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MD Xmas Mursy Santa Letters Voting


MD Xmas Mursy Santa Letters  

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The idea was to make a letter for MD Mursy Santa and to post in in chat during the event. They had little chance to prepare so they were original.
Please vote for who made the funniest and most creative letter.


[log=Rex Umbrae Killer]
Dear Santa . Mur Del Mur., can i rent you for a day, I already have the gold and frankincense. Rex.

Hey Santa I've been baaaaaaaad.I've been worseeeee..through and through..as you asked me to do.
I've been tryin to catch a break
But I think that you are the best..
with your cute dress
and fatherly attitude,
and you have some interesting friends.
Lastly,this is not a threat
but friendly advice: give me some uber powerful and shiny toy
or you'll be sorry in the end..
Your ever faithful slave Iggy
Murry Christmas

Dear Santa, Mur del Mur, I know you'r busy doing stuff, but I really want you to make some time to give me some gifts, I don't ask much, but a swordshade and a few tainted would be nice.
I give you a gold coin if you throw in a wishpoint as bonus. Tal

dear murta claus, I hope your voyage was good For i know rudolf the reindrach isnt the best flyer, therefore i kindly ask you not to “land” on my roof again
it only just got fixed from last year, oh You can leave the presents at the front door instead

Dear Santa, I am happy. Anything but coal will be happily received. S

Dear Santa -
I wouldn't dare ask for 12 morphs, but that's okay.
I already have one, so 11 will be fine.
Yours truly, Cots.

[log=sasha lilias]
Dear Santa
Since last Christmas I have been a very good girl.
I've only abused wishpoints and alts ONCE this year! Therefore I think I am entitled to lots of amazing presents, and not a horrible little piece of charcoal, don't you?
Anyway..I want:
-30% shares in the MD Shop
-The next BHC to be rigged, for me of course.
-5 Wishpoints
-ShadowSeeker, Dst, Chewett, Grido and Mur to kneel before me.
- Your notice of resignation
And umm.....oh yes!
- A purple My little Pony
Hope this good little girl gets all her wishes come true! (I do know where you live if they don't..)
Lot's of love

Dear Mur santa,
I've been contemplating what I should ask you to get me for christmas. I've been thinking long and hard about what I want this year and I've come to this conclusion. All I want for christmas is Viscos
Viscosity gone. I wander far off into the distance, and when I came back I found I got tired way too easily! Give me back my energy!
Much love from your wandering friend,
Vertu Honagan

Dear Mursy Santy Clause,
Please give me a Knator’s claws.
But if you think I have been bad,
Let me have some coal instead.
Yet if you choose to give me grime,
Please let me own my own coal mine.

Dear Santa... Mur del Mur doesn't exist!!! (hope there aren't here babies *smiles* ) I hope that this year you will not get stuck in the hatch of PC (hope you see the diet that I sent you!!!)
and will give to us all good gifts:-)

Dear MurSanta,
As you probably know, Mur's cows have crashed over the GoE tree,
some tales say that's was Sashas giant bra fault..
All can overcame this great disaster and get all the gifts we wish.
Please be generous because many children was severely afected by such event..
in their nightmares there's still a flying bra!
Yours Trully,darkraptor

Dear Santa,
A self-proclaimed demon has appointed himself ruler of the East Lands.
On the unfortunate occasions I have to speak to this demon, I always make sure to remind him that I plan to dethrone him one of these day’s.
He normally throws his head back and laughs at me.
The time for action is upon us
The time for action is upon us
From what I hear this demon is invincible, but with enough force behind a large steel object I feel I can get the job done.
With that said, I demand you immediately loan me your sled and reindeer after Christmas passes.
Should you refuse my demand I will be forced to take action.
Possibly your downfall,

Dear Murry Santa
i wish to send you the great and nicely christmas card
i know im been an good guy this year and hope dont hate me more for the past insidents
i know im been an good guy this year and hope dont hate me more for the past insidents
Drach lair entrace and get 13 drachoms...
post in mood: drach cave again muahhaha .
escape from the jail....
get credits with the avi bug..
use other reduce time to wait for attak players
and bother you when u was drunk aslo say "Mur say" ;D
i dont steal moephus accunt thats a lie!!!
better jsut have ahappy xmass and forget all what i wrote thx
the one that u hates sometimes ....

Thanks to al who participated!

May the best Win!

NOTE: Voting open until 23:00 server time, day 353 Year 6

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