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Bloody Valentine

Hedge Munos

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Valentine's Day approaches, and with it, four murders.

Current Corpses:

- Princess Katt

- Maebius

- Guillak

- Seigheart

Your job is to create a story that explains EACH of these deaths in ONE story.

[b]What it should include:[/b]
- Title
- Cause for murders
- Dialogue
- Real MagicDuel playernames

- 1 Entry Per Person (no alts allowed)
- Minimum word count: 300
- Maximum word count: 1200

[b]Rewards: (From my stock, nothing to do with the Treasure Keepers)[/b]

- First place: 1 gold, movelock stone

- Second place: 10 silver, imperial aramor

- Third place: 5 silver, 4 colored paper

There may be a surprise reward, but we'll see (not guaranteeing anything)

If you have any questions, ask them here.

For your entries: Send me a pocket mosquitoe with the title "Bloody Valentine"

[b]Starts: Day 42, Year 7, 1:45 server time[/b]
[b]Ends: Day 50, Year 7, 22:00 server time[/b]

[b]Questions & Answers:[/b]

Q: How are the entries judged?
A: Your entries are judged by creativity, content, and detail. There will be one other judge besides myself.

Q: Does the content have to be accurate?
A: No! This is not like Passant's quest. Your content does NOT have to be accurate, just interesting!


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I'll be involved ill be really pressed for time because exams will give me three free days to do this. Oh well only 1200 words is only a page and a bit. that will take me maybe a total of 30 minutes to draft. The rest is easy. :))

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Quest over.

Entries received: [b]1[/b]

Well, this was not a success. Passant the weak, whom I appreciate very much at the moment, was our only entrant. His work will be published here, and he will be rewarded.

[b]Booze, Blood and no Love: a sad Valentine by Passant the Weak[/b]

It is a pub, located deep in The East. Only the most motivated people come here. It is said that bootleg and drug dealing (mostly weed) are common there. The house next-door is a by-the-hour hotel disguised in a candy store.

[b]- Scene 1 -[/b]
A man sits at a table, alone. He is counting a pile of coins and notes.

The man is grinning evilly, as if he had just pulled off a great move.
- That slave auction was a brillant idea! And those guys who believe they will get their money back.... Muhahaha, as if a slave would get money!"

Suddenly, the door slams violently. A menacing woman has entered the pub, she is holding a dagger.

With no greetings, she shouts:
- Seigheart, you traitor. I had reserved durex for Valentine day and you sold him off to Peace! How did you dare ?
- Windy! Always a pleasure!
The man is still grinning. He does not seem scared, as if he knew the woman very well.
- Well, she was here and you were not. She won the auction that's all...I just think she wanted him more than you.
His eyes explore her body and he whispers
- But maybe we could make a deal?
- A deal? What deal? I want my durex back!
- Well, if you would spend the next hour with me next door.... we could certainly find an arrangement.
- You talking to me? YOU TALKING TO ME? You really believe that me, Mistress of the sisterhood, would let a... man.... force me to anything?
Windy approaches and with no additional warning sticks the dagger straight into the heart of the swindler.
- Happy Valentine my darling!
She takes a handful of rose petals off her bag and spreads them around the dead body, and at the bar.
- Spread my darlings, spread my word and your poison in that cursed place. Kill them all.
After that odd incantation, she goes off, leaving the money intact.... but without durex. [b]That is a sad Valentine.[/b]

[b]- Scene 2 -[/b]
One hour later, a couple enters the pub. She is dressed like a princess, he wears a top hat.
They look happy. The man giggles:
- Katt, it's been so long! Last time I saw you we were both 15!
- Yes Maebius, we were young and silly at that time... Funny that we are going at the same fancy-dress party! I think it's here. You will meet my husband Dragual, he should arrive in a moment.
- I will be honored... but.... what ?
Maebius widens his eyes and can't believe what he is seeing.
Katt screams, horrified!
- So much blood, she says
- So much money, he answers
- Maebius, but what will we do Call the police?
- Katt, there is no police here, and anyway, they would steal the money and imprison us saying we killed him. We better take the money and leave.
- But he is.... dead!
He sighs.
- That's what I'm saying, nothing much to do but take the money. That's the best way to help him.
- Oh yes and we will buy him a beautiful gravestone and order a requiem mass on his memory!
He sighs again, and rolls his eyes, but adds nothing. Words are useless sometimes.

[b]- Scene 3 -[/b]
They swiftly put the coins and notes in a bag that was lying on the ground and prepare to depart when a young man opens the door and stops, staring at them. He sees a man and a woman (his own wife!), facing each other, kneeling on the floor.
- Katt! Who is that man? What are you doing together?
- I will explain my Dragual. He is just....
She looks embarrassed.
- No need to explain! I have understood! You did not expect me that early. Cheating on me on Valentine's day? Never again!
Dragual takes a bottle from the bar and violently hit Katt on her head. The bottle breaks and the jealous jumps at Maebius before he can try a move. The broken glass cut the throat of the hat man and he falls dead!

Dragual slowly stands up.... Tears flood from his eyes. Blood has tainted his white shirt. He leaves the pub without a word. [b]That is a sad Valentine.[/b]

[b]-Scene 4 -[/b]
One hour later, a young boy climbs down the stairs with tired eyes and discovers the mess.
- Where is uncle xcerses? He said he would be back when I finish my nap.... and all I see are dead strangers!
He sighs.
- Uncle xcerses will not like it. Why do people always come here to die?
The boy looks around and approaches the bar.
- On the other hand, uncle xcerses always says "Guillak don't approach my bottles". That could be the good occasion.... I would say it's the dead strangers who drank them!
The boy does not hesitate. He picks a bottle of beer and starts drinking.
- It's good! I understand why people come and pay for that! I would die for it!
After beer comes whiskey. After whiskey comes mead. And after mead comes... the end.

Guillak falls down the ground. Windy's poisoned rose petals had contaminated the mead. Guillak's wish is granted: he died for it. [b]That is a sad Valentine[/b].

[b]-Scene 5 -[/b]
One hour later, a man dressed as a werewolf enters the pub. He whistles a strange song "Sunday, bloody Sunday".

He stops whistling at the view of what his pub has become.
- Bloody hell, they broke one of my bottles![b]That is truly a sad Valentine.[/b]

[b]The End[/b]


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