/11 23:15] [b]Marvolo:[/b]I wanted to say, why we chose the windmill as a location. But yeah. *[i]chuckles[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:16] [b]Marvolo:[/b]This place, is also a good one. At the centre of the World. Like in the centre of a wheel. With the lands as spoked around it.
[19/11/11 23:17] [b]Marvolo:[/b]As all of you know here, probably. All of our lands have passed through a Cycle. Like the resolving of a Wheel.
[19/11/11 23:18] [b]Marvolo:[/b]. The Cycle of those that hold the sovereign power over the land.
[19/11/11 23:18] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]kaepsdaot- Marvolo[/i]
[19/11/11 23:18] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Oh but why? I am already here? Spellcaster.
[19/11/11 23:19] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Three Kings and a Queen have stepped down or have fallen. This shows us, that we are entering a new Period. Another point on the Circle of the Cycle.
[19/11/11 23:19] [b]Brulant:[/b]You were toadspeaked, Marvolo.
[19/11/11 23:19] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]Patterns in the Ivy - Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:19] [b]:[/b][i]Eon passed 10 Gold Cupon to Shadowseeker[/i]
[19/11/11 23:19] [b]Marvolo:[/b] kwaaak
[19/11/11 23:19] [b]Makichama:[/b] ([i]OH LOL.[/i])
[19/11/11 23:19] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]Dismantle - Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:20] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]Gentle Instruments - Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:20] [b]:[/b][i]Lord Jaguar facepaws[/i]
[19/11/11 23:20] [b]:[/b][i]Hedge the Frog grins.[/i]
[19/11/11 23:20] [b]Makichama:[/b]Err.. It seems we are in a bit of a predicament here..
[19/11/11 23:20] [b]:[/b] ribbbbbbbbbit ribbbbit ribbbbbbbbbbit ribbbit ribbbit ribbbbbbbbit ribbbbbbbbit ribit
[19/11/11 23:20] [b]Makichama:[/b] ([i]Oh god.. I'm sorry, but this is too funny. xD[/i])
[19/11/11 23:20] [b]:[/b][i]Amoran K Kol giggles.[/i]
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]WhiteRabbit:[/b]Why?
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]:[/b][i]Soothing Sands slowly shakes his head[/i]
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]:[/b][i]Lord Jaguar busts out laughing[/i]
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]:[/b][i]Hedge the Frog giggles.[/i]
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]And the circle ends?
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]Makichama:[/b] ([i]Because it started out serious, then MArv is toadspeaked. Lolololol.[/i])
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Oh my. It appears the Black Knight has been turned into a frog.
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Sir Marvolo, please continue.
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]:[/b][i]Krioni frowns[/i]
[19/11/11 23:21] [b]Marvolo:[/b] kwak
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]Makichama:[/b] ([i]LOOOOOOOOOL.[/i])
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]:[/b][i]Arkken watches with a raised eyebrow[/i]
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b] *[i]laughs[/i]* Nay, twas you, then.
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]:[/b][i]JadenDew giggles[/i]
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]Lord Jaguar:[/b]Its the circle of Kwak
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]Makichama:[/b]Err.. *[i]looks around frantically, very much confused as to what is going on[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]:[/b] oaaaaaaaaac
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]WhiteRabbit:[/b] *[i]falls back laughing[/i]* This so bad but so funny
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]Earthen Binding - Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]:[/b][i]Soothing Sands thinks we should have a cure spell[/i]
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]ChildOfTheSoul:[/b]this is terrible.
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]Eon:[/b]•
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]:[/b] [i]*Shadowseeker* throws 3 dice and gets 2, 7, 1 [/i]
[19/11/11 23:22] [b]ChildOfTheSoul:[/b]show some respect.
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b] *[i]looks at Marvolo[/i]* No, not turned into one.
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]:[/b][i]*Peace* sighs.[/i]
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]Death of a King Amoran K Kol[/i]
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]Actually..
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Gentle Instruments - Eon
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]I wonder if Cleartongue works on that.
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]:[/b] oaaaaaaaaaac
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]Death of a Knight Amoran K Kol[/i]
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]Gentle Instruments - Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]sasha lilias:[/b]Enough Amoran.
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]So...many...spells...
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]:[/b] ribbit
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]WhiteRabbit:[/b] *[i]scuddles over to Maki[/i]* This is so bad
[19/11/11 23:23] [b]sasha lilias:[/b]Marvolo, continue...
[19/11/11 23:24] [b]*Peace*:[/b]You chose to put more attention on the Black Knight rather than the ceremony.
[19/11/11 23:24] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]Where have you been? Muratus Del Mur[/i]
[19/11/11 23:24] [b]Makichama:[/b]Yes.. Such chaos..
[19/11/11 23:24] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Aye. Pardon me.
[19/11/11 23:24] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Marvolo, are you able to speak?
[19/11/11 23:24] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]We are born of chaos *[i]grins[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:24] [b]Marvolo:[/b] quaac quaaaaaaaac quaaaaaac quaaaaaac quaaaaaaac
[19/11/11 23:24] [b]:[/b][i]Hedge the Frog hugs Eon.[/i]
[19/11/11 23:24] [b]Krioni:[/b]This is unfortunate. That one person can disrupt such a meeting, and that many can do almost nothing about it.
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]Lord Jaguar:[/b]This cycle of chaos consumes us
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]That spell lasts for quite a while, Marvolo.
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]:[/b][i]Lord Jaguar chuckles and shakes his head[/i]
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]*Burns*:[/b]Oh please. It wears off after 8 minutes, the casts are limited.
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]Brulant:[/b]Not just one person, Shadow gave him the spell.
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b] ([i]He bought it.[/i])
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]Brulant:[/b]So it's at least two people. *[i]laughs[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]A strange, yet beautiful quality affects the voice of Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]Krioni:[/b]So it goes deeper than just one person.
[19/11/11 23:25] [b]Brulant:[/b] ([i]Bought, gave, provided. I meant the same thing[/i])
[19/11/11 23:26] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]Haha, oh, then it must just be when you're turned into a frog.
[19/11/11 23:26] [b]ChildOfTheSoul:[/b]can we continue?
[19/11/11 23:26] [b]Marvolo:[/b] oaaaaaaaaac oaaaaaaaaaac oaac
[19/11/11 23:26] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]The chaos is only as powerful as what it is fed
[19/11/11 23:26] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]Apparantly not.
[19/11/11 23:26] [b]ChildOfTheSoul:[/b]yeah, I thought Marv could speak normally now. My apologies.
[19/11/11 23:27] [b]Krioni:[/b]True Phantom. I shall wait until it is over instead of feeding it. *[i]sits down and waits[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:27] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Is there any indication of how long this spell lasts?
[19/11/11 23:27] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid smiles at Krioni[/i]
[19/11/11 23:27] [b]AmberRune:[/b]that long
[19/11/11 23:27] [b]AmberRune:[/b]Looks like it just ended
[19/11/11 23:27] [b]Marvolo:[/b]What an eventfull Ceremony this is.
[19/11/11 23:27] [b]:[/b][i]Makichama yawns in slight sleepiness[/i]
[19/11/11 23:27] [b]sasha lilias:[/b]No more spells.....
[19/11/11 23:27] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Ah!
[19/11/11 23:28] [b]WhiteRabbit:[/b]Burns said eight minutes
[19/11/11 23:28] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]It was destined to be so, Sir Marvolo.
[19/11/11 23:28] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Let us continue, then.
[19/11/11 23:28] [b]Marvolo:[/b]It really has something, Sitting in the centre of the World, as a frog.
[19/11/11 23:28] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Someone wants us to see, that a cycling wheel can also hit a rock it seems.
[19/11/11 23:28] [b]Brulant:[/b]Amoran, you still have the needle, no?
[19/11/11 23:29] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Now, Some of us may weep about the fall of the Kings.
[19/11/11 23:29] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Yet know, that the end of something is also the beginning of something new. A new power will rise in the lands, and will complete yet another part of the Cycle. For none of us may stay forever.
[19/11/11 23:30] [b]*Peace*:[/b]One will thogh.
[19/11/11 23:30] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Though even. *[i]coughs[/i]*
[19/11/11 23:30] [b]Marvolo:[/b]One of Us?
[19/11/11 23:30] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Well, if you count a demon as one of us.
[19/11/11 23:30] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Even Demons may fall.
[19/11/11 23:30] [b]Marvolo:[/b]But, Let us think now about this.
[19/11/11 23:31] [b]Marvolo:[/b]. Let us maybe even discuss, exchange thoughts about this phenomenon.
[19/11/11 23:31] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Let us learn what others think, so that we may have a more complete understanding of this event that revolves around all of us.
[19/11/11 23:31] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Let us thank those who just ended their part, for what they have done.
[19/11/11 23:32] [b]Marvolo:[/b]As part of this Cycle, they have had a grand impact on those who lived in the land of the Kings that Were.
[19/11/11 23:32] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Maybe some of you may be happy, Silently grinning. But also many of us will Silently mourn. Or loudly exclaim their frustration.
[19/11/11 23:32] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Yet let us now just stop and think about it. Learn what this event has to Teach.
[19/11/11 23:33] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Please, Share your thoughts. But mostly, Listen when someone else speaks.
[19/11/11 23:34] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Maybe, If one wants to speak, Go stand in the Centre of the World.
[19/11/11 23:34] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo steps down from the stairs[/i]
[19/11/11 23:34] [b]*Peace*:[/b]I have a question first.
[19/11/11 23:34] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Please ask.
[19/11/11 23:35] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Does this also apply for Kings and Queens of older times?
[19/11/11 23:35] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Of course.
[19/11/11 23:35] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Yes, But of course now it is a lot more visible to us.
[19/11/11 23:35] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]They are part of a cycle as well, are they not, Lady Peace?
[19/11/11 23:36] [b]*Peace*:[/b]They are the roots.
[19/11/11 23:36] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Sometimes we must walk against a wall, to notice it is standing there.
[19/11/11 23:36] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Roots may live, then die as well, but shall always remain where they are.
[19/11/11 23:37] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Here, we honor your passing as Queen as well, Peace. We have not forgotten.
[19/11/11 23:37] [b]*Peace*:[/b]It isn't me I am asking for.
[19/11/11 23:37] [b]*Peace*:[/b]I did what I did but I am here.
[19/11/11 23:38] [b]*Peace*:[/b]I am talking about Khalazdad, Lifeline, Jester.
[19/11/11 23:38] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Khalazdad was the first example of a King in this place.
[19/11/11 23:39] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Khalazdad was indeed the first example, and indeed one to learn from. He was a true leader in this realm.
[19/11/11 23:39] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Even to this day, there are those who still speak of him, and the Eclipse shall always honor his memory.
[19/11/11 23:39] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Lifeline was a grand king of Marindbell, his influence dwindled in his later days- but he held his stature and position well.
[19/11/11 23:39] [b]*Peace*:[/b]And what of the people?
[19/11/11 23:40] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Each of us here, those who passed and those who stayed are part of the cycle. When one closes it, we open it.
[19/11/11 23:41] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]And, we note the Jester of Necrovion's passing as King. He fought a war and silenced many voices that a Jester could not lead. However, in his passing days, many things occurred.. and his madness -
[19/11/11 23:41] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]- enveloped him.
[19/11/11 23:41] [b]:[/b][i]*Peace* nods solemnly.[/i]
[19/11/11 23:41] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]It is not mere kings, as you say, who move the cycle of this world.
[19/11/11 23:41] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]It is indeed all of us.
[19/11/11 23:41] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]We are all, kings and citizens alike, part and parcel of each lands cyclicity
[19/11/11 23:41] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]All who gather, and all who sleep.
[19/11/11 23:42] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]kaepsdaot- Amoran K Kol[/i]
[19/11/11 23:42] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b] oaaaaaaac oaaaaac oaaaaaaac oaaaaac oaaaaaaaac oaac oaaac
[19/11/11 23:42] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b] ribbbit
[19/11/11 23:42] [b]:[/b][i]WhiteRabbit bites lip[/i]
[19/11/11 23:42] [b]:[/b][i]Arkken failed to cast a spell[/i]
[19/11/11 23:42] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Ahem.
[19/11/11 23:42] [b]:[/b][i]Arkken shakes his head[/i]
[19/11/11 23:43] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b] kwaaak
[19/11/11 23:43] [b]Makichama:[/b] ([i]Eon, please stop. >>"[/i])
[19/11/11 23:43] [b]Marvolo:[/b]We do not forget those who are also part of this. But it is now a good moment to reflect on this. Using the Kings as an example, a metaphor for Cyclicity.
[19/11/11 23:43] [b]:[/b][i]sasha lilias chuckles[/i]
[19/11/11 23:43] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]lunar freeze Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:43] [b]:[/b][i]Lord Jaguar looks at WhiteRabbit and tries not to laugh[/i]
[19/11/11 23:43] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]lunar retreat Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:43] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b] kwaaaaaaak
[19/11/11 23:44] [b]:[/b][i]Arkken keeps his attention on Marvolo[/i]
[19/11/11 23:44] [b]:[/b][i]Makichama looks worriedly at her protector[/i]
[19/11/11 23:44] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo picks up Amoran and puts het in the Centre of the Gazebo[/i]
[19/11/11 23:44] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Are there others who wish to share their thoughts?
[19/11/11 23:45] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]You have no need for spells so be silent Phantom Orchid[/i]
[19/11/11 23:45] [b]:[/b][i]*Peace* remains silent for the moment.[/i]
[19/11/11 23:45] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]You have no need for spells so be silent Arkken[/i]
[19/11/11 23:45] [b]Krioni:[/b]I would like to say something, though I know I have not been here as long as others.
[19/11/11 23:45] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Please, talk.
[19/11/11 23:46] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b] ribbbit
[19/11/11 23:46] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Shhh Froggy.
[19/11/11 23:46] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]𝒮ऄ𝒪𝔘𝒯𝒮⁝ ₩ℯℓ☾øღℯ αℓℓ
[19/11/11 23:46] [b]Krioni:[/b]I had n oreal desire or purpose in this world until I met Firsanthalas. I have never been through such a time in the Circle, but I hope the next brings as good of people.
[19/11/11 23:46] [b]Krioni:[/b]I am thankful for everything he showed me, and I loved serving as his citizen. I am glad to have been awake during his time as king.
[19/11/11 23:47] [b]Krioni:[/b]I look forward to what comes next.
[19/11/11 23:47] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo smiles[/i]
[19/11/11 23:47] [b]:[/b][i]Krioni puts his hat back on and steps down[/i]
[19/11/11 23:47] [b]Marvolo:[/b]I think we all are curious to what will come next.
[19/11/11 23:47] [b]*Burns*:[/b]Another concept that is just as doomed as the ones before, no doubt.
[19/11/11 23:48] [b]Lord Jaguar:[/b]"Time does not pass. Time stays, we are the ones that go."
[19/11/11 23:48] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]The song snares Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:49] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Not so Optimistic it seems, Burns.
[19/11/11 23:49] [b]Lord Jaguar:[/b]Just a quote this discussion reminded me of...
[19/11/11 23:49] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Burns has been here long enough to say this. His eyes has seen much.
[19/11/11 23:49] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Thank you for sharing, Jaguar.
[19/11/11 23:50] [b]Marvolo:[/b]That is true.
[19/11/11 23:50] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Hm..
[19/11/11 23:50] [b]Brulant:[/b]The glass is always half full. Half full of water or half full of air.
[19/11/11 23:50] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Welcome back to the world of Humans. Sybil
[19/11/11 23:50] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Thank you kindly Hierophant.
[19/11/11 23:51] [b]:[/b]⁂ᴌ𝒶թގ 𝒶 ގ𝓂𝒶𝓁𝓁 ԂގᴌᎩ 𝒷ook 𝒶𝓁oղᎶ ऄଽℜ ގ𝒾𝒹ଽ॰ ᴌऄଽղ ގ𝓁𝒾Ꮆऄᴌ𝓁Ꭹ ގऄ𝒶kଽގ ऄଽℜ ऄଽ𝒶𝒹 𝒶ղ𝒹 ᴌ𝓊𝒸kގ 𝒾ᴌ 𝒾ղᴌo ऄଽℜ ℜo𝒷ଽ⁂
[19/11/11 23:52] [b]sasha lilias:[/b] ([i]Who was the song spell?[/i])
[19/11/11 23:52] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b] ([i]I do not know[/i])
[19/11/11 23:52] [b]sasha lilias:[/b] ([i]Hmm....[/i])
[19/11/11 23:52] [b]Brulant:[/b] ([i]people can and do change their casting words[/i])
[19/11/11 23:52] [b]:[/b]⁂ᴌऄଽގଽ 𝒸ऄ𝒾𝓁𝒹ℜଽղ 𝒶ℜଽ 𝓊ղ𝒹ଽގଽℜѵ𝒾ղᎶ⁂
[19/11/11 23:53] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Is there someone else, who wishes to share his or her thoughts on this subject?
[19/11/11 23:54] [b]Maebius:[/b] *[i]tips his hat[/i]* Hello all. Sorry I'm late.
[19/11/11 23:54] [b]sasha lilias:[/b] ([i]I know....I'm just going to start casting ST on the ones I think are doing it soon....¬_¬[/i])
[19/11/11 23:54] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Welcome Maebius.
[19/11/11 23:54] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Welcome indeed.
[19/11/11 23:54] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]We share thoughts on the cycle of this realm, those who have come, those who have gone, leaders who have fallen.
[19/11/11 23:55] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]What are your thoughts?
[19/11/11 23:55] [b]Maebius:[/b]Hmm, I'm not fully prepared with Deep answers, but by definition, a cycle will return, so kings fallen are merely less kingly, but not truly gone.
[19/11/11 23:56] [b]Maebius:[/b]Once a monarch of MagicDuel, always one, I've ssaid a few times recently. The fighting ebbs and flows, but comes back around in time, so I do not worry about it.
[19/11/11 23:57] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]This was not cast by Eon[/i]
[19/11/11 23:57] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo chuckles[/i]
[19/11/11 23:58] [b]*Burns*:[/b]It's just a matter of time. Most RPCs are forgotten by now, the kings may be less in numbers, but they'll share the same fate.
[19/11/11 23:58] [b]Soothing Sands:[/b]Well it's a different game now than it was before
[19/11/11 23:59] [b]*Peace*:[/b]I believe Kings had more impact than RPCs
[19/11/11 23:59] [b]Lord Jaguar:[/b]It is always evolving changing and shifting, yet always the same in it's purpose.
[19/11/11 23:59] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]You have no need for spells so be silent Brulant[/i]
[19/11/11 23:59] [b]:[/b][i]Soothing Sands nods[/i]
[19/11/11 23:59] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]In a positive or negative manner now, Peace?
[20/11/11 00:00] [b]Maebius:[/b]I meant my c0mments more generally, across realms. *[i]taps his chin thoughtfully[/i]* To keep it here, though a king may leave, like compost, the foundation is left for others to grow on, 'differently'
[20/11/11 00:00] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]Tequila makes me know everything about Marvolos Wolf Form[/i]
[20/11/11 00:00] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Depends on one's perception.
[20/11/11 00:00] [b]Brulant:[/b]Ꭹ𝒶Ꭹ
[20/11/11 00:00] [b]Brulant:[/b]F𝒾ղ𝒶𝓁𝓁Ꭹ•
[20/11/11 00:00] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Oh my. Is my Wolf form that interesting?
[20/11/11 00:00] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]We are dust, and what we do is no more than wind. For better and for worse.
[20/11/11 00:01] [b]Lord Jaguar:[/b] ([i]but it does leave an electronic foot-print XD [/i])
[20/11/11 00:02] [b]Krioni:[/b]No, though they may not be explicitly remembered, their influences still live in. Like Mabius said, they are compost.
[20/11/11 00:02] [b]Krioni:[/b]Whatever grows from them must have some qualities carried down.
[20/11/11 00:03] [b]*Burns*:[/b]Very cynic approach. I like that.
[20/11/11 00:03] [b]Krioni:[/b]Therefore, no matter how slight, all who go in to such a position carry a certain amount of the ones before them, even if names and stories are forgotten.
[20/11/11 00:03] [b]Maebius:[/b] *[i]nods[/i]* Yes, different person, differetn wind, but it's all teh same air, so it cycles back, eventually.
[20/11/11 00:03] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid opens her Book of Dreams[/i]
[20/11/11 00:04] [b]Maebius:[/b] ([i]am at work, grrrr.. may not be as chatty.[/i])
[20/11/11 00:04] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]Mur!
[20/11/11 00:04] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]Reminder:
[20/11/11 00:04] [b]Brulant:[/b]ऄଽᎩ ᗰ𝓊ℜ𝓂𝓊ℜ•
[20/11/11 00:04] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Hello Mur.
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b] Mur del Mur: \"legislator item to corpsificate defeated target and turn it to bones. Bone resources 10/0, shovel as shared tools\"
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]Eon:[/b].
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]aren't you afraid he will just corpsify you?
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]Brulant:[/b]¶
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]:[/b][i]*Peace* nods to the Demon.[/i]
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]Marvolo:[/b]And then, everyone woke up *[i]chuckles[/i]*
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]and beat you till you are not even bones anymore?
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]Brulant:[/b]I 𝒹oղ'ᴌ ᴌऄ𝒾ղk ऄଽ'ގ 𝒶𝒻ℜ𝒶𝒾𝒹॰ 𝒮ऄ𝒶𝒹oѡ•
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]Brulant:[/b]Ñ à¤„à¬½Õ² Ꭹo𝓊 ѡ𝒶ղᴌ ÞŽo𝓂ଽᴌ𝒾ղᎶ• Ꭹo𝓊 𝒻𝒾Ꮆऄᴌ 𝒻oâ„œ 𝒾ᴌ•
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]That was the deal, Shadowseeker
[20/11/11 00:05] [b]Brulant:[/b]ऄଽ𝒹Ꮆଽ 𝒾ގ 𝒻𝒾Ꮆऄᴌ𝒾ղᎶ 𝒾ղ ᴌऄଽ ѡ𝒶Ꭹ ऄଽ 𝒸𝒶ղ•
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]Hm..
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]WhiteRabbit:[/b]What's all this talk of corpsification?
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Now, if you all are going to talk about something else, Let us close his Ceremony first?
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]Someone should play the villain then, and take all shovels before Hedge can.
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]I'm a human shovel.
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]:[/b][i]Hedge the Frog digs.[/i]
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]Krioni:[/b]I agree, let us finish what we started.
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]Maebius:[/b] *[i]nods to MArvolo[/i]* IT is ceremony we gather for, afterall.
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Aye, let us close the ceremony.
[20/11/11 00:06] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]you're a frog, not a shovel..
[20/11/11 00:07] [b]WhiteRabbit:[/b]I didn't know frogs could dig...
[20/11/11 00:07] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]I'm a froggen teddy-bearing shovel.
[20/11/11 00:07] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]Unless.. Mur himself holds thoughts regarding the cycles of this land, of those who come and go?
[20/11/11 00:07] [b]Eon:[/b].
[20/11/11 00:07] [b]*Peace*:[/b]I am unsure if he even pays attention to us.
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]Soothing Sands:[/b]or Eon?
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]Maebius:[/b]To further my claim, it is said that no accounts are ever gone, so even the idle are still with us, Dusty, perchance, but still here. *[i]smiles[/i]*
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]sasha lilias:[/b]People....do you not know manners? Marvolo tries to speak and yet you all act like Wolves to meat when Mur appears.
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]Muratus del Mur:[/b]woaa
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]Lord Jaguar:[/b] ([i]Lol[/i])
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Quiet you.
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]Brulant:[/b]I say hello to everyone, Sash.
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]Muratus del Mur:[/b]i think i stepped into some sort of event :P
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]:[/b][i]Amoran K Kol blinks.[/i]
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b]That you did.
[20/11/11 00:08] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Thank you Sasha.
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]Arkken:[/b]Indeed.
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Duh!
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]:[/b][i]Muratus del Mur pretends to be serious[/i]
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]Muratus del Mur:[/b]hmm, lets see
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]:[Spell][/b] [i]kaepsdaot- Amoran K Kol[/i]
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]Eon:[/b].
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]Muratus del Mur:[/b] ([i]where can i run now[/i])
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]Chengmingz:[/b]Good evening *[i]bows[/i]*
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]hello
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]Brulant:[/b]Hello, Chengmingz.
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]*Peace*:[/b] ([i]to your dominion?[/i])
[20/11/11 00:09] [b]*Burns*:[/b]You can always try the fort inneryard.
[20/11/11 00:10] [b]Soothing Sands:[/b]Even worse than the spells...
[20/11/11 00:10] [b]Brulant:[/b]Marvolo, I believe that you can close the ceremony. *[i]smiles[/i]*
[20/11/11 00:10] [b]:[/b][i]Soothing Sands shakes his head[/i]
[20/11/11 00:10] [b]Marvolo:[/b]I think it is better to close this now, yes.
[20/11/11 00:10] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Unless someone else would like to share their thoughts.
[20/11/11 00:11] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Share their thoughts on matters that are of no importance to this Event, maybe.
[20/11/11 00:11] [b]Muratus del Mur:[/b] ([i]not me , i am sjust looking[/i])
[20/11/11 00:11] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo goes to stand inside the Gazebo again[/i]
[20/11/11 00:11] [b]:[/b][i]Makichama raises her hand[/i]
[20/11/11 00:11] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Can I share one story related to the ceremony?
[20/11/11 00:11] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Of course!
[20/11/11 00:12] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b]Bing bing bing
[20/11/11 00:12] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo steps down the stairs again[/i]
[20/11/11 00:12] [b]:[/b][i]Hedge the Frog digs.[/i]
[20/11/11 00:12] [b]:[/b][i]Makichama slowly lowers her hand back down[/i]
[20/11/11 00:12] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Some of you have already heard this one in the past.
[20/11/11 00:12] [b]Kyphis:[/b]Shall I grab the log then?
[20/11/11 00:12] [b]Brulant:[/b]Wait for Peace's story, Kyphis.
[20/11/11 00:12] [b]*Peace*:[/b]These were words of my Father, which even to this day have a meaning.
[20/11/11 00:12] [b]Kyphis:[/b]Oh, I shall wait until after the story
[20/11/11 00:13] [b]Brulant:[/b]"Allez cuisine!"
[20/11/11 00:13] [b]:[/b][i]*Peace* steps into the center of this world.[/i]
[20/11/11 00:14] [b]Muratus del Mur:[/b] ([i]i must say i am glad to see such events happen :[/i]) )
[20/11/11 00:14] [b]Soothing Sands:[/b] ([i]you should have been here before, lol[/i])
[20/11/11 00:14] [b]*Peace*:[/b]The moon swung about the earth year after year, century after century, until so much time piled up behind them that it could not be easily counted.
[20/11/11 00:14] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo smiles[/i]
[20/11/11 00:14] [b]*Peace*:[/b]One day, the Moon realized she was in love with the Earth, and strove to meet him. She reached out with her loving arms and caught the sea.
[20/11/11 00:14] [b]sasha lilias:[/b] ([i]You missed half the fun Mur...(;[/i])
[20/11/11 00:14] [b]*Peace*:[/b]The Sea pulled at her as strongly as she on it, and into the sea she plunged.
[20/11/11 00:15] [b]*Peace*:[/b]The earth shook and was riven, and all things living were made to suffer, and the seas boiled and the land melted, and a great chunk of the world spun off into the sky.
[20/11/11 00:15] [b]*Peace*:[/b]There in the sky, that piece of world cooled and grew fat, and there became a new moon that spun round and round the handsome earth, piling up time behind it.
[20/11/11 00:15] [b]*Peace*:[/b].
[20/11/11 00:15] [b]:[/b] [i]Eon throws the dice and gets 4 [/i]
[20/11/11 00:15] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo claps[/i]
[20/11/11 00:15] [b]Soothing Sands:[/b]Beautiful
[20/11/11 00:16] [b]Amoran K Kol:[/b] kwak kwaaaaaaak kwaaak kwaaaaaak
[20/11/11 00:16] [b]Hedge the Frog:[/b] ([i]Which fun? The sabotage?[/i])
[20/11/11 00:16] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]There's no moral as usual.
[20/11/11 00:16] [b]:[/b][i]*Peace* steps down from the gazebo.[/i]
[20/11/11 00:16] [b]Krioni:[/b]The second story I have heard of yours Peace. Fantastic.
[20/11/11 00:16] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Not mine, Krioni. These were Khalazdad's words.
[20/11/11 00:16] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo steps up inside the Gazebo[/i]
[20/11/11 00:17] [b]Krioni:[/b]Than I am glad you passed them on.
[20/11/11 00:17] [b]Marvolo:[/b]Now with this wonderful story, is the perfect time to end this.
[20/11/11 00:17] [b]Arkken:[/b]Thank you.
[20/11/11 00:18] [b]*Shadowseeker*:[/b]Only fools clap for something they do not understand- for the fool claps at everything.
[20/11/11 00:18] [b]Marvolo:[/b]I thank you all for attending, and staying after the lot of inconveniences we faced this little event.
[20/11/11 00:18] [b]*Peace*:[/b]We thank you for making it happen, Marvolo.
[20/11/11 00:19] [b]*Peace*:[/b]Even with some slight disturbances.
[20/11/11 00:19] [b]:[/b][i]Marvolo smiles and steps down[/i]


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