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Make your letter to Santa: what do you wish for your land? RESULTS


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[center][center]Make your letter to Santa: what do you wish for your land?[/center][/center]
[center][center]Quest by: Passant the Weak for MD XMAS FEST 2011[/center][/center]
[center][center] [/center][/center]
After judging the submissions, the jury decided that the Winner of the Quest and by consequence of the wishpoint is Jolla.[/center][/center]
[center][center] [/center][/center]
[center][center]Relevant quote from one of the judges:[/center][/center]
[center][center] [/center][/center]
[center][center]"I find interesting that he wished something for his land that is (seems) to be beyond what the citizens can achieve by themselves. To me it represents a true wish to santa."[/center][/center]


Santa wish for GG
My one wish for my land is that all the tiny men and empty aramors were free to rome about and have purpose......their own :P

Thanks, Jolla

Dear Santa,

For this Christmas, I wish I will find a homeland.
I had been alone for years after the Church being disbanded.
Not having a homeland is not fun considering the advantages of having one.

Santa, please make my wish come true. I promise to be a good fellow until the end of the year.


1 sentence
I wish to have a homeland.

Ask santa wish for the lands
Dear Santa;

For Xmas for all the lands of MD I would like
For each land to have a secret underground society
No members will know who each other are
and if they must meet then they would be masked

The society's members would first be picked by who is most active in a land
then they would choose new members
The society's role is to influence events with limited tools
For the good of the land

One person would be known as the recruiter
and they would liaise between the secret soc and any new recruit

1 sentance
I wish for lands to have a secret society who influences events unseen, who nobody knows and who even within their own group do not know who each other are.

Make your letter to Santa: what do you wish for your land?
Dear Santa
well to this xmas and the new year
I wish to no man´s lands to et new stabilised houses
Give top bob a more nicely and confortable place to be
and of course lots of new players arraund that contibute with the developement of MD
unlock more areas and ofcourse grant acces to new thigs
but manny blessings enjoy and fun for eveny person that touch MD
also in the opening of gits i wish more rare creatures
to players that dont want too sell just want to take care of them

i want happyness to all of those persons that touch MD even just 1 time :D

Dear Santa,
I wish there would be a contitutional monarch for the lands. Land leaders, but also a figurehead. A voting system for the land leaders, who are always even- the king gets the last vote if they cannot decide. All within that land are allowed to participate during talking, but cannot vote.


One sentence: I wish lands have contitutional monarchies where kings have the final say only if the land leaders cannot agree.

I wish MB remains a Monarchy. A Queen or King shall reign over the land! I wish for weapons for our land. Items to damage. To oppose all our enemies. To defend our land. Santa I wish for a monarch in our land and items to defend ourselves!

[log=Fire Starter]
Dear Santa,

For Christmas I wish Necrovion gets something new - a Premier with Government. I wish elections are held, where the Premier is chosen and then the Ministers will be apointed by Her/Him.

We know our leaders well and shall nominate and choose the one that deserves it most. After that the Government will take care for the land's deeds and issues. I know a parliament makes a good soil for growing plots, backstabbing and corruption practices.

For your own good, Santa, make sure my wish comes true. I hope you don't expect me to promise anything, right?

1 sentence
I wish a Premier for Necrovion, which after being nominated in elections, points group of players to be the Parliament of the land.

Dear Santa,

I wish peace and love on MD land :D. Or not :D I would go for anarchy.At least for a while.
I am pretty sure that players can set themselves in councils, groups etc if they care enough for that land. Besides maybe this way true leaders will emerge. Not ones "elected" because they are simply popular. Popularity doesn't mean competency.
Anarchy is the perfect environment for interesting things to happen and true characters to be born (see the pre RPC era). Maybe role leaders is the answer. Maybe not. But for the moment leave MD to heal.

Thank you dear and lovable Santa,

Thank you all for participating.[/center][/center]

NOTE: The top in the list were Z, Jolla, and Cheng. Jury went for Jolla, eventhou it was short, but it was a real wish perse.

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