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A few examples recently I thought I would bring up in regards to in/out in/out shake it all about reactions to things. Why? because people just will not stop complaining that role-play is dead and that MD is nothing but grinding and is boring and that the forum is more busy that the game etc etc. Well you make it that way if it is like that for you as far as I can see it.

1) What Shadowseeker said about the recent wedding has been slagged and negged and all sorts - but he is right. What if you had actually reacted as your character in it's world rather than started complaining, how great and fun could that have been? Ok so the ranking thing was a bit harsh, but that was his opinions and it brought the point home with examples no? Im not saying nobody did but a lot of people just complained about the situation (and are still complaining about it...) rather than immersing themselves. Yes people use their mechanical tools in annoying ways sometimes, and fine yes complain, but you can use that to have a lot of in game fun if you want to as well.

2) Neno in prison...ok so you have been in jail longer than your minimum sentance, people agree it is unfair, that's great....so do somethng? You arn't banned, you are in a part of the game, a physical part called a jail. It isnt as if you have been banned in such a sense that you arn't allowed in game and so should be handled by game managers as such. Picking at Grido for not using his 'admin' tool is ridiculous. LHO master was never supposed to be all shine and light, the first one (the amazing Jonn) was a recognised torturer. No kidding. How about considering Grido like one of those orc jailers instead? Im not saying he is but think what you/the group who support you, could actually do with this. Anyone tried to dig Neno out? protested in game? tried threatening Grido with setting fire to the PC? bribing him? anything? anyone? The jail is a perfect rp scenario, it's a shunned gift really.

3) Cheers to Tarquinnus. Here you are flying the flag for real in game reaction to real in game events, despite the fact that in your case a coupling with some out of game recation due to alts or what-not would be quite justified - I certainly wouldn't chastise you for that, but I will definitely cheers to what you [i]are[/i] doing.

Anyway, there, I've said it. Not everything I say will make sense, it is me after all....but surely you get what I am getting at here? Come on people! or...wait...what did Phan say? ...Rise brothers!?


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I do agree with most of this, though sometimes when you are shocked and panicked, it is difficult to think about the RP possible. I daresay this is why some are masters and others are not, myself included.

I aspire to one day being a more unflappable roleplayer. MD is a learning experience, on many levels.

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