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Reasearch and Connections


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Ive been looking at the Reasearch and Connections for a while now and I see locked information. My question is am I supposed to unlock these by wrighting what these are or am I supposed to make additional contributions to the information clues suggested. I know a great deal of the things showen in the clues. I just dont want to waste my free 10 reasearch points if I dont know what im doing.

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You are supposed to either use research points to unlock a random clue, or write your theories and send them in useing the interface.

However, the team that is supposed to review submissions is not active, so the only way to unlock them right now is by spending research points (which just gives you a random one)

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Here ya go. :)

To answer Rumi's question, if you try to unlock a Clue, you'll see how many points you have left and need to confirm [i]"spend it or not?"[/i]
That's the only way I know of to double-check your own current Research Point values.


[quote][color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 2029 - [2011-09-27 00:59:50 - Stage 11][/color]
[b]Research and Connections (codename: "clues")[/b]
The announced research related feature announced for stage 11 is here! You will see a new link just on top of each scene.[color=#ff0000] All players where given 10 research points and more points can be unlocked in batches of 10 in the wish shop. [/color]Use them wisely. A new series of achievements that will enable you to start researching these clues will be launched tonight. First thing you need to do is to activate level 1 clues once these acievements are up, only then you will be able to reveal the clues you can see now. Currently there are about 40 clues of all sorts of levels scattered across the entire realm, not so many, but new clues will be added constantly. You can check what is new in the new clues interface. There will be hundreds of such clues so you can use your free 10 points now or wait to use them just on the clues that you consider most interesting. Clues can be also actually researched and "discovered" by yourself, by making logical connections about the realm. It will take a couple of more days to fully man that feature because it needs a team of people to operate is and all this is quite new for everybody, so dont expect an answer on that right now. When that will be functional I will announce it. (Applause - and mark of history - go to Rendril for preparing up this big section of MD so carefully and to Yrthilian that gave me the initial idea)

Update: Public meeting at "Meeting of the Roads" about questions related to the new clues feature[/quote]
[quote][color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 2030 - [2011-09-27 01:45:30 - Stage 11][/color]
[b]New achievements available - Research Depth, level 1 and 2[/b]
To reveal research clues you need to unlock these new achievements. They are quite easy to unlock, however the first level clues are quite basic as well. Level 3 and 4 clues are not released yet but you can't unlock them without going through the level 1 and 2 anyway. Good luck finding where these new achievements have been placed :D[/quote]

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