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The Nutcracker


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[b]WTS[/b] / [b]WTS[/b]

[u][color=#800000][b]The Nutcracker[/b][/color][/u]

Stored Heat --> [b]6662066[/b] [size=1]updated[/size]
Age as of Day 28 Year 7 --> [b]50[/b] [size=1]updated[/size]
Creature Tokens:
• [[b]onyxfangs[/b]]
• [[b]darkshield[/b]]
• [[b]purpurmoon[/b]]
• [[b]goldbelt[/b]]
[i]Never transferred before[/i]
Latest bid --> [b]3 Gold Coin[/b] : [b]Princ Rhaegar[/b]

- - -

[i]Looking for a tokened [b]BloodPact Heretic Archer[/b][/i]

- - -

[i]Will also accept a trade for credits[/i]

- - -

[i]Last bidder owns the auction after 24 hours of inactivity[/i]
[i]Bidding shall continue when last bidder can't be contacted after the 24-hour "deadline"[/i]

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