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Midnight Drive


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I hate you!” screamed Joey. It was another fight with his dad. Joey slammed the door and sat alone in his room again. He was so angry, but he couldn’t even remember why they were fighting. It didn’t matter; his dad always blamed him for everything. Joey could feel his hands tremble as anger raged through his very essence. He lay there, on his bed, feeling a horrifying mixture of anger and loneliness.[/size][/color]
The next morning during school, it was just another day. Except, today, Tom was especially mean. Tom was the school bully and was mean to everyone. But he was especially mean to Joey. Joey was walking alone in the hallways as always when he saw Tom walking in the opposite direction; right towards Joey. Right as Joey passed Tom, Tom reached over and grabbed his books, dropping them all over the ground. Tom and his friends just laughed, leaving Joey to pick his books back up. Joey didn’t really let it get to him. This was normal. Joey picked up his books, filing his papers back to where they belonged, and kept on walking.[/size][/color]
This is when he saw her for the first time. It was only for a moment, but she was still beautiful. He didn’t know who she was, but he suddenly felt his stomach curl into a thousand knots. Joey just looked back down at the ground and kept on walking. He knew he could never speak to her. Finally Joey got to his locker with his heart beating five times faster. Just as he began to spin the dial to open his locker, he was suddenly shoved forward; against his locker. He turned around only to see Tom’s wicked grin. “What’s the matter loser can’t open a stupid locker?” he asked. Joey just turned around and went back to opening his locker. Tom just laughed and walked off… this time.[/size][/color]
Come lunch time, Joey sat at his usual spot and his usual table, far away from anyone else. But that girl from the halls walked up to him with her tray of food. “Can I sit here?” She asked sweetly. Joey swallowed and replied nervously “Sure.” She smiled and sat down in front of him. “Hi, I’m Sarah” she said. Joey made a faint, nervous smile and said “I’m Joey”. Joey could feel his heart beat so fast, he was afraid it would hop out onto the table. The rest of lunch was silent as they sat there eating. The bell rang, and Joey glanced down at his tray. When he looked back up, she was gone.[/size][/color]
The next day was almost the same; she came and sat down in front of him during lunch. But this time, they talked for what seemed like hours. Joey couldn’t help himself, he just kept talking. But she didn’t seem to care, she just listened and smiled. Days went by and Joey felt happier than ever. Then, one day she stopped him. “Do you…" she hesitated "maybe want to go out with me?”. Joey paused, feeling as if time had frozen. He made a faint smile and replied “Sure.” For about a week, they spent time together in whatever way they could.[/size][/color]
Then one day, Tom was being especially abusive during school. Joey was walking Sarah to her class when Tom came by, walking as if he was the king of the world. Tom stopped and just to push Joey, spilling his books all over the floor. But this time, Joey got angry. “He won’t stop unless you do something” Sarah whispered. It made sense to Joey. Joey balled up his fists and struck Tom in the check. He felt so relieved! Joey swung again, then again. Feeling relief with each strike. Tom was so surprised he didn’t even have time to react. Blow after blow, Joey swung. Then he landed a blow right on his jaw, hearing a sickening crackle as he struck. Then the school cop showed up and took Joey by the arms, leading him away from the gathered crowd. Joey didn’t even realize others had begun to gather. But he couldn’t find Sarah.[/size][/color]
By the time Joey got home, the school had already called his dad. Joey walks into the house with a smile on his face, not even noticing the burning on his knuckles. “Fighting in school?” said his dad “Really?” Then, the fight broke out. Joey yelling about how justified he was while his dad yelling back, saying that it didn’t matter. Joey got angrier and walked out of the house. He got into his car and drove off. Then, on the side of the road, he stopped. He buried his eyes into his hands, resting his elbows on the steering wheel.[/size][/color]
He must have fallen asleep, because when he looked back up, it was dark. He started the car again to drive home. Surprise ripped through his chest when he seen Sarah was in the car with him. “We need to talk” she said. She began to talk, not making much sense to him. All he could understand was that they could no longer see each other. At first, Joey felt sorrow. But then, rage. He began to yell at her. A fight broke out, both of them screaming at each other. Joey’s anger roared through his body, enough to give him a headache. Finally he slammed on the accelerator, speeding the car out of control. Lost and angry, he drove with unrelenting speed. A curve in the road was dead a head, with a drop that could not be denied. Joey didn’t stop, and suddenly the car launched off the road, bouncing like a rubber ball.[/size][/color]
The next night police report was written. It revealed that a teen male drove off the road, slamming into a nearby tree, killing its only occupant.[/size][/color]

This is a story I have written a little while ago. I was thinking of making a quest to see who can completely analyze it and determine who represnts what and so forth... But, I didn't feel like it. :P

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