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So today we had our MD Xmas Carols event at the Paper Cabin.

From an Initial line everyone created lines, in a turn ssigned by me, to fit with the carol.

The ones who made it better will be rewarded in the following order:

First: One Wish Point
Second: $10.00 credits
Third: $5.00 credits

I posted a poll so that you can vote.

Carol's Log below.

[log=First Carol:]]

Participants: Majmun, Darkraptor, Ignnus, Zleiphneir, Ensetym, WhiteRabbit, Sasha Lilias, Aelis, Child of the Soul

*BFH Lightning*:Thinking in the Snow, I was playing with Mur's Cows
Majmun:White one said "Moo!", the black one said "Moo, muthafukka!"
darkraptor:Z comes in and does as kick
ignnus:i jumped as far as the gazebo
Zleiphneir:landed on the top of the tree. ow.
Ensetym:And as i looked around, this is what i found
WhiteRabbit:Several snow bunnies laughing at the cows
ignnus:i jumped as far as the gazebo
ChildOfTheSoul:The cows were lying in bloody heaps, Mur was going to be furious.
sasha lilias:All of a sudden over the hills he leaps, Mur..looking for heads to reap!
Sunfire:untill he walks into the the mud kneedeep
Aelis:Only to find out heads contest is over, and now he weeps.
Majmun:Love is in the air, violence on the ground..
darkraptor:Mur's cows are a bit pales, they have reign teeth on their tales
ignnus:bring me wine and bring me candies
Zleiphneir:I'll rule the cows with these two ...handies.
Ensetym:But instead of milk, they will give me brandy
WhiteRabbit:Cursed drink will be the death of me
ChildOfTheSoul:Mur, in a drunken rage, scoured the land for the one who did this.
sasha lilias:Over Loreroot and No mans land he flew, his brain not knowing what to do!
Sunfire:the only thing he knew for sure, the one responsible he would not miss
Aelis:Having reached the Tribunal's pub, he had found three grasans dressed as pimped elves!
Majmun:Drunk he was, stopped for a piss.
darkraptor:All the cows were again settled in, it was time to Mur jump in
ignnus:all around joyful angiens and wodin
Zleiphneir:danced and pranced and drank sweet jin, and in the wicked chamber pot
Ensetym:Mur watched the magic liquid flow, it was Christmas time, it would not stop
WhiteRabbit:No matter how roudy the party got though he was sure head would hurt come morn
ChildOfTheSoul:Then, all of a sudden one of his pimped elves spotted Zleiphner, laughing maniacally.
sasha lilias:As Zleip laughed away, the little elves began to say
Aelis:Mur and Z are drunk and cuddling, we should call it a day!

[log=Second Carol (Still Makes me laugh)]

Participants: Zleiphneir, Whiterabbit, Sasha Lilias (left in the middle, due to personal matters), Majmun, Ignnus, Ensetym, Darkraptor, Child of the Soul, Zentao

*BFH Lightning*:Making the Snowmans, We saw dst so far
Zleiphneir:Dressing them in hats and socks and someone's stolen bra.
WhiteRabbit:Out of blue comes Zen to claim a hat not the bra as those who looked would have thought
sasha lilias:As our attention turns to the stolen bra, we wonder how it managed to adrift so afar.
Majmun:From all the action the Snowman melted.
Ensetym:Oh no, it seems someone picked up the watery snowman and kept it.
darkraptor:A giant bra in the snow, it scares everybody who go
ChildOfTheSoul:As the crowd ran in fear, ZenTao scrambled to collect her possessions.
ZenTao:As I collected my hat and turned away that stupid big bra was swept away,Im so happy its not mine this time.
Zleiphneir:but lo in the sky as the bra floated high, Zentao had a thought that would surely surprise
WhiteRabbit:Which faded away a fluffy white elf caught on to the garment and turned into a sling for her snowballs
Ensetym:Let your voices raise our cheers this holiday season
Majmun:Seeing an elf wielding XXL bra, made the girls duck for cover.
ignnus:she will be the underground queen forever
darkraptor:As Mur's sleigh comes from sky, with the cows in panic, they all turned blind, they got a giant bra on their eyes!
ChildOfTheSoul:Mur's sled fell toward the crowd, and all of christmas with it.
ZenTao:Who is to save Christmas now, all tumbled down those frightened cows, and to what a suprise the bra turned into parachuttes
Zleiphneir:from the depths of MD on his merry red sleigh came a booming cheery voice to come and save the day
WhiteRabbit:Hazza hurray is what the people said
Majmun:Out of joy beating on each other like mad.
ignnus:which makes me very sad
Ensetym:But today is a different day, as the people watch the sleigh
darkraptor:All the people is at the Cabin, Sasha enters and shouts: Who have my bra?
ZenTao:Frightened of ghosts we all turned and pointed, it was BFH who took it please don't be dissapointed
Zleiphneir:BFH wore the bra while drinking a beer, he said men wearing bras could bring about xmas cheer
WhiteRabbit:Which was true for the laughter in the room grew
Majmun:Pulling on the bra, Sasha laughed and all stood mute, as BFH was propelled and across the cabin flew.
ignnus:dst said eww and crowd ran away in fear
Ensetym:And all that was left was the glowing paper scroll, which said "Here lies BFH and the Christmas cheer"
darkraptor:All this people there, and none have noted, BFH was also wearing the ZenTao's dress!
ZenTao:Eek I screamed as the cows said ha mooo ha moo I jumped in the beer stein with not much else to do.


[color=#ff0000][size=4][b]Note: No alts allowed to Vote[/b][/size][/color]. Chewett, forum admin, agreed to perform alt check to the poll. Alt votes will be removed.

Voting will be open for 24 hours, until December 20, 06:00 server time

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[quote name='Sasha Lilias' timestamp='1324315742' post='98116']
I would just like to mention I AM NOT an XXL size. Thank you you lot...grrr.... >.<

LOL poor of me with ZenTao's dress!

[quote name='SkyArmy' timestamp='1324270812' post='98090']
may i participate MD Xmas Carols?[b] [/b]
Unfortunately it already took place, so no :(

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Voting Closed

By now

Winners are:

First Place:
Zleiphneir (6 votes [27.27%])

Second Place:
Aelis (5 votes [22.73%])

Third Place: a tie!
Zentao (3 votes [13.64%])
Majmun (3 votes [13.64%])

Rewards will be send asap

@Mods Pls close

Thanks to all who Participated!

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