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I'm looking to buy any and all enchanted memory stones or enchanting services. I currently have more than 50 memory stones, so I think I'll be buying for a while. PM me in-game or on the forum to negotiate prices.

I'm also looking for heat stones and heat solidifying services, if anyone might be interested.

Update: I'm now looking mainly for any Chase/Teleport spells as well as protector spells. I have enough silver to buy just a few more, but I also am willing to trade a few semi-rare shop creatures in exchange. Currently I have two sharpies, a BP, an aged angien, and a five tokened joker along those lines.

I also possess a few duplicate spell stones that I'm willing to trade for other spell stones. Currently, I can get rid of 2 attack lock stones, 1 mirror ritual stone, 3 papercabin stones, and an other army stone. Once again, PM me if you're interested.

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