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Welcome to: Love thy Zombie


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Hello Snacks, welcome to Love Thy Zombie. Where we take the worlds most gushy and mushy holiday and turn it into a love feast...thats lovefest..... for those wonderful brainmunchers the zombies.

Please post your most loving, heart pumping, brain splattering, rotting flesh lines, greetings, and verses of poetry for all our wonderful community to see.

Sincerely, Your friendly neighborhood zombie.

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A warm beating heart to hold so near,
A bullet to the head is what I most fear.
A bit of a snack as we walk down the road,
We only have one thing we know as a code.
Eat the brains to survive this harsh land,
Hide from the bright lights with our heads in the sand.
So come to our town, you will love how we look.
Don't you mind about all those brains we took.

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This is a little poem I wrote tonight standing in a blizzard. Here we go....

February Fourteenth

Snow falls this morning
Like a sick cherub's molted feathers
Thick, furious flakes

Hordes of people flock to stores
Skin red and sore
Love's bite, the sting of Love's arrow

A car crashes into a snow bank
Love's gentle embrace

Yes, snow falls
On the day of warmth and love

Wishing you a warmer Valentine's Day than mine,[center][center] - Cots[/center][/center]

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