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[MDA envoy to MB] Fyrd Argentus

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Many of you are aware of the story of my drifting between realms, the spirits I have found here, and the enchantments I have scattered about in a catastrophic series of domino-like attempts to deal with events. If not, see my [Q] doc. It also includes the rewards I offer for assistance in this monumental series of tasks.

THIS thread is meant to describe my role as the Magic Duel Archives Envoy to Marind's Bell, and how I am committed to serve.

My help will be given first to MB citizens, second to those newly entered into the realm (as MB is the most welcoming land for them), but ultimately to anyone who asks and deserves my help. I am committed to improving the joy people find in the realm. I am no longer an MP6 Protector, but I am happy to mentor any in need.

As a member of MDA I can of course be considered an information source. I can research questions, or give you leads on where to look for yourself. While I won't give blatant answers that will spoil your puzzling fun, I will try to be helpful and explain.

As a Legend Speaker, I can assist with creative writing. I have helped several folks with songs and stories for their papers. I can copyedit if the English language is not your strength. I will help those trying to get their papers from the MDA but have ap troubles due to viscosity.

I have learned much enchanting the clickie-spots around the realm and am happy to help those learning how it is done. And I am particularly interested in setting up games and quests...

To a limited extent, I can help obtain obscure scene-creatures and loan coins for getting more exotic ones from auction.

I can set up rituals if you need help testing something, but I am trying to keep balanced so as to one day provide a durable high-honor target for future generations to train on. Thus I am not eager to get losses.

I have been the grateful beneficiary of much unlooked-for support in this realm, and so do not charge for my services per se.

I will not abandon the protector I support, so don't ask.

But anything else, if you can find me awake, I will try to help as I can. I usually snooze in lucky #13 at the Pub in Wind's Sanctuary. Drop by, leave me a note, and let me know where to find you. I usually wake up several times each day and wander about, stretching my legs.

And for those of you new to the realm, WELCOME!

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