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General value and worth?


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Hi there!
I haven't been playing for very long at all, so I dont have anything of real value in-game yet.
BUT, I know that at some point I will, and when I do, I dont want to screw myself over making bad trades and deals (Or even worse, be taken advantage of by one of the more experienced players).
So, I was hoping some of the people who have been around here for a while could give me just a few pointers on the worth of some common items I might find or earn later in the game. And some advise on how trading should be dealt with would be great as well.

Thanks a ton!

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Creature pricing criterias:

I) Rarity. (that can't be recruited normally, or those deeper in the MDshop, or other specials like Morphs, Tainted Angiens, Colorless Joker, etc). If you can recruite it normally from places with easy acces, then it's not a rare creature.

II) Age, Tokens, Stored heat. (If the creature is rare, these criterias will boost the price for sure. And even if it's not rare, it can cost allot if it has allot of Heat, Age and fitting Tokens)

Also, most "green" items (how I like to call them) like shared tools [example: axes, buckets, dices] can be taken by anyone from a specific public location and they worth nothing in Coins (maybe exept the Heat Jar and Reality Coagulator), so don't get fooled if anyone asks you for coins/creatures/other items in exchange for shared tools.

Resources are also a source of income (a farely weak one at the moment), They're price depending on how hard it is to gather them, and on how many they are..
But if you want to be a resource gatherer, you should first find people who need, then gather how much they need, because most of the times.. the more resources you have the harder they are to sell, because you can't split them. (Example: If you trade branches to someone, you will trade ALL of them no matter how many you have, with no way to split them in smaller stacks)

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When buying a creature, confirm they have it by asking for the CTC-MDC of the creature, you can check at the Marble Dale Park signpost "All you need and then a bit" on the CTC checker there, check it's theirs, check it's the creature they've told you it is etc.

If you haven't traded with a person before perhaps half the money first, then item/creature etc, then the rest. That way if it turns out to be bad, then least you only lose half, rather than all.

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