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Holiday Scene/Creature Makeover Contest Results


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It was fun and interesting seeing the scenes and creatures participants created, I am happy this went well and it's all of you who made it what it was. Thank you to all participants, it was work well done! On a side note one person disqualified themselves from the competition by using alternate accounts to vote for themselves. Funny thing is; it was unnecessary; if they had not voted for themselves, they still would have made top 7.

1. Duke of Malfi [color=#0000cd]rewards:(1 wish point, 1 gold, 1 morph and a Shop Joker)[/color]

2. DarkRaptor [color=#0000ff] rewards:(1 Morph, 5 silver, shop Aramor) [/color]

3. Eon [color=#0000FF]rewards:(1 Morph, 3 silver and a shop Aramor)[/color]

4. Guillak [color=#0000FF]rewards:( 1 Morph, 1 silver)[/color][color=#0000FF] [/color]

5. Shadowseeker [color=#0000FF]rewards:( 1 Morph, 1 silver)[/color][color=#0000FF] [/color]

6. lone wolf pup [color=#0000FF]rewards:( 1 Morph, 1 silver)[/color][color=#0000FF] [/color]

7.Manda ID [color=#0000FF]rewards:( 1 Morph, 1 silver)[/color][color=#0000FF] [/color]

[color=#0000FF]I will be contacting those who have won with their prizes as soon as I get the Morphs. I'm assuming within the next few days[/color]

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1323332350' post='97464']
that is so amazing.
7 morphs to best seven artists (one each).

p.s. this is not tk sponsorship its personal. morphs will be passed to organizer NOW.

p.s2: why so much? because its something anyone can do, its fun, its THEMED to current period

I assume he forgot again? I think I remember seeing something being transferred, but I'm not sure if it happened or not. Might be mistaking it for some other transfers as well.

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I don't think he forgot, but I have not received any Morphs other then the ones assigned to me through Treasure Keeper's dispatch for non related rewards. I do apologize for the long wait but there needed to be some verification of the votes. Since I didn't ask Chewett in the beginning to alt check It took him a while since there were so many votes. I needed the winners player ID's as requested by Mur and I could not know until Chewett finished the checks. Sent those off and now I wait, but I assure you once I have them they will fall fast into the winners hands.

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