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Due to the quest started by Passant, and the current ramblings, this log is now posted.
[18/11/11 17:23] phantasm: *steps up on the stand* Days of our past stand before us
[18/11/11 17:23] phantasm:Today is but tomorrow's memory and yesterdays dream
[18/11/11 17:24] phantasm:in it holds our hopes, our ambitions, our dreams, and our fears
[18/11/11 17:25] phantasm:Resources from far and near have began to stream into this world
[18/11/11 17:27] phantasm:What new things will it bring?
[18/11/11 17:27] phantasm:What will we use to create or destory with all the wonders this world brings
[18/11/11 17:28] phantasm:For so long, content has been in hording and waiting for the day to put to use thse things we hold
[18/11/11 17:29] phantasm:that day has not come, but who will you be, and what will be remembered about you when it does?
[18/11/11 17:30] phantasm:We see the great kings are returning to their humble lives as citizens again
[18/11/11 17:30] :yrthilian smiles
[18/11/11 17:30] yrthilian:who are they then
[18/11/11 17:31] :yrthilian looks for thies great kings
[18/11/11 17:31] :Zleiphneir looks at yrth a bit sadly and sips his wine
[18/11/11 17:31] phantasm:what will happen in their place? Only tomorrow will know
[18/11/11 17:31] :JadenDew watches silently
[18/11/11 17:31] :yrthilian smiles and tips his head at z
[18/11/11 17:32] phantasm:BUT!
[18/11/11 17:32] phantasm:here we are today, the greatest of all meanings, the here and the now
[18/11/11 17:33] :[Spell] lautirrorrim
[18/11/11 17:34] :[Spell] Settle down Eon
[18/11/11 17:34] phantasm:In great respect, we call this day "The Day of Change"
[18/11/11 17:34] :[Spell] Stop fighting Eon
[18/11/11 17:35] phantasm:Great changes abound, and I willing, and glad to see it
[18/11/11 17:36] phantasm:our first great challenge
[18/11/11 17:37] Firsanthalas:Whats that then, eating a muffin in one go?
[18/11/11 17:37] phantasm: *laughs loudly* if only we all had the size of your mouth firs
[18/11/11 17:37] phantasm:our first challenge, is to see the Kings conglomorate dedication seen to light
[18/11/11 17:38] phantasm:Zleiphneir, king of Tree
[18/11/11 17:38] phantasm:Firsanthalas King of Loreroot
[18/11/11 17:38] phantasm:Yrthilian, King of Golemus
[18/11/11 17:38] phantasm:and I, King of shadows
[18/11/11 17:39] yrthilian: *smiles* so many kings
[18/11/11 17:39] Chewett:King of shadows eh? crowning youself seems a tad concieted
[18/11/11 17:39] :yrthilian failed to cast a spell
[18/11/11 17:39] :[Spell] Freeze eon
[18/11/11 17:39] phantasm: *turns around and points at Eon* cast you out EOn, Destoryer of Worlds
[18/11/11 17:39] :yrthilian failed to cast a spell
[18/11/11 17:40] :phantasm watches as Eon falls to the ground dead
[18/11/11 17:40] Firsanthalas:You should take that muffin out of your gob Yrth before spellcasting
[18/11/11 17:40] yrthilian: *laughts* true
[18/11/11 17:41] phantasm:Abound by the pact signed and agreed
[18/11/11 17:41] :yrthilian Grabs hold of the dead body of eon and vanishes
[18/11/11 17:41] phantasm:The Day of Change has become
[18/11/11 17:41] :[Spell] Go to my home land... eon, yrthilian
[18/11/11 17:41] Eon Von Matterhorn:-
[18/11/11 17:41] Chewett:What about the next King of MB? Does he not get a view on the pact?
[18/11/11 17:42] :*Peace* blinks.
[18/11/11 17:42] phantasm:Let Eon's body be cast out, to places far beyond the reach of us
[18/11/11 17:42] *Peace*:Can I haz him?
[18/11/11 17:42] Firsanthalas:Does he like muffins?
[18/11/11 17:42] :JadenDew giggles
[18/11/11 17:43] Firsanthalas:No Peace, no necrophilia allowed
[18/11/11 17:43] *Shemhazaj*:hello
[18/11/11 17:43] Firsanthalas:Hello Shem
[18/11/11 17:43] *Peace*:Who spoke of necrophilia?
[18/11/11 17:43] :Firsanthalas points at Chewy
[18/11/11 17:43] *Peace*:I am the only one here who can access the cemetary, so... can I bury him?
[18/11/11 17:44] Chewett:What What What?
[18/11/11 17:44] Chewett:blaming me eh? iv just commented on the fact that the next king of MB isnt involved, in whatever said pact is
[18/11/11 17:44] :*Peace* points Firsan.
[18/11/11 17:44] Firsanthalas:Nah we are turning him into solen... I mean we are cremating him
[18/11/11 17:44] :Zleiphneir sips his wine
[18/11/11 17:44] *Peace*:Still...
[18/11/11 17:44] *Peace*:Can I haz him?
[18/11/11 17:44] phantasm:Eon's body will be cast off, to places unkown by me
[18/11/11 17:45] phantasm:This is a day of celebration for all those suppresed by Eon
[18/11/11 17:45] Chewett:Hmm, i wonder if i can find the keys to the spaceship ren left...
[18/11/11 17:45] *Peace*:Awww. *frowns*
[18/11/11 17:45] *Peace*:I am not surpressed.
[18/11/11 17:45] Firsanthalas:No, you are repressed
[18/11/11 17:45] *Peace*:Neither?
[18/11/11 17:45] phantasm: *chuckles* depressed at times
[18/11/11 17:45] *Shemhazaj*:hm... is there an event going on?
[18/11/11 17:45] Zleiphneir:and partially undressed.
[18/11/11 17:46] Firsanthalas:She's fully undressed
[18/11/11 17:46] *Peace*:Now, now.
[18/11/11 17:46] Firsanthalas:You can see her bits
[18/11/11 17:46] :Zleiphneir chuckles
[18/11/11 17:46] Firsanthalas:Look, they are falling off all over the place
[18/11/11 17:46] *Peace*:I bet we can see yours too, Firsan if you bent over.
[18/11/11 17:46] phantasm:aye shem, by pact of the kings of the present, Eon has been laid down by the might of their will
[18/11/11 17:46] Chewett:Yeah, Eon organised the event, so he can farm people
[18/11/11 17:46] *Peace*:Farm?!
[18/11/11 17:46] *Peace*:Worse time to be on illusion...
[18/11/11 17:47] ignnus:meaning he is attacklocked
[18/11/11 17:47] *Shemhazaj*: *laughs* neat
[18/11/11 17:47] *Peace*:He isn't even here?
[18/11/11 17:47] phantasm:Today will forever be marked in the history books
[18/11/11 17:47] Chewett:thats what he wants you to think...
[18/11/11 17:47] Firsanthalas:My knees are too sore for bending
[18/11/11 17:47] Chewett:What exatly is being marked in books? inno wont like that...
[18/11/11 17:48] phantasm:All before lay witness to the might of the kings, it is far better to put faith into them, then to try and destory them
[18/11/11 17:48] Maebius: *smiles sleepily* #Occupy MD!
[18/11/11 17:48] phantasm:Now is a time of Freedom
[18/11/11 17:48] Chewett:I will question any king that stands in my way between me and MB's betterment
[18/11/11 17:48] Firsanthalas:I saw Inno naked
[18/11/11 17:48] Chewett:To follow blindly is stupidty
[18/11/11 17:49] Firsanthalas:There isn't much to see though
[18/11/11 17:49] Firsanthalas:In fact, there isn't anything to see
[18/11/11 17:49] ignnus:he log out,what a chicken
[18/11/11 17:49] Chewett:And i would not follow someone who knights himself a king *looks at Phantasm*
[18/11/11 17:49] phantasm:my brothers, my sisters, walk this land free
[18/11/11 17:49] phantasm:and put faith in those you see deserving the faithful
[18/11/11 17:49] :yrthilian smiles
[18/11/11 17:49] yrthilian:It is done
[18/11/11 17:50] Firsanthalas:Did you turf him in the wood chipper?
[18/11/11 17:50] :Maebius hands chewett a note
[18/11/11 17:50] Maebius:Once a king or queen of Narni..er.. MD, always a king or queen of MD!
[18/11/11 17:50] yrthilian: *laughs* no we dont have one to use for that but well he wont be a bother for a while now
[18/11/11 17:51] Chewett:Precisely, and Phantasm is NOT a king, even if he calls himself one
[18/11/11 17:51] Firsanthalas:I still think the wood chipper was an excellent idea
[18/11/11 17:51] Firsanthalas:I kew a bloke that ate loads of hamburgers and he called himself a king
[18/11/11 17:51] Firsanthalas:Everyone seemed to agree with him
[18/11/11 17:52] yrthilian:it is all a matter of view
[18/11/11 17:52] Maebius:So what brings everyone to the Park all the sudden? If I may ask.
[18/11/11 17:52] Chewett:Eon organised a traning group, nice guy eh?
[18/11/11 17:52] phantasm:Thanks be, for the simplest of things
[18/11/11 17:52] yrthilian:the killing of eaon what else
[18/11/11 17:53] phantasm:today, the only time we can actually grasp onto, is always the greatest times of all
[18/11/11 17:53] Maebius:Ahh, testing needles, or Stone Daggers? *grins wickedly*
[18/11/11 17:53] phantasm:Be with your brothers and sisters, celebrate each moment as they pass
[18/11/11 17:53] Maebius:I do hope the former.
[18/11/11 17:53] Firsanthalas:Well I am off to get stinking drunk
[18/11/11 17:53] ChildOfTheSoul:the daggers would just be sad.
[18/11/11 17:54] phantasm:enjoy life to the fullest, for we not know what tomorrow brings
[18/11/11 17:54] Firsanthalas:A hangover in my case
[18/11/11 17:54] Chewett:Ah, fir resigns, nice, we have newbie kings soon then
[18/11/11 17:54] yrthilian:I too am going for a strole. have fun all
[18/11/11 17:54] Chewett:cept from the MB one fcorse. he will be a legend lol
[18/11/11 17:54] :phantasm steps down off his box and dissasembles it
[18/11/11 17:54] Maebius:Never know, there may be surprise winners in MB? *smiles*
[18/11/11 17:55] Maebius: (chew, I sent you a PM in-game, forum was acting slow for me just now)
[18/11/11 17:55] phantasm:Thank you all for your time
[18/11/11 17:55] Chewett: (yeah im reading it later, gotta farm these guys while they are here :D )
[18/11/11 17:55] ChildOfTheSoul:I shall take the throne of both Marind Bell and Loreroot. *laughs*
[18/11/11 17:56] Maebius:you applying, CotS? *smiles*
[18/11/11 17:56] phantasm: [Video link]
[18/11/11 17:56] :[Spell] I cant hear the cricket

Edited by phantasm
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