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A good thing here today

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I did not edit the chat from today, I can if it will be easier to read. It was a good day for many

[spoiler] [17/02/12 11:30] Maebius:Bring hte Light, I want them back!
[17/02/12 11:35] Maebius:Hello JadenDew.
[17/02/12 12:34] Ashum:lol...
[17/02/12 12:35] Ashum:demo account is the adept of Rex Umbrea.
[17/02/12 13:27] Tal:3M!!!
[17/02/12 13:28] :Ashum jumps on top of the gazebo
[17/02/12 13:30] Ashum:MEWL!
[17/02/12 13:30] Ashum: (reacted a bit late there)
[17/02/12 13:32] :Ashum jumps over tal's head
[17/02/12 13:57] Maebius: *turns his attention to the Gazebo

again* Hello all.
[17/02/12 13:57] Maebius:Three million? I think it is time,

Passant, if you are here?
[17/02/12 13:58] :Ashum smiles and pounces on Maebius
[17/02/12 13:58] Tal:if you wait a bit, Ill add some more
[17/02/12 13:58] Maebius:Careful of corpse cooties.
[17/02/12 14:00] :Ashum licks Maebius
[17/02/12 14:00] Princ Rhaegar:Hey
[17/02/12 14:01] Maebius:Hello Regent Rhaegar, Sensei.
[17/02/12 14:02] Maebius:I wondered, you have a torch. Does it

consume fuel, or burn brightly, or act in more symbolic ways?
[17/02/12 14:05] Princ Rhaegar: (just symbolically)
[17/02/12 14:05] Princ Rhaegar: (it has to be scripted)
[17/02/12 14:06] Maebius:Perfect then, since our Fires of Heat

are symbolic here as well. If my friend the Glass Expert wakes

up, might we borrow it temporarily?
[17/02/12 14:06] Princ Rhaegar:Certainly :)
[17/02/12 14:06] Princ Rhaegar:I'll give it to you right away?
[17/02/12 14:07] Ashum: *scratches Passant the weak* wake up!
[17/02/12 14:07] Tal:meantime Ill keep gathering heat ;)
[17/02/12 14:08] Maebius:Thank you Tal.
[17/02/12 14:09] Tal:for the record, if the clicky was in

loreroot, I would have reached 5M by now :P
[17/02/12 14:09] Maebius:Ahh, but we died here, by the Gazebo,

where Seigheart's body is supposed to rest. (though he moved

himself somehow, which is a bit disconcerting)
[17/02/12 14:09] Ashum:brulent
[17/02/12 14:10] Ashum:Brulent moved him..
[17/02/12 14:10] Maebius:Yes, which further splits the effort,

For seigheart, and we three, who want them back.
[17/02/12 14:11] :Ashum is feeling itchy behind his ear
[17/02/12 14:13] :Ashum pushes his head into Maebuis's hands
[17/02/12 14:13] Maebius:feel free, these fingers are a bit

tough to move, but I'll skritch as best you can make me.

[17/02/12 14:14] Princ Rhaegar:Maeb - torch to you or Passant?
[17/02/12 14:14] Maebius:I beleive Passant, though I hope he

wakes soon. I promise to get it back to you as soon as possible

[17/02/12 14:14] Maebius:Keep this, as collateral, perhaps.
[17/02/12 14:15] :Maebius passed Möebius Scroll to Princ

[17/02/12 14:16] Princ Rhaegar:there's no need
[17/02/12 14:16] :Princ Rhaegar passed Torch and fuel to

Passant the weak
[17/02/12 14:17] Princ Rhaegar: (I'll give it back immediately,

let me just read its desc)
[17/02/12 14:17] :Ashum taps his coller with Maebuis's hand and

smiles as roses sprout out of his fur and onto Maebuis's skin
[17/02/12 14:17] :Princ Rhaegar passed Möebius Scroll to

[17/02/12 14:17] Princ Rhaegar:Lovely scroll.
[17/02/12 14:17] :Tal takes a rest from the heat gathering
[17/02/12 14:17] Princ Rhaegar:If you ever retire, I put dibs

on the scroll! :))
[17/02/12 14:19] Maebius:Agreed.
[17/02/12 14:20] Maebius:Lovely roses, by the way, thank you

Ashum. Life is returning already, see?!
[17/02/12 14:20] Ashum:they are windy's roses!
[17/02/12 14:21] Maebius:Even better, just watch out, I think I

may still have one of those rings Windy gave me... and they

[17/02/12 14:22] Ashum:i am the rockfish's jester...
[17/02/12 14:22] Princ Rhaegar:what are the words again?
[17/02/12 14:22] Princ Rhaegar:I want them back?
[17/02/12 14:23] Princ Rhaegar: (for the clickie)
[17/02/12 14:23] Maebius:Yes. I want them back
[17/02/12 14:23] Ashum: (i want them back)
[17/02/12 14:23] Princ Rhaegar:Good heat :)
[17/02/12 14:24] Maebius:Yes, the last day, it has grown even

more. That's one reason I'd like to try something, if Passant

is able.
[17/02/12 14:25] Tal:if you wait a while, I can make it 4M

before the evening, if needed
[17/02/12 14:26] Maebius:What happens, happens, when it can

happen. *smiles* No worries.
[17/02/12 14:27] Maebius:Already, such show of will is

impressive! a full week, and such Heat to fuel the effort!
[17/02/12 14:28] Maebius:I wonder where Eon is lately?
[17/02/12 14:28] :Ashum hides in Maebius's sleeve and spreads

more roses
[17/02/12 14:29] Passant the weak:*bows to the present
[17/02/12 14:29] Passant the weak:Hmmmm I seem to be clumsy

[17/02/12 14:29] Passant the weak:Well, as usual *laughs*
[17/02/12 14:30] Passant the weak:Did I hear my name?
[17/02/12 14:30] :Ashum rolls over to Passant and licks him

with a small mewl
[17/02/12 14:30] Princ Rhaegar:Hello there Passant
[17/02/12 14:30] Maebius:Ahh, hello Passant. Rhaegar has

offered a tool of his, and the community has charged over 3

million Heat to the gazebo.
[17/02/12 14:30] Ashum:Maebius needs you for somthing...
[17/02/12 14:30] Maebius:I wonder, would you have time for

something we discussed earlier?
[17/02/12 14:31] Passant the weak:Bleh..... Someone retain

Ashum before I kill him please!
[17/02/12 14:31] :Tal returns to his heat gathering
[17/02/12 14:31] :Ashum shakes his tail setting off the bells

lined along it
[17/02/12 14:31] Passant the weak:Heat is on, and Heat is power
[17/02/12 14:32] Passant the weak:My time is your's and the

other defunts maebius
[17/02/12 14:32] Passant the weak:Because I want you back
[17/02/12 14:32] Tal: (give me 30 mins to make it 3.5M )
[17/02/12 14:32] Passant the weak: *bows to tal* Thank you
[17/02/12 14:32] :Ashum licks Passant's hand tickling him
[17/02/12 14:33] Ashum:meow!
[17/02/12 14:33] Passant the weak: *takes a stone on the ground

and throws it towards Ashum* It's no time to disturb me
[17/02/12 14:34] Passant the weak:What tool is it Maebius?
[17/02/12 14:34] Maebius:A torch.
[17/02/12 14:34] Princ Rhaegar:Torch and fuel
[17/02/12 14:34] Ashum: *is hit by the stone and rolls back to

Maebius* MEOW!
[17/02/12 14:35] Maebius:Lets try to bring some Light again.
[17/02/12 14:35] Passant the weak: *smiles* this is great
[17/02/12 14:35] Tal:wait 30 mins
[17/02/12 14:36] Passant the weak:I don't want to try, I want

to make it happen
[17/02/12 14:37] Tal:100K to go :P
[17/02/12 14:38] :Passant the weak smiles
[17/02/12 14:40] :Ashum walks up to passant and curls into a

ball of fur at hs feet
[17/02/12 14:41] Passant the weak: *looks at the ball of fur*

That thing seems contaminated by Windy, why does she always let

her pet everywhere?
[17/02/12 14:43] Maebius:We have water, we have fire. *smiles*

I wish I had thought of this yesterday, and gathered more Wiiya

and Sand.
[17/02/12 14:43] :Ashum licks Passant trying to tickle him
[17/02/12 14:44] Ashum:water, fire, earth and air?
[17/02/12 14:44] Maebius:Do we know if Katt and Guillak still

rest here? I know the princess hasd been leashed lately.
[17/02/12 14:44] Tal:40k to go
[17/02/12 14:45] Ashum:buy creatures... it highers your heat...
[17/02/12 14:45] Maebius: *flinches slightly* And another 5K

from me, almost all I had left to store.
[17/02/12 14:46] Tal:walking in loreroot gives 1k heat
[17/02/12 14:46] Tal:buying cost more ap, and gives less heat

per ap
[17/02/12 14:46] Princ Rhaegar:I wonder...
[17/02/12 14:47] Ashum:oh...
[17/02/12 14:47] Princ Rhaegar:I got an idea
[17/02/12 14:47] Passant the weak:Guillak was here this morning
[17/02/12 14:47] Tal:20K to go
[17/02/12 14:48] :Ashum continues licking Passant
[17/02/12 14:48] :Passant the weak takes a bit of water and let

it drop onto Ashum
[17/02/12 14:49] :Ashum rolls around
[17/02/12 14:50] :Ashum bites Passant spreading roses over his

[17/02/12 14:50] Tal:done
[17/02/12 14:50] Maebius:What idea is that Rhaegar?
[17/02/12 14:50] Passant the weak: *bows to Tal* Grats! Do you

know how to kill a cat by the way?
[17/02/12 14:50] Ashum:>^.^<
[17/02/12 14:51] Tal:sit on it?
[17/02/12 14:51] :Passant the weak sits on AShum
[17/02/12 14:51] :Ashum yelps
[17/02/12 14:51] Ashum:get off me!
[17/02/12 14:52] :Ashum bites him spreading more roses
[17/02/12 14:52] Passant the weak: *doesn't move* Of course

ifthat cat were promising to not annoy me anymore....
[17/02/12 14:53] :Ashum growls and stamps his paw on the floor

spreading roses all over the Gazebo
[17/02/12 14:53] Tal:combining it with a sack, some stones, a

rope and a river, can kill a cat too
[17/02/12 14:54] Passant the weak:Hmmmm.... should I? That is

[17/02/12 14:54] :Passant the weak blows some air that disperse

the roses
[17/02/12 14:54] Maebius:We are fighting against Death here,

[17/02/12 14:55] Passant the weak:Knowing Death could help

beating it though
[17/02/12 14:55] Passant the weak:ùlookas at Ashum tempted*
[17/02/12 14:55] Tal:3553306 heat!!!
[17/02/12 14:56] :Ashum scratches Passant leaving a long slice,

a second later roses sprout out of the cut
[17/02/12 14:59] Maebius: (wow, if the clickie breaks, re-try

it. I think it's getting hit so fast at once it got confused

there, at the hhour-timestamp mark)
[17/02/12 15:01] Tal: (sorry, didn't mean to break it >.<)
[17/02/12 15:01] Tal:3.6M
[17/02/12 15:03] Maebius:I would consider that enough. Thank

you all for your efforts!
[17/02/12 15:04] :Ashum thinks passant is heavy
[17/02/12 15:04] Passant the weak:Ashum, you know what to say,

for me to release you
[17/02/12 15:04] Maebius:I am here. I am seeking to Bring the

[17/02/12 15:04] Passant the weak:In case you did not

understand, I am in a war agaisnt death, you cannot hurt me

[17/02/12 15:04] Ashum:umm...
[17/02/12 15:05] :Passant the weak stands up and bows
[17/02/12 15:05] Passant the weak:Go ashum
[17/02/12 15:05] :Ashum runs
[17/02/12 15:05] Passant the weak:We want them back and we will

get them back!
[17/02/12 15:06] :Ashum bites Passant and hides underneath

[17/02/12 15:06] Maebius:Do hide there, for now. *smiles*
[17/02/12 15:07] Passant the weak:Maebius, are you really here?

And shall we get started then? *laughs*
[17/02/12 15:07] Tal:where are the other dead folks?
[17/02/12 15:07] Ashum:spread around the land
[17/02/12 15:08] Maebius:I am here. Yes.
[17/02/12 15:08] Passant the weak:Silence please!
[17/02/12 15:08] Ashum:Seigheart is in marble dale park...
[17/02/12 15:08] Passant the weak:I hear one of the dead
[17/02/12 15:08] Tal:he should be here
[17/02/12 15:08] Maebius:Seigheart has moved to the Park, but I

think we can still take that into consideration. He was moved

by others, after all.
[17/02/12 15:09] Ashum:and he tried to kill me...
[17/02/12 15:09] Passant the weak:Allright, one minute. I shall

check with Seigheart body
[17/02/12 15:09] Ashum:i have only 8 lives remaining...
[17/02/12 15:09] :Tal drinks some water to cool off
[17/02/12 15:10] :Ashum hides away from the water
[17/02/12 15:11] Passant the weak:I have not seen Seigheart

there, but left a message to his spirit
[17/02/12 15:11] Passant the weak:One dead is here and shall

represent the others
[17/02/12 15:11] Tal:shouldnt rhaeger be here too?
[17/02/12 15:11] Passant the weak:I ask it again. Is one dead

here ?
[17/02/12 15:12] Maebius: (rhaegar should be back soon) I am

here, and I seek to Bring the Light.
[17/02/12 15:13] Passant the weak:The voice of the many has

awaken you. I am here to help you bring the light, a humble

representant of the power of the alive.
[17/02/12 15:14] Maebius:Thank you my friend. Help me use the

power of the many to reach the light. I am representing the 3

dead that tried to help the first dead. And I want them back.
[17/02/12 15:14] Tal:can I add my will to bring back my adepts?
[17/02/12 15:14] :Passant the weak smiles
[17/02/12 15:15] Passant the weak:We want you back. You have

expressed your will, I will help you as much as I can.
[17/02/12 15:15] Passant the weak:You heard the voice of the

many. You collected the energy of the many. I will give your

body my most precious good.
[17/02/12 15:16] :Passant the weak presents his flask of stone

oil to Maebius corpse
[17/02/12 15:16] :Passant the weak passed Flask with stone oil

to Maebius
[17/02/12 15:16] Passant the weak:This is what reads on the

flask "Uncommon ingredient, very complicated to manufacture,

used in alchemy and rare remedies. Most say its actualy useless

in practice."
[17/02/12 15:17] Passant the weak:That Stone Oil will not

resurrect you. But use it wisely, and bring the light. That oil

is the symbol of the will of many to bring you back. Because We

Want you back.
[17/02/12 15:18] Maebius: *smiles* I seek to bring the Light.
[17/02/12 15:18] Maebius:When the will of the one if not strong

enough, the many cannot drive it no matter how large?
[17/02/12 15:18] Maebius:I reject this, and transpose my own

Reality, if only for this moment. The will of many, the energy

of the outer, can lift and bind the will of the weak. Balance

can be shifted.
[17/02/12 15:19] Maebius:The Orb here, hidden yet charged by

the will of the many, I release this Heat.
[17/02/12 15:19] Maebius:So long has it charged, so many have

helped. The Heat, fuels the fire, the Oil will Burn. Passant,

can you light this oil?
[17/02/12 15:20] Maebius:I will purge the Darkness of death for

those bound by it. I risk blindness, I risk Life, but the

effort is mine to own. The targets of Seigheart, Guillak,

Princess Katt, will Live.
[17/02/12 15:20] Maebius:We all will live. I Want them Back!

[17/02/12 15:21] Maebius: (clickie will no longer accept Heat,

[17/02/12 15:21] Maebius:Current Heat Absorbed: 3606194
[17/02/12 15:21] :Passant the weak takes the flask, tilts it

over the hidden orb and let a drop of oil fall onto it
[17/02/12 15:22] Princ Rhaegar:Maeb
[17/02/12 15:22] Princ Rhaegar:I can't give heat anymore
[17/02/12 15:22] :Passant the weak deposit the flask onto

Maebius corpse
[17/02/12 15:22] Princ Rhaegar:just see the names of people who

have given it
[17/02/12 15:22] Passant the weak:I want this flask given back

to me by a living one
[17/02/12 15:22] Tal:you can see who gave heat??
[17/02/12 15:23] Princ Rhaegar:Maeb gave me the access
[17/02/12 15:23] Passant the weak:hush
[17/02/12 15:24] Princ Rhaegar: :P
[17/02/12 15:24] Passant the weak:The oil has been light
[17/02/12 15:24] Passant the weak:And I can see a ray of light
[17/02/12 15:24] Passant the weak:I can see a ray of light

coming from the plant and reaching the sky.
[17/02/12 15:25] Passant the weak:This light is a link between

those who are dead and those who are alive
[17/02/12 15:25] Passant the weak:May this light strengthen and

become visible to all, not only those who have faith
[17/02/12 15:26] Passant the weak:Maebius spirit, do you have

something to add?
[17/02/12 15:26] Maebius:Syntropy fights Entropy, but outside

this all, Heat still pools. I pool it in the Cause of Life. The

other, the many, enforce their will to the draining of Time and

enthropy. The cycle steps back.
[17/02/12 15:27] Maebius:Life Before Death. Light blinds the

death and banishes it. I want them back.
[17/02/12 15:27] Passant the weak:We want them back
[17/02/12 15:28] :Passant the weak bows
[17/02/12 15:29] Maebius:Thank you, for your efforts, all who

soaked Heat, and all who spoke Hope.
[17/02/12 15:30] :Tal nods
[17/02/12 15:30] Passant the weak:People and cats, you may talk

[17/02/12 15:30] Passant the weak:And if you have faith, I know

you see the light
[17/02/12 15:31] Passant the weak:We believe in our power, and

we will get them back
[17/02/12 15:31] Maebius:I also pledge my Balance, which as

been set evenly so long. To upset Death, and bring Life again.

Not only this Heat of yours, but my own. *smiles* I'll live.
[17/02/12 15:32] Passant the weak: *laughs* Tal is still alive

I heard it
[17/02/12 15:32] Maebius:*watches at the Hidden Orb slowly

releases it's Heat, streraming Light into the sky.
[17/02/12 15:32] Tal: *nods* I am
[17/02/12 15:32] Passant the weak: (I got the log, I shall

publish soon)
[17/02/12 15:33] Princ Rhaegar: (no more names for me :P)
[17/02/12 15:33] Passant the weak: (blame the dead!)
[17/02/12 15:33] Maebius: (I also snagged it at HTML. . and

rhaegar, you only got one peek, hope you used it well :P~~ )
[17/02/12 15:33] Tal:still alive after all that heat gathering

[17/02/12 15:34] Ashum:wait... with all the heat in the orb...

can you not do something else with it?
[17/02/12 15:34] Passant the weak:We set a link between Death

and Life Ashum.... isn't that big?
[17/02/12 15:34] Maebius:Anything, such as streaming it as

Light, a beacon to the lands, in Life's cause?
[17/02/12 15:35] Ashum:yes but... is heat not simply raw magic?
[17/02/12 15:35] Tal:and we are giving it focus
[17/02/12 15:38] Maebius: (The mechanics of revival were

initally never the object. :) )
[17/02/12 15:38] Maebius: (Now, I'll admit to having a slightly

more personal stake in the matter, but I still consider the

clickie to be more a show of Community Will, the magic happens

behind this all.)
[17/02/12 15:39] Ashum:3000 heat (way more than that) should be

enuegh to bring at least one of you back...
[17/02/12 15:39] Maebius:Today, we turned that focus towards

Light, and Life, and reviving those who recently died. IT will

work, but not because I "pushed a button". *smiles* Make sense?
[17/02/12 15:41] Ashum:hmmm...
[17/02/12 15:41] Ashum:i still believe you could of put it to

better use but...
[17/02/12 15:42] Ashum:whats done is done... *rolls around

spreading roses*
[17/02/12 15:42] Ashum:and at least we have rose petals...
[17/02/12 15:46] Tal:out of curiousity, how much heat did I

gather, if its not a spoiler :P
[17/02/12 15:46] Tal:hi esma
[17/02/12 15:47] Princ Rhaegar:Hello Foxy Lady
[17/02/12 15:47] Maebius: (Tal, added 2290417 heat)
[17/02/12 15:47] Ashum:O:
[17/02/12 15:47] Esmaralda:Good morning *smiles*
[17/02/12 15:48] Maebius:Hello, Esmaralda. Isn't it lovely, the

Light here? Downright, Harmonious right now, those pillars!

*laughs* .
[17/02/12 15:48] :Ashum stares at esmerelda and tosses a rose

to her
[17/02/12 15:48] Tal:it felt like more >.>
[17/02/12 15:48] Esmaralda:I must say, all this heat does make

the pillars shine *smiles*
[17/02/12 15:49] Princ Rhaegar:Shine? the beam is seen all the

way from Golemus... *coughs*
[17/02/12 15:50] Tal:the secret is to use lots of wax, and

polish the pillars everyday ;)
[17/02/12 15:50] Esmaralda: *chuckles* Perhaps shine was an

[17/02/12 15:50] Princ Rhaegar:Mistletoe bridge
[17/02/12 15:51] Maebius: (hey, it may be a 'cheap hack', but I

had to make it shine!)
[17/02/12 15:51] Esmaralda: (I can't see the button that allows

me to donate heat. Do you all see it?)
[17/02/12 15:51] Princ Rhaegar:I can't either, which I

[17/02/12 15:51] :Ashum throws another rose to esmaralda
[17/02/12 15:51] Princ Rhaegar:probably stopped on purpose?
[17/02/12 15:52] Maebius:Yes, the Heat is dissipating, a Beacon

to the realm.
[17/02/12 15:52] Esmaralda: *smiles at Ashum, as she deftly

catches the rose* Thank you for he rose
[17/02/12 15:52] :Ashum smiles and watches as roses pop out all

over her body
[17/02/12 15:53] :Esmaralda blinks
[17/02/12 15:53] Ashum:nearly infected all of MD...
[17/02/12 15:53] Esmaralda:Ah well, I guess there could be

worse fates than being covered in pretty roses *winks*
[17/02/12 15:53] Ashum:windy will be pleased..
[17/02/12 15:54] Ashum:you wont say that when she starts eating

the roses off you...
[17/02/12 15:55] :Esmaralda chuckles
[17/02/12 15:56] Esmaralda:So Maebius, why do you want for the

heat to dissipate through the realm? It's not up to 5 mil yet.
[17/02/12 15:57] Tal: *whispers* he was impatient
[17/02/12 15:58] Esmaralda:Ahh
[17/02/12 15:58] Maebius:The timing was right, is the main

reason. Not so much impatience, as Action at the proper moment.
[17/02/12 15:58] :Ashum rushes over to tal and fluffs himself

[17/02/12 16:02] Passant the weak: [Forum link]
[17/02/12 16:02] :Ashum curls up on tal's leg
[17/02/12 16:02] Passant the weak:We want them back. They will

[17/02/12 16:02] Ashum:foot*
[17/02/12 16:08] Maebius: *smiles* Silver flashes in the light

as well. Tell the others, to come see it. I want them back!
[17/02/12 16:09] :Ashum rubs his coller against tal watches as

the roses pop out of skin
[17/02/12 16:10] Ashum:next?
[17/02/12 16:12] :Ashum stamps on the floor and smiles as

everyone is covered in roses
[17/02/12 16:16] Maebius:Wow, at this rate, it will take a full

4 days to drain the Heat away. Excellent effort directed this

[17/02/12 16:17] Tal:4 days only? it took me almost 6 hours to

gather it >.>
[17/02/12 16:19] Maebius: *whispers to the little plant* (Now

it links to the forum, hopefully...)
[17/02/12 16:20] Tal:it works
[17/02/12 16:20] Esmaralda:Aye, the golden glow has enveloped

the entire gazebo.
[17/02/12 16:20] clash:so no more storing heat?
[17/02/12 16:21] Esmaralda:no, now the heat is being used.
[17/02/12 16:22] clash:3.6mil... heat drains at a rate of 1

heat per second right?
[17/02/12 16:22] :Esmaralda nods
[17/02/12 16:24] clash:then to drain all heat will take a bit

longer than 4 days
[17/02/12 16:24] Tal:more like 1 year
[17/02/12 16:24] Maebius:Yes.
[17/02/12 16:24] Maebius:No, only 4.1 days or so.
[17/02/12 16:24] clash:4.7 days, roughly
[17/02/12 16:25] clash:41.7 I mean
[17/02/12 16:25] Maebius:The thing I was interested in is

sustaining that Heat. If it drains away, and has been "charged"

for jsut about a full week...
[17/02/12 16:25] Maebius:That's a lot of Heat.
[17/02/12 16:26] Maebius: (oops, I did carry the decimal. 41

days is correct!)
[17/02/12 16:26] clash:that means the gazebo will be

comfortably warm for a while
[17/02/12 16:32] Maebius:Very.
[17/02/12 16:33] Maebius:Total Heat over all days (not active,

but total accrued over time) was total Heat soaked: 4,278,246 .
[17/02/12 16:33] Passant the weak:That may mean that you are

dead for 41 more days
[17/02/12 16:33] :Passant the weak laughs
[17/02/12 16:35] Tal: *smiles* now the true reason for not

waiting to reach 5M is revealed :P
[17/02/12 16:35] Passant the weak:muhahaha
[17/02/12 16:36] :Esmaralda laughs
[17/02/12 16:37] Maebius:Well, that would give the other

corpses a chance to do any other plans we have, before hte Heat

drains fully. *laughs*
[17/02/12 16:49] :Esmaralda sits down on a step, leaning back

against one of the pillars
[17/02/12 16:49] Tal: *pokes maebius* 12 people in chat :P
[17/02/12 16:49] Maebius:Don't fall into the glow. *winks*
[17/02/12 16:49] :Tal passed Flowers to eon
[17/02/12 16:51] :[Spell] gorfotnrut- Maebius
[17/02/12 16:52] Maebius:ribbit?
[17/02/12 16:53] Maebius:Good luck Tal, for your Protectorship.
[17/02/12 16:54] Tal:still need a few more adepts :(
[17/02/12 16:56] Maebius:A few is much better than "need a lot"
[17/02/12 16:57] :[Spell] gorfotnrut- Seigheart
[17/02/12 16:58] Tal:if I become protector, Ill be the first

protector with three dead adepts >.>
[17/02/12 17:00] Maebius the Green:Well, then you would have

the opportunity to spam us with ProtVital or such, yes?

*chuckles* Though my own Vitality has never been this high, so

I may not need it.
[17/02/12 17:00] Maebius the Green:Hello Eon. Could you

possibly contact me, so I may PM or message you?
[17/02/12 17:01] Maebius the Green:I offer my defenses, when

back to life, for you to abuse at your leasure.
[17/02/12 17:04] :Maebius the Green rolls mental dice (actual

d20 IRL) and gets a 6.
[17/02/12 17:04] :Maebius the Green passed Silver coin to

[17/02/12 17:05] Soothing Sands: *smiles* Hello Maebius
[17/02/12 17:06] Maebius the Green:Hello.
[17/02/12 17:06] Soothing Sands:How's it going?
[17/02/12 17:06] :Sashas presence hums as she watches
[17/02/12 17:07] Maebius the Green:Quite well. I have high

hopes for hte next few days.
[17/02/12 17:07] Maebius the Green:The gazebo will stay nice

and 'warm' in it's way, for a while.
[17/02/12 17:08] Sashas presence:Death can be a gift you

[17/02/12 17:08] Soothing Sands:Not for everyone
[17/02/12 17:09] Sashas presence:Hence the word...can.
[17/02/12 17:09] :Soothing Sands nods
[17/02/12 17:09] Maebius the Green:I have learned a very, very

large amount, while being Dead.
[17/02/12 17:10] Maebius the Green:I appreciate Awiiya's

rooting, I have learned quite a lot about Heat, and had less

distraction for my own Research, while unable to move.
[17/02/12 17:10] Sashas presence:Although for near all it is a

gift. As Maebius said (before I was able to write! Grrrr!) It

can give you knowledge and help you see things in a completely

new light...
[17/02/12 17:10] Maebius the Green:Hello Sasha.
[17/02/12 17:11] Maebius the Green:I'm charged up today,

forgive my quick speaking. Light beams, my heart gleams, and my

fingers keen across these keys,. *laughs*
[17/02/12 17:11] Sashas presence:Maebius dear. *smiles*
[17/02/12 17:11] Soothing Sands:Oh, did you use the summon

spell yet, Maebs?
[17/02/12 17:12] Maebius the Green:I do not have the spell nor

item yet, that I could notice. I had hoped to try it once

[17/02/12 17:12] Soothing Sands:Ah, gotcha
[17/02/12 17:15] Sashas presence:Hmm...has Mur yet paid his

[17/02/12 17:15] Maebius the Green:I have not seen him,

directly, now, but you know how it is with the Demon. He

watches, more secretly than dst, at times.
[17/02/12 17:16] Maebius the Green:As an aside, if I end an

illusion, do I lose my "the green" name? I do rather like it!
[17/02/12 17:16] Sashas presence:Hm..and yes you do Maebius.
[17/02/12 17:17] clash:I remember someone able to keep it...

not sure who again
[17/02/12 17:18] clash:... the frog
[17/02/12 17:18] Maebius the Green:Hedge had a nice name for a

[17/02/12 17:18] clash:hedge, that was it
[17/02/12 17:18] Maebius the Green:I will keep it then. Colours

are a lovely thing, here, and this one reminds me of wiiya.
[17/02/12 17:19] Maebius the Green:For now at least.
[17/02/12 17:20] Handy Pockets:hello Maebius
[17/02/12 17:21] Handy Pockets:the Green ?
[17/02/12 17:21] Handy Pockets:interesting
[17/02/12 17:21] Maebius the Green:Hello there, [Queen] Handy

[17/02/12 17:21] :Ashum runs up to pho ra
[17/02/12 17:21] Ashum:Maebius the green?
[17/02/12 17:22] Handy Pockets:That is something I have not

[17/02/12 17:23] Handy Pockets:Ashum, how come you are not

[17/02/12 17:24] Sashas presence: (Ashum is another alt of

Tipig or whatever his name was....)
[17/02/12 17:24] Ashum:lol..
[17/02/12 17:24] Ashum:tepig?
[17/02/12 17:24] clash:there aren't enough email addresses to

confirm all his alts
[17/02/12 17:24] Handy Pockets:ah
[17/02/12 17:24] Ashum:no i have plenty of emails..
[17/02/12 17:25] clash:just kidding
[17/02/12 17:25] Maebius the Green: (

[url="http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html"]http://10minutemail....Mail/index.html[/url] FTW!)
[17/02/12 17:25] Handy Pockets:still odd
[17/02/12 17:25] Maebius the Green:I knew of "the red" before.

I like "the green".
[17/02/12 17:26] Handy Pockets:I have not experienced illusions
[17/02/12 17:27] Maebius the Green:Kets, We have brought the

Light here, to the gazebo. The hidden orb was charged quite

high, and will fuel the Light and our hope of Life for a while.
[17/02/12 17:27] Handy Pockets:I remember when Rendril was the

lady with the big hair, and dangling hair trim. I can not

remember that name, something about Violet.
[17/02/12 17:27] Ashum:i will just confirm my email..
[17/02/12 17:28] :Sashas presence wonders why she hasn't been

training and decides to get on with it
[17/02/12 17:29] Handy Pockets:It is hidden, I can not find it.
[17/02/12 17:29] Maebius the Green:There is a little plant, in

the shadow of the gazebo stairs, just left of the centre.

Whisper to it "I want them back".
[17/02/12 17:30] Handy Pockets:but then, this pencil in my eye

is beginning to really bother me. (headache so bad I wish my

eye would fall out)
[17/02/12 17:30] Sashas presence:Where the vines do grow.
[17/02/12 17:31] Maebius the Green:Do the leashes work on

sleeping demons, Sasha? It might be nice to see him here, so

soon after our effort to Life again. *chuckles*
[17/02/12 17:31] Axel Keravnos:I need losses give them to me

[17/02/12 17:32] Maebius the Green: (and congrats on that

Leash. if only I had more gold!)
[17/02/12 17:32] Sashas presence:I shall bring him here...but

he is so heavy when he sleeps... (He's offline I do believe) .
[17/02/12 17:33] Maebius the Green: (yep, offline, I have Mur

friendlisted. ^_^ )
[17/02/12 17:33] Maebius the Green: (the better to feel

paranoid when not idle!)
[17/02/12 17:34] Sashas presence: ( :P)
[17/02/12 17:34] Handy Pockets:Sashas, it must be interesting

to have Mur 's leash
[17/02/12 17:35] Sashas presence:It is....interesting. I have

not, as of yet, had real need to use it. I dragged him around a

bit last night...but that was more to wind Bru up. *laughs

[17/02/12 17:36] :Handy Pockets laughs
[17/02/12 17:36] Sashas presence:I must say though...I may have

to get Mur onto a diet soon...
[17/02/12 17:36] Sashas presence:He is rather heavy...
[17/02/12 17:37] Ashum:there..
[17/02/12 17:38] Ashum:i confirmed it..
[17/02/12 17:38] Maebius the Green:Seigheart Quack? Now, that

is not quite unexpected.. *chuckles*
[17/02/12 17:39] Handy Pockets:Hello Day
[17/02/12 17:40] Handy Pockets:Maebius, congrats on the

[17/02/12 17:40] Handy Pockets:I am slow today,
[17/02/12 17:41] Maebius the Green:Thank you. It's alright.

There is a LOT going on in the realm lately, and plenty of time

to catch up on them.
[17/02/12 17:41] Maebius the Green:I have not seen any spell

nor tool yet, but I hope to hear "soon". One more reason I

wondered if Mur was leashed here.
[17/02/12 17:42] Handy Pockets: (brb)
[17/02/12 17:50] Maebius the Green:Would anyone have a spare,

very fresh Remains they would be iwlling to pass on, as a

little experiment for me?
[17/02/12 17:50] Maebius the Green:Or A Barren Soul, or

similar, something not quite "aggressive".
[17/02/12 17:52] Handy Pockets:I can go get you a barren soul
[17/02/12 17:53] Sashas presence: (Maebius. If you tell me when

he is on, I will bring him here. I need to add him to this

accounts friends list anyway ( :)
[17/02/12 17:53] Maebius the Green: (will do, I'll try)
[17/02/12 17:54] Ashum:i have one...
[17/02/12 17:56] :Handy Pockets looks for Maebius to hand him a

[17/02/12 17:56] Ashum:Maebius...
[17/02/12 17:56] Maebius the Green:I'm still here, but a bit

hard to point at, with all this Light. *chuckles*
[17/02/12 17:57] Maebius the Green:Thank you.
[17/02/12 17:57] Ashum:done...
[17/02/12 17:58] Maebius the Green:It seems I can not see them

at the moment. Which was the reason for my asking. Thank you,

[17/02/12 17:59] Handy Pockets:at least I dont have it anymore.

it was making my creatures jealous. they being dead, and that

one was not.
[17/02/12 18:02] Maebius the Green:Yes, I could take them (I

think) but cna not see them while under these effects.
[17/02/12 18:04] :Handy Pockets scribbles another message to

[17/02/12 18:05] :Maebius the Green replies
[17/02/12 18:06] Maebius the Green:The little plant is no

longer soaking Heat, it is releasing it.
[17/02/12 18:07] : Muratus del Mur was dragged by Sashas

[17/02/12 18:07] Maebius the Green:The beacon visible even as

far as Golemus. *chuckles*
[17/02/12 18:07] :Ashum raises an eyebrow
[17/02/12 18:08] Handy Pockets:do yo know, it just came on for

[17/02/12 18:09] Maebius the Green:I Bring the Light!
[17/02/12 18:10] Maebius the Green: (creative use of mechanics,

but still counts in symbolism, I figure. ^_^ )
[17/02/12 18:11] Princess Katt:Green?
[17/02/12 18:11] Sashas presence:Hmm...
[17/02/12 18:11] Maebius the Green:Hello Katt!
[17/02/12 18:11] Princess Katt:Hello... why green?
[17/02/12 18:11] Sashas presence:Where is that little....
[17/02/12 18:11] : Muratus del Mur was dragged by Sashas

[17/02/12 18:12] Maebius the Green:He seems still sleeping,

Sasha. But hopefully he'll wake up here!
[17/02/12 18:12] Maebius the Green:I can't answer "Why Green".

I did not choose the name.
[17/02/12 18:12] clash:I just realized something...
[17/02/12 18:13] clash:when a dead body is green
[17/02/12 18:13] clash:that doesn't sound to good to me
[17/02/12 18:13] Maebius the Green:Only if the whole gang is

greene. (bad pun, sorry!)
[17/02/12 18:13] :Handy Pockets bursts out laughing
[17/02/12 18:14] Handy Pockets:good pun
[17/02/12 18:14] Princess Katt:Maebius, is it a spell or

something? How did you turn green?
[17/02/12 18:15] Maebius the Green:I am guessing the same way

Seigheart started Quacking. *glances towards Mood panel*
[17/02/12 18:15] Princess Katt:Ohhhh.
[17/02/12 18:15] Princess Katt:That is very interesting.
[17/02/12 18:15] clash:I hope for you it isn't tstart of

[17/02/12 18:16] Maebius the Green: (I wish I would have

noticed when it happened, to snag a shot of triggers, but I

didn't. cest la vie)
[17/02/12 18:17] Ashum:lol..
[17/02/12 18:19] Ashum:did anyone see ashumadon ribbit?
[17/02/12 18:19] Maebius the Green:I had not, no.
[17/02/12 18:22] Ashum:t'was funny... i ate myself..
[17/02/12 18:24] Ashum:ASHUMADON noms Nimrodel ASHUMADON

Ribbit: noms Nimrodel Nimrodel: i have been nommed already!

ASHUMADON Ribbit Nommed his twin brother
[17/02/12 18:25] Handy Pockets:frog legs?
[17/02/12 18:26] Handy Pockets:I must rest again.
[17/02/12 18:29] Maebius the Green:Rest well. ..and hello to

the newer visitors here.
[17/02/12 18:32] :Sashas presence begins to wonder where she

may lay her hands on some Brodifacoum, as she thinks about

[17/02/12 18:49] Maebius the Green:How are you feeling, Katt?
[17/02/12 18:53] Lintara: *smiles and waves* Hi all!
[17/02/12 19:11] :Sehanine Moonbow kneels on the ground and

places flowers at the stairs of the gazebo
[17/02/12 19:15] :Sehanine Moonbow looks over at her brother's

corpse with sad eyes and sighs
[17/02/12 19:19] :Guillak sighs to
[17/02/12 19:19] Guillak: (*too)
[17/02/12 19:19] Guillak:Looks like I missed something

important ...
[17/02/12 19:20] Princess Katt:I missed it, too, Guillak.
[17/02/12 19:20] Sehanine Moonbow:So do I?
[17/02/12 19:20] Guillak:Hello you two ...
[17/02/12 19:21] Princess Katt: *smiles* Hello
[17/02/12 19:21] Guillak:Oh, let me try something!
[17/02/12 19:21] :Sehanine Moonbow smiles faintly to the

[17/02/12 19:21] Guillak:Look! I still have energy!
[17/02/12 19:21] Maebius the Green:The importance has yet to be

seen or felt. Feel free to add to such Action.
[17/02/12 19:21] :[Spell] A cuddle for Sehanine Moonbow,

Princess Katt
[17/02/12 19:22] Guillak:YES!
[17/02/12 19:22] :Sehanine Moonbow her face brightens a little

with her smile
[17/02/12 19:22] Princess Katt:Wow!
[17/02/12 19:22] Maebius the Green:Quite a bit of Vitality you

have there Guillak.
[17/02/12 19:23] Guillak:Eheh!
[17/02/12 19:23] Guillak:I can do it twice again ...
[17/02/12 19:23] Guillak:Perhaps it could be useful ... soon?
[17/02/12 19:23] Maebius the Green:Perhaps.
[17/02/12 19:24] Guillak:I can also ... summon the dead ...

[17/02/12 19:24] Sehanine Moonbow:Perhaps you should save you

remaining energy, Gui
[17/02/12 19:25] Guillak:Yes, I'll keep the rest for ... later.
[17/02/12 19:25] Guillak:Maebius, you've turned green?
[17/02/12 19:26] Maebius the Green:Yep, and Seigheart quacked

for a while. *chuckles*
[17/02/12 19:26] Maebius the Green:I don't know the details,

but think I'll keep the name for a while.
[17/02/12 19:26] Guillak:That's almost signed ...
[17/02/12 19:27] Princess Katt:I don't understand why Guillak

and I weren't changed.
[17/02/12 19:27] Sehanine Moonbow: (afk for a while, sorry)
[17/02/12 19:27] Guillak: (see you!)
[17/02/12 19:28] Guillak:Perhaps we were ... "away" when it

[17/02/12 19:28] Maebius the Green:I think the toading I got

was somewhat unrelated to the Living we are trying to have. A

case of fun, from outside.
[17/02/12 19:28] Guillak:Do you feel something different,

[17/02/12 19:29] Maebius the Green:Just as Guillak can give

vitality to you. As for what I feel, not really, except renewed

Hope, with all this Heat glowing lately.
[17/02/12 19:30] :[Spell] Life is a fragile thing and should be

preserved at all costs, even if we must share, Princess Katt,

Maebius the Green, Guillak
[17/02/12 19:30] Guillak:Ah huh thank you ...
[17/02/12 19:30] Guillak:... Sasha.
[17/02/12 19:30] Maebius the Green:Thank you, my friend.
[17/02/12 19:30] :pho ra runs in
[17/02/12 19:31] Princess Katt:Yes, thank you.
[17/02/12 19:31] Guillak:For someone who pretended to prefer us

dead ...
[17/02/12 19:31] Guillak: *smiles* ... you look quite concerned

after all.
[17/02/12 19:31] :pho ra looks around then sits
[17/02/12 19:31] sasha lilias:I never said I would prefer you

to be dead...
[17/02/12 19:31] sasha lilias:I merely said it is not so bad

being so.
[17/02/12 19:32] Guillak:Ah ... I misunderstood.
[17/02/12 19:32] Guillak:'m not interpreting people's saying

properly lately.
[17/02/12 19:32] Guillak:Oh, hello ... immortal.
[17/02/12 19:33] pho ra:hey
[17/02/12 19:34] Guillak:Still ... being dead is not good for

[17/02/12 19:35] Maebius the Green:I wish you quick Life then,

Guillak, to be sure. I want them back.
[17/02/12 19:36] Guillak:May we all be back quickly.
[17/02/12 19:37] pho ra:how come im not getting any xp when i

lose? i thought it doesnt matter if i win or lose?
[17/02/12 19:37] Maebius the Green:Are you at the cap of

Experience and Stored Heat for your mind power?
[17/02/12 19:38] Guillak:Only your creatures, if they survived

the fight.
[17/02/12 19:38] pho ra:no im tring to be mp4
[17/02/12 19:40] pho ra:though im getting xp when im fighting

someone that has -honor
[17/02/12 19:41] pho ra:huh? where did they go?
[17/02/12 19:42] Guillak:We're still here ...
[17/02/12 19:42] Guillak:Just hard to notice our presence.
[17/02/12 19:42] Guillak:'coz we're dead, you know.
[17/02/12 19:42] Maebius the Green:Who, the dead? ... what

Guillak has said. We fade a bit.
[17/02/12 19:43] pho ra:oh...
[17/02/12 19:43] pho ra:just dont become a deon..
[17/02/12 19:43] pho ra:or ill have to kill you!
[17/02/12 19:43] Guillak:Go ahead, kill the dead.
[17/02/12 19:44] pho ra:oh sorry. i thought you were ghost...
[17/02/12 19:44] Guillak:Perhaps it will cancel our deaths ...
[17/02/12 19:44] pho ra:so you cheated death?
[17/02/12 19:44] Guillak:No, death cheated us.
[17/02/12 19:44] Maebius the Green:I prefer to think of it as

we taunted death, but that's jsut my take on things.
[17/02/12 19:45] :pho ra doesnt feel special anymore
[17/02/12 19:45] Maebius the Green:I called the bluff, and

died. Now, I bring the Light to the gazebo.
[17/02/12 19:45] Maebius the Green:Let it shine!
[17/02/12 19:45] Princess Katt:Nah, nah, nah... you can kill

us, but you can't shut us up!
[17/02/12 19:46] Maebius the Green: (jsut be careful not to

fall into that fire)
[17/02/12 19:46] Guillak:Whoa it shines!
[17/02/12 19:47] Guillak: (btw Maebius, if you run short of

silver, I can help)
[17/02/12 19:48] Maebius the Green:I have 19 more Silver, but

am only tossing 13 coins out over the next few days, randomly.

I have a schedule rolled up, and secret.
[17/02/12 19:48] Maebius the Green:IfI could move, I would

spread the word to the Park. There is easy sparring here too,

with Sanctuaries surrounding us.
[17/02/12 19:49] pho ra:so could you tell me whats the quickest

way to gain a lot of heat
[17/02/12 19:49] Maebius the Green:I'd like to make this scene

popular and populated, until the Heat fades.
[17/02/12 19:50] *BFH Lightning*: DIE!!
[17/02/12 19:51] Maebius the Green:LIVE.
[17/02/12 19:51] pho ra:huh?
[17/02/12 19:52] Maebius the Green:I suppose when you seek to

Bring the Light, sometimes you call the Lightning too.
[17/02/12 19:52] pho ra:DO SOMETHING!
[17/02/12 19:52] Guillak:Don't worry Maebius, it was a pink

[17/02/12 19:53] pho ra:yeah it must mean you cant actually

[17/02/12 19:53] pho ra:idk
[17/02/12 19:54] Guillak:Yes, BFH is totally enlightened!
[17/02/12 19:54] Maebius the Green:True enough, pink and green

are horrible contrasting colours. *chuckles*
[17/02/12 20:16] Guillak:BFH?
[17/02/12 20:21] *BFH Lightning*:yes?
[17/02/12 20:21] Guillak:You're going to release new quests ...

[17/02/12 20:21] Guillak:May I ask for a favor?
[17/02/12 20:22] *BFH Lightning*:yes and maybe depends
[17/02/12 20:22] Guillak:Just ... wait a bit? If they're too

cool, I'm afraid it will draw attention away from us ...
[17/02/12 20:23] *BFH Lightning*:the quests needas a LOT of

scripting so soon not now
[17/02/12 20:23] Guillak:Ah, okay. Thanks.
[17/02/12 20:23] Guillak:Forget it then.
[17/02/12 20:24] Guillak:You wouldn't be able to revive dead

with an electrical shock, would you?
[17/02/12 20:24] Guillak:Lightning-man ... eheh.
[17/02/12 20:25] *BFH Lightning*:maybe :P
[17/02/12 20:25] Guillak:Don't disintegrate us though!
[17/02/12 20:25] *BFH Lightning*:it can go wrong and you could

end really dead :))
[17/02/12 20:25] Guillak:That I wouldn't want ...
[17/02/12 20:26] *BFH Lightning*:so then no :P
[17/02/12 20:26] sasha lilias:Oh come on Mur....
[17/02/12 20:26] :Guillak 's ghost giggles
[17/02/12 20:26] *BFH Lightning*:Mur where!?
[17/02/12 20:26] sasha lilias:Here soon... *mumbles*
[17/02/12 20:27] *BFH Lightning*:i need to buy a Mur antidote

to kill Mur effect
[17/02/12 20:27] *BFH Lightning*:maybe if we kill him...
[17/02/12 20:28] Sashas presence:Hm...
[17/02/12 20:28] Sashas presence:I wont be too happy if you

[17/02/12 20:28] *BFH Lightning*:why?
[17/02/12 20:28] *BFH Lightning*:that evil thing stole my land!
[17/02/12 20:29] Sashas presence:Your land? Pfft. Also because

he is my only slave. Kill him and I'll have to buy another...
[17/02/12 20:29] *BFH Lightning*:MY LAND!
[17/02/12 20:30] *BFH Lightning*:buy another good!
[17/02/12 20:30] Sashas presence:Delusional... *coughs* And no.

I'm rather happy with this one at the moment. Although..he does

sleep rather a lot..
[17/02/12 20:32] :[Spell] B BHA joshdragon, esmaralda,

[17/02/12 20:32] :Phantom Orchid smiles warmly at BFH
[17/02/12 20:32] :*BFH Lightning* smiles
[17/02/12 20:35] *BFH Lightning*:My gift for you sashas

presence is TNT
[17/02/12 20:35] Maebius the Green:Now now...
[17/02/12 20:35] *BFH Lightning*:you see why my spells are

risky they are messy!
[17/02/12 20:36] Phantom Orchid:Now? You would like more

company in death?
[17/02/12 20:36] :pho ra lays down under the gazebo
[17/02/12 20:36] Maebius the Green:I would love more company in

life, yes. Thank you BFH.
[17/02/12 20:36] :pho ra closes her eyes
[17/02/12 20:36] *Shemhazaj*:hello
[17/02/12 20:37] Phantom Orchid:Hello Shem
[17/02/12 20:37] Guillak:Mister Shem ... I'm still waiting for

you to enter the Musical Portrait.
[17/02/12 20:37] pho ra: *opens her eyes and sits up* hey shem!
[17/02/12 20:38] *Shemhazaj*:ah yes.. few people told me that

[17/02/12 20:38] Princess Katt:Hello, Shem!
[17/02/12 20:38] Guillak:You'll be the 50th participant!
[17/02/12 20:38] Maebius the Green:Hello Shem.
[17/02/12 20:39] *Shemhazaj*:do I get a bonus for that?
[17/02/12 20:39] Guillak:Of course!
[17/02/12 20:39] *Shemhazaj*: *looks at Maebius* oooh... dead

[17/02/12 20:39] :Phantom Orchid lays flowers next to the

[17/02/12 20:39] :[Spell] lunar touch Eon
[17/02/12 20:40] *Shemhazaj*:but if I join it means I need to

asign 50 different songs?
[17/02/12 20:40] Guillak:Oh, you don't have to assign songs to

everybody, don't worry.
[17/02/12 20:41] Guillak:Just those you know enough to portray

[17/02/12 20:41] Maebius the Green:Yep, I'm still trying to

come up with appropriate music for many people.
[17/02/12 20:41] Princess Katt:Me, too.
[17/02/12 20:41] Guillak:But the more, the merrier, of course.
[17/02/12 20:41] :pho ra falls asleep
[17/02/12 20:41] *Shemhazaj*:hm... ok then
[17/02/12 20:42] *Shemhazaj*:so, what do I do now?
[17/02/12 20:42] Guillak:You can change them at any time too,

if you get better ideas.
[17/02/12 20:43] Guillak: *smiles* You go to Awiiya's!
[17/02/12 20:43] Guillak:And when you're done, you come back to

sleep with us.
[17/02/12 20:43] Guillak:Well, huh, sleep, not exactly, but,

you know.
[17/02/12 20:43] *Shemhazaj*:erm... no thank you...
[17/02/12 20:44] *Shemhazaj*:thanks to you I won;t sleep at all

[17/02/12 20:44] :[Spell] My gift for you is TNT Eon
[17/02/12 20:44] :[Spell] My gift for you is TNT Eon
[17/02/12 20:44] :[Spell] My gift for you is TNT Eon
[17/02/12 20:44] :[Spell] My gift for you is TNT Eon
[17/02/12 20:45] :[Spell] My gift for you is TNT Eon
[17/02/12 20:45] :[Spell] My gift for you is TNT Eon
[17/02/12 20:45] :[Spell] My gift for you is TNT Eon
[17/02/12 20:45] Guillak:'tis probably the only way you have to

sleep with a princess, you know!
[17/02/12 20:45] Guillak:I won't tell Yala, I promise.
[17/02/12 20:45] *Shemhazaj*:Yala's also a princess
[17/02/12 20:45] :Phantom Orchid holds out a needle towards Eon
[17/02/12 20:46] Guillak:Ah? I didn't know!
[17/02/12 20:46] Guillak:Never met her yet actually ...
[17/02/12 20:46] *Shemhazaj*:the word I call her, Aranel, it

means princess in her language
[17/02/12 20:46] Princess Katt:Did I miss something? I have to

sleep with Shem?
[17/02/12 20:46] Guillak:You know, I call Princess Katt

Princess. It's easier.
[17/02/12 20:47] Guillak:Well, he wanted to!
[17/02/12 20:47] Guillak:But I said, no!
[17/02/12 20:47] :Princess Katt nods
[17/02/12 20:47] :*BFH Lightning* fades in a lightning
[17/02/12 20:47] Guillak:'coz it's indecent.
[17/02/12 20:48] Maebius the Green:Especially being dead.
[17/02/12 20:48] Guillak:Whoa! BFH disintegrated himself!
[17/02/12 20:48] :*Shemhazaj* laughs
[17/02/12 20:48] Guillak:He finally wen KBOOM for real!
[17/02/12 20:48] Guillak: (*went)
[17/02/12 20:48] joshdragon:How does one fade in lightning?
[17/02/12 20:49] :Princess Katt tries to poke Shem but her

finger goes through him
[17/02/12 20:49] joshdragon:That doesn't make sense.
[17/02/12 20:49] *Shemhazaj*:with a flash of light first
[17/02/12 20:49] *Shemhazaj*:not the first time he has done

[17/02/12 20:50] joshdragon:Hmm.
[17/02/12 20:50] Maebius the Green:Well, a flash of Lightning,

would blind us, and thus, his vision fades to white.
[17/02/12 20:50] Guillak: (gtg for a while, see you all!)
[17/02/12 20:50] *Shemhazaj*:anywho Katt...
[17/02/12 20:50] Princess Katt:Yes?
[17/02/12 20:50] Princess Katt: (See you, Guillak)
[17/02/12 20:51] *Shemhazaj*:Giullak here promised me a bonus

for being the 50th participant and then he said I get to sleep

with you...
[17/02/12 20:51] *Shemhazaj*:and him apparently... I gaciously

[17/02/12 20:51] *Shemhazaj*:so you have no need to worry
[17/02/12 20:52] :Princess Katt laughs
[17/02/12 20:52] Maebius the Green:I think it was more, visit

Awiiya for the musical portrait, then come sleep here. TO keep

us company, of course.
[17/02/12 20:53] Princess Katt:Wait a minute... should I be

offended that you declined?
[17/02/12 20:53] Maebius the Green: *chuckles softly* Let the

Light around this effort fill your dreams, and our hearts. ...

for the next 41 days!
[17/02/12 20:53] Princess Katt:Yay, Maebius!
[17/02/12 20:53] Passant the weak: *bows to the dead and the

alive* Hello
[17/02/12 20:54] Princess Katt:Hello, Passant, our friend!
[17/02/12 20:54] Passant the weak: *looks at the heat orb* you

have many friends!
[17/02/12 20:55] *Shemhazaj*:I am strictly monogamic person

Katt... no offence to you... or any dead body around *chuckles*
[17/02/12 20:55] Passant the weak:lies
[17/02/12 20:55] :Gort Hedera waves to the others, looking up

and smiling at the Light and Heat shining here.
[17/02/12 20:56] Passant the weak: *bows to Gort* Hello friend
[17/02/12 20:56] Passant the weak:I have been saving something

for you
[17/02/12 20:56] Maebius the Green: (guillak, Katt, while I

have you, do you old any Wiiya resources?)
[17/02/12 20:56] *Shemhazaj*: *smiles* hi Gort
[17/02/12 20:56] Passant the weak: (No they don't.... I think

and.... you 3 check forum)
[17/02/12 20:56] Gort Hedera:*blinks at hte dead bodies, and

steps a bit back, turning her attention to
[17/02/12 20:56] *Shemhazaj*:anyhow, how does one operate the

hidden ball thingy?
[17/02/12 20:57] Gort Hedera:Passant and the nearby grass

[17/02/12 20:57] Princess Katt: (No, I have none... and Guillak

is afk)
[17/02/12 20:57] :Passant the weak passed Syntropic Dust to

Gort Hedera
[17/02/12 20:58] Maebius the Green:Passant, I thnik if you

could share that with Guillak? I have a bit of wiiya, but can

not trade it around in smaller clumps.
[17/02/12 20:59] Maebius the Green:As for the Hidden Ball,

simply tell it "I want them back". however, it is no longer

accepting additional Heat.
[17/02/12 20:59] Maebius the Green:It's diffusing the heat it

was charged with, to power a prayer of ours, in theory.
[17/02/12 20:59] Passant the weak: (Maebius and Katt, check teh

discussion, but OK I give Guillak now anyway)
[17/02/12 21:00] :Gort Hedera claps and smiles, hugging Passant

[17/02/12 21:00] Passant the weak: *steps back with a smile*

Ahem Hugs..... don't start acting like Kiley.... or one of

those sisters
[17/02/12 21:01] :Passant the weak passed Wiiya to Guillak
[17/02/12 21:01] Gort Hedera: *pouts and steps back, placing a

big loud sloppy SMOOCH on her hand, then turning it palm up and

blowing it towards the Sand Expert* For yoo! Mwaaa
[17/02/12 21:02] :Gort Hedera passed Wiiya to passant the weak
[17/02/12 21:02] Gort Hedera: (you need wiiya? I have some I

cna share)
[17/02/12 21:02] Passant the weak: *stares at Gort* You did not

.... SMOOCHED.....
[17/02/12 21:02] Passant the weak: *realises he received a

gift* Allright allright
[17/02/12 21:03] Passant the weak:A smooch for wiiyas is

[17/02/12 21:03] :Gort Hedera is a Sister too, thank you very

much. ^_^
[17/02/12 21:03] Passant the weak:But I won't thank you for the

wiiya.... I accept them in exchange of the smooch *sticks a

[17/02/12 21:04] :Gort Hedera giggles and sits down to pluck

grasses and carefully places them into her satchel, smiling and

watching the others, pointedly ignoring the latest comment from

[17/02/12 21:04] :Passant the weak passed Wiiya to Princess

[17/02/12 21:05] Maebius the Green:Wiiya is like Fenths, in

some sense. Did you know that?
[17/02/12 21:05] Passant the weak:Princess Katt, Guillak.

Accept those wiiyas as they are the source of life
[17/02/12 21:05] Princess Katt:Thank you.
[17/02/12 21:06] Passant the weak:As Maebius said, they are

like fenths, except they represent the beginning of everything,

according to the principle of syntropy
[17/02/12 21:06] Passant the weak:Those wiiyas I gave Guillak

also represent the official support of Awiiya to our cause
[17/02/12 21:07] Princess Katt:If there is anything more that I

can contribute, please tell me and it is yours.
[17/02/12 21:07] Passant the weak:He can not come here, but

those wiiyas were given by him to sybolise his support
[17/02/12 21:08] Passant the weak:Katt, I believe you should do

something for Guillak's soul, if not done yet
[17/02/12 21:08] Maebius the Green:Fenths are reality, the way

I understand it. Form without function. Wiiya is Identity.

Spirit without form. A good symbol of Life, I'd say.
[17/02/12 21:08] :Passant the weak smiles
[17/02/12 21:08] Princess Katt:Yes?
[17/02/12 21:08] Maebius the Green:Thus, a heavy green gas.

Such things I've learned while dead! *chuckles*
[17/02/12 21:08] Princess Katt:Anything in particular, or just

something symbolic?
[17/02/12 21:09] Passant the weak:Something symbolic I believe
[17/02/12 21:09] Passant the weak: (Katt, maybe what was

discussed yesterday, before he departs.... up to you and him ;)

[17/02/12 21:10] Princess Katt:I will give him a gift when he

awakes, then.
[17/02/12 21:10] Passant the weak:And I will go back to

Awiiya's, collect more Green Gas!
[17/02/12 21:10] Passant the weak:See you all later
[17/02/12 21:11] Maebius the Green:Thank you again, my friend.
[17/02/12 21:12] Princess Katt:Miss Gort, are you still here?
[17/02/12 21:13] :Gort Hedera glances up with a hesitant smile

and nods.
[17/02/12 21:13] pho ra: *stomache growls* mmmm.....
[17/02/12 21:13] Princess Katt:Are you still collecting

Timeless Dust? I have some.
[17/02/12 21:14] Gort Hedera: *'s smile brightens and she nods

even more* Ooh!?
[17/02/12 21:14] :Princess Katt passed Timeless dust to Gort

[17/02/12 21:14] :Gort Hedera passed Heat stone to Princess

[17/02/12 21:14] :Gort Hedera passed Heat stone to guillak
[17/02/12 21:15] Princess Katt:Thank you, very much!
[17/02/12 21:15] :Gort Hedera carefully places a Heat Stone by

the corpses, and curtsies in thanks for the Dust
[17/02/12 21:15] Princess Katt:I must fade for a bit. (going to

lunch, be back in a bit)
[17/02/12 21:16] :Gort Hedera waves, and returns to the gazebo

steps again, resting agaisnt a pillar.
[17/02/12 21:16] Maebius the Green:Don't fall into the Light,

ivy. *chuckles*
[17/02/12 21:19] Sashas presence:Hmm...Maebius dear, does my

slave sleep or live?
[17/02/12 21:19] Maebius the Green:Still sleeping, it appears.
[17/02/12 21:20] :Sashas presence mumbles to herself
[17/02/12 21:31] Maebius the Green:Hello Azull.
[17/02/12 21:31] :Azull nods
[17/02/12 21:33] : Muratus del Mur was dragged by Sashas

[17/02/12 21:33] Maebius the Green:Still alseep. I think when

he awakes, he'll be here? I know when I was asleep, seigheart

dragged me here recently.
[17/02/12 21:45] Sashas presence:Hmm...
[17/02/12 21:58] :Krioni waves at Lin, yawning sleepily
[17/02/12 21:59] :Lintara smiles and waves back
[17/02/12 21:59] Princess Katt:Hello, Krioni... I now have your

leash and can summon you.
[17/02/12 22:00] Krioni: *smiles* I noticed M'am.
[17/02/12 22:00] Princess Katt:Hello, Sister Lintara!
[17/02/12 22:00] Krioni:I apologize that I have not been awake

lately much.
[17/02/12 22:00] Lintara:Hi Sister Katt! Hi all!
[17/02/12 22:00] Krioni: (Three tests back to back this past

week, and going home this weekend XD)
[17/02/12 22:00] Princess Katt:It is fine. Honestly, I was

being dragged around the realm by Axel.
[17/02/12 22:01] :Krioni chuckles and nods
[17/02/12 22:01] Krioni: (I shall be on normally again after

this weekend)
[17/02/12 22:01] Princess Katt:Oh, the things I have seen, the

conversations witnessed...
[17/02/12 22:01] Princess Katt: (no problem)
[17/02/12 22:02] Maebius the Green:Being dead has soem advange,

perhaps, the somewhat faded presence we have.
[17/02/12 22:03] Princess Katt: *nods* Yes, although I would

never set out to eavesdrop.
[17/02/12 22:04] Krioni: *smiles and yawns* Unfortunately I

must sleep again. See you all after the dreams...
[17/02/12 22:04] Lintara: *smiles* Hi Guillak!
[17/02/12 22:04] Lintara:Bye Krioni! Sweet dreams!
[17/02/12 22:04] Princess Katt:Rest easy, Krioni.
[17/02/12 22:04] Krioni: *grins* Thank you Lin, and thank you

[17/02/12 22:05] :Krioni falls back asleep
[17/02/12 22:05] Princess Katt:Sister Lin, I believe Guillak is

napping at present.
[17/02/12 22:05] Guillak:Ah huh hello Lintara ... and bye

[17/02/12 22:05] Guillak: (was backing up the jukebox' data one

last time)
[17/02/12 22:05] Princess Katt: *laughs* Just as I spoke...!
[17/02/12 22:06] Lintara: (OK)
[17/02/12 22:06] :Lintara laughs
[17/02/12 22:06] Princess Katt:Guillak, did you receive wiiyas?
[17/02/12 22:06] Guillak:Oh, hello Big Boss King Mur.
[17/02/12 22:06] Guillak:Ah, yes, I did indeed!
[17/02/12 22:06] Mercurial Spectre:hello Mur
[17/02/12 22:07] Princess Katt:Hello, Mur!
[17/02/12 22:07] Lintara: *smiles and waves to Mur* Hello!
[17/02/12 22:07] joshdragon:Greetings Mur
[17/02/12 22:07] Muratus del Mur:Hello
[17/02/12 22:08] Princess Katt:I'm alive!!!
[17/02/12 22:08] Princess Katt:Guillak???
[17/02/12 22:08] Guillak:Eh?
[17/02/12 22:08] Muratus del Mur:In response to what i

considered to be a larger movement than the kill reason itself,

the follwoing characters were revived by me, (ignoring any

current public debates about it)
[17/02/12 22:08] joshdragon:Yay!
[17/02/12 22:08] Guillak:Ah!
[17/02/12 22:08] Muratus del Mur:Princess Katt, Maebius,

Guillak, Seigheart
[17/02/12 22:08] :Lintara pounces on the both
[17/02/12 22:08] Handy Pockets:Yay
[17/02/12 22:08] Lintara:Yay!
[17/02/12 22:08] Princess Katt:Thank you, Mur, thank you very

[17/02/12 22:09] Handy Pockets:Hello Mur
[17/02/12 22:09] Guillak:Yay! You're the best Demon ever!!!
[17/02/12 22:09] Guillak:Thanks a million!
[17/02/12 22:09] Handy Pockets:Maebius the Green
[17/02/12 22:10] Handy Pockets:is still dead.
[17/02/12 22:10] :Guillak hugs Mur
[17/02/12 22:10] Guillak:Ah! Their names changed indeed!
[17/02/12 22:10] Guillak:Seigheart too!
[17/02/12 22:11] Guillak:It's "Seigheart Quack"!
[17/02/12 22:11] Phantom Orchid: *picks up the flowers by the

gazebo* We don't need these here anymore!
[17/02/12 22:12] Princess Katt:Yes, Mur... "Mabius the Green"

and "Seigheart Quack".
[17/02/12 22:12] Phantom Orchid:A blessing upon the Sun
[17/02/12 22:12] Handy Pockets:Maebius the Green
[17/02/12 22:12] Princess Katt:Oops, "Maebius the Green"
[17/02/12 22:12] Handy Pockets:he is back
[17/02/12 22:12] Handy Pockets:he is a frog. *laughs*
[17/02/12 22:12] Maebius the Green:Hello Mur.
[17/02/12 22:13] Princess Katt:Yay! Long live Mur!!!
[17/02/12 22:13] :Guillak is jubilant
[17/02/12 22:13] Handy Pockets:Welcome back Princess Katt,

Maebius, and Guillak
[17/02/12 22:13] Princess Katt:It is very good to be back.
[17/02/12 22:13] Guillak:Thank you!
[17/02/12 22:13] Guillak:And thank you thank you thank you Mur!
[17/02/12 22:13] Muratus del Mur:announcement posted
[17/02/12 22:13] Maebius the Green:Back? *blinks* Ahh, I am

[17/02/12 22:14] :joshdragon cheers
[17/02/12 22:14] Princess Katt:I shall herefore refer to you as

"Mur the Great".
[17/02/12 22:14] Maebius the Green:Mur, should I remove the

ltitle prayer in the gazebo_hidden_orb here?
[17/02/12 22:14] Maebius the Green:It seems our prayer has been

[17/02/12 22:14] Lintara:Wooohoo!
[17/02/12 22:14] Phantom Orchid:Welcome back friends
[17/02/12 22:15] Maebius the Green: (drat, step away, and I

come back to joyous news, will have to grab a log of this

[17/02/12 22:15] *Shadowseeker*:the one thing I'd check is if

unbinding the illusion returns you to being dead though,

[17/02/12 22:15] joshdragon:Katt, Guillak, Maebius... it's good

to have you back.
[17/02/12 22:15] Guillak:Thank you Mur! Thank you all!
[17/02/12 22:15] *Shadowseeker*:if you're unlucky, you might

still be dead afterwards
[17/02/12 22:15] Maebius the Green:Good idea, I will check that

right now. (unlucky you say? *winks* )
[17/02/12 22:15] Phantom Orchid:Sometimes it is lucky to be

dead *winks*
[17/02/12 22:16] Maebius the Green:I learned a lot being

dead.... now, to fade to greys again, and loose my Green...

*crosses his fingers*
[17/02/12 22:16] Phantom Orchid:But it is good they have

returned to us before the Caretaker's got to them
[17/02/12 22:16] Guillak:Ahah! Alive, Maebius!
[17/02/12 22:16] :xcercses passed Cask of beer to Maebius
[17/02/12 22:16] Muratus del Mur:in case the announcement is

not clear , i mention this again, the revive was done simply

because i have the revive spell, and from what i saw you

managed to convince me you want to be alive :)
[17/02/12 22:16] Guillak:Mmmf ... Gotta say a word or two to

M'am Sephirah.
[17/02/12 22:17] Guillak: *grins* Yes! Understood!
[17/02/12 22:17] Maebius:Thank you Mur. I ask again, should the

prayer at the clickie here be removed then?
[17/02/12 22:17] *Shadowseeker*:I wonder when people will start

shouting power abuse :P
[17/02/12 22:17] :Princess Katt dances joyously around the

[17/02/12 22:18] Muratus del Mur:also you should know that any

of you was to come to me to beg to be revived, NONE of you

would have been revived , not by me anyway.
[17/02/12 22:18] :joshdragon grins
[17/02/12 22:18] Muratus del Mur:power abuse? but i openly

admit that :)))
[17/02/12 22:18] Handy Pockets:There is a great many postings

in the letter Maebius first sent to me, I would say they

deserve to be alive and well.
[17/02/12 22:18] Maebius:I understand that very, very well. I

want them back, never "I want to be back" after all. *smiles*
[17/02/12 22:18] Phantom Orchid: *chuckles* The other side of a

[17/02/12 22:18] Guillak:Didn't even think about it. We know

you have better things to do. ;)
[17/02/12 22:18] Passant the weak:AND NOW THEY LIVE!
[17/02/12 22:18] Muratus del Mur: :P
[17/02/12 22:18] Muratus del Mur:also,
[17/02/12 22:19] Muratus del Mur:i think the heat gathering is

a good voting method, worked several times , why not make it

official afterall
[17/02/12 22:19] :Guillak rushes at Passant and violently

glomps him
[17/02/12 22:19] Muratus del Mur:because it shows will, not

just votes
[17/02/12 22:19] Phantom Orchid:Exactly
[17/02/12 22:19] joshdragon:Good idea.
[17/02/12 22:19] *Shadowseeker*:I'm not so sure though, heat is

rather easy to get
[17/02/12 22:19] Maebius:Especially, so sustained. It is

multiple votes, over Time. I liked that effect.
[17/02/12 22:20] Princess Katt:Yes, it was a wonderful idea,

[17/02/12 22:20] Muratus del Mur:if someone wants somthing very

much, it should count more than someone that is not so sure but

has equal vote power simply because its yes/no
[17/02/12 22:20] joshdragon:Yes it's easy to get but it proves

the voter is willing to give something, even if it's something

small, in order to vote.
[17/02/12 22:20] Muratus del Mur:heat voting, i could call it,

is more accurate way to measure will involved for something to

[17/02/12 22:20] Maebius: (I'm sure you can pull all the nams

of hte heat donators, too)
[17/02/12 22:20] *Shadowseeker*:But at the same time just 1

person could push it up to several mil in a day or two
[17/02/12 22:21] Handy Pockets: (I was not here most of that

time, and I did not come to vote until today when it was done

with voting, it seems unfair to put names )
[17/02/12 22:21] Sashas presence:Ahh
[17/02/12 22:21] Muratus del Mur:then that means that person

worked his way to a position where his will should matter more
[17/02/12 22:21] *MRAlyon*:hours not day
[17/02/12 22:21] Sashas presence: *smiles* Hello Mur.
[17/02/12 22:21] Maebius: (redacted) did that, recently. over

six hours, a lot of heat was charged. ALso, (redacted) .
[17/02/12 22:21] Princess Katt:The might of the one does not

negate the will of the many.
[17/02/12 22:21] Muratus del Mur:OMG, sasha...don't whip me!

[17/02/12 22:22] Sashas presence: *laughs* I would if I could!
[17/02/12 22:22] Maebius:Darn rich folks, or I would have had

that leash! *laughs*
[17/02/12 22:22] Sashas presence:Well..actually..reading that

you whipped yourself...you may enjoy it actually.
[17/02/12 22:22] Muratus del Mur:you dont have the leash? who

has my leash?
[17/02/12 22:22] Maebius: (I mean that ever-so-nicely in jest,

not ill-will, sasha!)
[17/02/12 22:22] Phantom Orchid: [Video link]
[17/02/12 22:22] Sashas presence:I have your leash. Not a whip.

[17/02/12 22:23] Muratus del Mur:ah yes sorry :)))
[17/02/12 22:23] Sashas presence: (I know Maebius ( ;)
[17/02/12 22:23] Muratus del Mur:my head into the new tools

[17/02/12 22:23] Maebius:Thank you, by the way, for the

Announcement regarding Bringers of Light.
[17/02/12 22:24] Guillak:And I received a particular greeting

from Mister Alyon ... Fiiiiine.
[17/02/12 22:25] Princess Katt:As did I.
[17/02/12 22:25] :*MRAlyon* smiles
[17/02/12 22:25] Nimrodel: *tackle glomps Guillak* GUI KUN!
[17/02/12 22:25] Guillak:Don't kill me too quickly please. >.>
[17/02/12 22:25] *MRAlyon*:welcome back
[17/02/12 22:25] :joshdragon glances at the gazebo
[17/02/12 22:25] Guillak: *is tackled* Mffgl
[17/02/12 22:25] Nimrodel: *huggle Guillak* ^_^
[17/02/12 22:25] Maebius:Careful of hte Light, it may burn.

[17/02/12 22:25] Guillak: *grins* Hello, Nimmy-Chibby-chan!
[17/02/12 22:26] Nimrodel:I'm so happy you are back.. ^_^
[17/02/12 22:26] :Nimrodel huggles him some more
[17/02/12 22:26] Guillak:Eheh! Me too!
[17/02/12 22:26] Axel Keravnos:Look at that my slave is alive

once again.
[17/02/12 22:26] Passant the weak:Meabius.... are you alive?
[17/02/12 22:26] :Phantom Orchid frowns
[17/02/12 22:26] Maebius:Yes, we all are, it seems.
[17/02/12 22:26] Princess Katt:Hello, Axel.
[17/02/12 22:26] Axel Keravnos:So how did they revive? *Looks

[17/02/12 22:27] :Maebius passed Flask with stone oil to

passant the weak
[17/02/12 22:27] Phantom Orchid:Their will, combined with the

help of a demi-god
[17/02/12 22:27] Princess Katt:Mur revived us just now.
[17/02/12 22:27] Passant the weak:Then, you are supposed to

give me back something to end the ritual *sticks a tongue* OR I

[17/02/12 22:27] Axel Keravnos:Nice, nice.
[17/02/12 22:27] Handy Pockets: (read announcement too)
[17/02/12 22:27] Maebius:I am also very happy to return this,

under the terms you set for this.
[17/02/12 22:27] Phantom Orchid:Actually, _our_ collective will
[17/02/12 22:27] Passant the weak:Thank you! *smiles*
[17/02/12 22:28] Axel Keravnos:Now if only all the mp4's would

collectively give me some losses. *Smirks a little*
[17/02/12 22:28] :[Spell] Collective will
[17/02/12 22:28] Nimrodel:Gui Kun? You are alive aren't you? :3
[17/02/12 22:29] Guillak:Eh? Of course!
[17/02/12 22:29] Guillak:You can't kill Guillak.
[17/02/12 22:29] Axel Keravnos:Everyone quickly will me to have

five hundred losses! *Smiles happily*
[17/02/12 22:29] : *Shadowseeker* throws 3 dice and gets 1, 2,

[17/02/12 22:29] Guillak:N- not completely at least.
[17/02/12 22:29] Nimrodel: *glomps him some more* ^_^
[17/02/12 22:29] Maebius: (may I ask for the Acoustic Remains

here, if possible, whomever knows our Collective Will?)
[17/02/12 22:29] : *Shadowseeker* throws 3 dice and gets 4, 4,

[17/02/12 22:30] *Shadowseeker*:hmmm.
[17/02/12 22:30] Aelis:Welcome back, friends! *grins*
[17/02/12 22:30] : Phantom Orchid throws the dice and gets 12
[17/02/12 22:30] : *Shadowseeker* throws 3 dice and gets 6, 5,

[17/02/12 22:30] : *Shadowseeker* throws 3 dice and gets 7, 6,

[17/02/12 22:30] Guillak: *falls on the ground* Mfthanks Aelish
[17/02/12 22:31] : *Shadowseeker* throws 3 dice and gets 2, 3,

[17/02/12 22:31] *Shadowseeker*:Not too strange I guess, oh

[17/02/12 22:31] Axel Keravnos:Princess Katt, can you drop your

badge now so I can farm losses off your defence as well.?
[17/02/12 22:31] Maebius:I think I'll keep the clickie there

for now then... at least a day or two.
[17/02/12 22:31] Maebius:Note: you will lose citizenship to

your homeland if you drop badges.
[17/02/12 22:32] Maebius: (Then again, Katt is his slave ^_^ )
[17/02/12 22:32] :[Spell] lunar touch Eon
[17/02/12 22:32] Princess Katt:Axel, I must wait to be kicked,

I think. I do not want to lose my citizenship again.
[17/02/12 22:32] Guillak:Huh ... I need to find Clock Master.
[17/02/12 22:33] Muratus del Mur:announcement
[17/02/12 22:33] Handy Pockets:Yes, I can not approve

citizenship anymore, not after last time. it seems it was the

last time.
[17/02/12 22:33] Princess Katt:I believe Clockmaster is

sleeping, unfortunately. Shall I send him a scroll, Guillak?
[17/02/12 22:33] Axel Keravnos:Just drop it and apply for it

[17/02/12 22:34] Maebius:I like that announcement. *grins*
[17/02/12 22:34] Axel Keravnos:You won't have much free time to

be dabbling in you alliance or needing a citizenship for quite

some time.
[17/02/12 22:34] Guillak:No, it's okay. I prefer to talk to him

in person.
[17/02/12 22:34] Princess Katt:No! Axel, you do not understand.

It took quite some doing to get my citizenship back the last

[17/02/12 22:34] Maebius:MY concern over such Voting is

clearing out the source of the Heat. It was asimple

mdsi_item_heat () ; function. the log of donations may stay

[17/02/12 22:35] Axel Keravnos: *Raises his brow then shakes

his head at Princess Katt* Give me my losses for now then, you

aren't going to enjoy your punishment.
[17/02/12 22:35] Handy Pockets:Mur, can you approve the

citizenships of Princess Katt and Guillak if they have to leave

the KOB?
[17/02/12 22:36] Guillak:Ah, too late in my case, M'am Pockets.
[17/02/12 22:36] Amoran K Kol:The dead have risen.
[17/02/12 22:36] Guillak:But it's okay, don't worry.
[17/02/12 22:36] Guillak:I'll get it back when I'll reapply for

[17/02/12 22:36] :Handy Pockets smiles
[17/02/12 22:36] Guillak:Soon. *winks*
[17/02/12 22:37] Maebius: *scribbles a quick not to Mur* At

your leasure, demon king...
[17/02/12 22:37] Guillak:Until then ... I'm still a MB citizen,

right, M'am Amoran?
[17/02/12 22:37] :[Spell] lunar touch Eon
[17/02/12 22:37] Draconas:my my, what a crowd
[17/02/12 22:37] Guillak:I don't need a badge ...
[17/02/12 22:37] Axel Keravnos:I need losses beat me up!.
[17/02/12 22:38] Princess Katt:What about me? I'd really like

to drop the badge if I can have my citizenship back.
[17/02/12 22:38] :*MRAlyon* enchanted a Memory stone into a

Toadspeak stone
[17/02/12 22:38] Amoran K Kol:What a rare occasion, as well,

that we are graced with the Demon's presence.
[17/02/12 22:38] Lintara:Draco! *glomp*
[17/02/12 22:38] Draconas:hello Lin
[17/02/12 22:38] Maebius:It was the demon who revived us, for

how that ripples onward. *chuckles* Thank you Mur.
[17/02/12 22:39] Maebius:Unfortuantely, with such poor timing,

I must idle now. (work!) Be well, everyone, and thank you

[17/02/12 22:39] Handy Pockets:Mur, for Princess Katt, is there

anyway she can get her citizenship back after dropping the

[17/02/12 22:40] Lintara:Bye Maebius!
[17/02/12 22:40] :[Spell] You shall not strike me!
[17/02/12 22:40] :[Spell] I will be your shield Eon
[17/02/12 22:40] Handy Pockets: *waves* . see you later

[17/02/12 22:40] Guillak:Bye bye Maebius!
[17/02/12 22:40] Amoran K Kol: *speaks to those gathered,

bowing slightly.* If you will pardon my attacks, I shall heal

each of you in a moment.
[17/02/12 22:42] :[Spell] Lunar reflection *Shadowseeker*
[17/02/12 22:42] :[Spell] I will be your shield *Shadowseeker*
[17/02/12 22:43] :[Spell] You shall not strike me!
[17/02/12 22:43] :[Spell] Arrow of Light - Gort Hedera, Aelis
[17/02/12 22:43] *Shadowseeker*:Hm..
[17/02/12 22:43] *MRAlyon*:MUR only to leave you know... I sent

you an email
[17/02/12 22:43] *Shadowseeker*:Spellwars, huh?
[17/02/12 22:44] Aelis:Thank you. *smiles*
[17/02/12 22:44] :[Spell] Arrow of Light - xcercses,

ChildoftheSoul, Passant the weak
[17/02/12 22:44] Amoran K Kol:Would anyone else like a healing?
[17/02/12 22:44] :[Spell] mirror
[17/02/12 22:44] xcercses: *bows* thanks amoran
[17/02/12 22:44] Draconas: *mutters some gibberish words and

points to a random person* magics is easy
[17/02/12 22:44] :Nimrodel gets up and stretches her limbs
[17/02/12 22:45] :joshdragon raises his hand
[17/02/12 22:45] :[Spell] Arrow of Light - joshdragon
[17/02/12 22:45] joshdragon:Thanks!
[17/02/12 22:45] Guillak:Ah, th-thank you, Nimrodel.
[17/02/12 22:45] :[Spell] Arrow of Light - Princess Katt,

Maebius, Guillak
[17/02/12 22:46] Axel Keravnos:Give me losses like crazy!

*Smiles happily*
[17/02/12 22:46] :[Spell] Lume pode protexe joshdragon
[17/02/12 22:46] Nimrodel: *chuckles and huggles gui kun once

more* I gotta be going Gui kun..
[17/02/12 22:46] Guillak:Mfrg
[17/02/12 22:46] :[Spell] Order of Frogs- Axel Kevranos
[17/02/12 22:46] :[Spell] Lume pode protexe Muratus del Mur
[17/02/12 22:46] Guillak: *smiles* Okay, see you soon!
[17/02/12 22:46] Nimrodel: *lets go afer kissing his cheek* See

you later.. :3
[17/02/12 22:47] Sashas presence:Does anyone still need Mur?
[17/02/12 22:47] Guillak: *simpers* Seeya ...
[17/02/12 22:47] :Phantom Orchid looks between Guillak and

Nimrodel and winks
[17/02/12 22:47] *Shadowseeker*:Feel free to drag him away
[17/02/12 22:47] Axel Keravnos:Thanks Eon! I love you.
[17/02/12 22:47] Axel Keravnos:Grind for me *Smiles*
[17/02/12 22:47] Princess Katt:I was hoping he would respond to

my dilemma.
[17/02/12 22:47] Axel Keravnos:Just leave jeez.
[17/02/12 22:48] Handy Pockets:Princess Katt could use

citizenship back to Marind's Bell
[17/02/12 22:48] Axel Keravnos:It will make it interesting to

get back in.
[17/02/12 22:48] Phantom Orchid:Axel, that is not a choice for

you to make
[17/02/12 22:49] Sashas presence:Katt, I have to speak with Mur

myself, so I can ask him about that also? If you wish? *smiles*
[17/02/12 22:49] Guillak:Axel, how much for Princess Katt's

[17/02/12 22:49] Axel Keravnos:Ten gold.
[17/02/12 22:49] :Amoran K Kol raises her brow at Sasha.
[17/02/12 22:49] Guillak:I don't have that much ...
[17/02/12 22:49] Princess Katt:Yes, please do if you are able.
[17/02/12 22:49] Guillak:And you got it for one ...
[17/02/12 22:50] :Sashas presence smiles at Amoran before

drifting away
[17/02/12 22:50] Princess Katt:And thank you.
[17/02/12 22:50] Axel Keravnos:I have to make a profit and her

leash has quite a bit of use to me. More then nine gold would

that is why I said ten.
[17/02/12 22:50] *Shemhazaj*:hello again
[17/02/12 22:50] Guillak:Mmmf.
[17/02/12 22:50] Princess Katt:Shem! We live!
[17/02/12 22:50] *Shadowseeker*:time to do some testing, i

[17/02/12 22:50] Handy Pockets:Hello Shem
[17/02/12 22:51] :[Spell] Order of Strangers- Axel Kevranos
[17/02/12 22:51] :Phantom Orchid frowns
[17/02/12 22:51] Guillak:Mister Shem! We're alive!
[17/02/12 22:51] joshdragon:Hi Shem.
[17/02/12 22:51] Draconas:hello shem
[17/02/12 22:51] Lintara:Hi Shem!
[17/02/12 22:51] *Shemhazaj*:so I see *smiles*
[17/02/12 22:51] *Shemhazaj*:and you smell lot better too!
[17/02/12 22:51] Axel Keravnos:Order of strangers?
[17/02/12 22:51] :Amoran K Kol directs a very stern look at

[17/02/12 22:52] Guillak:Ah, haven't taken a bath for, err ...
[17/02/12 22:52] Draconas: *sniffs* still bad tho
[17/02/12 22:52] joshdragon:Understandable.
[17/02/12 22:52] Amoran K Kol:Perchance I should have requested

a leash unto you..
[17/02/12 22:52] Guillak: *mumbles* ... long.
[17/02/12 22:53] Axel Keravnos: *Shrugs his shoulders* You

already have me Amoran, would have been silly.
[17/02/12 22:53] :[Spell] Roubar a vida Eon
[17/02/12 22:53] :[Spell] Roubar a vida Eon
[17/02/12 22:53] :[Spell] Roubar a vida Eon
[17/02/12 22:53] :[Spell] Roubar a vida Eon
[17/02/12 22:53] Phantom Orchid:Sen roupa par Eon
[17/02/12 22:53] Princess Katt: (brb)
[17/02/12 22:53] Amoran K Kol:Ah, of course..
[17/02/12 22:53] Passant the weak:I'd like to thank all the

people who helped us in our war against Death.
[17/02/12 22:54] :Guillak passed Wiiya to Passant the weak
[17/02/12 22:54] Guillak:Yes! Thank you all!
[17/02/12 22:54] Guillak:And special thanks to Passant!
[17/02/12 22:54] Passant the weak: *smiles* You could keep

them, you may need them again soon who knows?
[17/02/12 22:54] :Guillak shakeshakeshakes his head
[17/02/12 22:54] joshdragon:I've got to leave for now. Goodbye

[17/02/12 22:55] Handy Pockets:Passant, I remember when you

first received the Flask with Stone Oil.
[17/02/12 22:55] Guillak:Bye! Thanks for your support!
[17/02/12 22:55] :joshdragon walks away from the gazebo
[17/02/12 22:55] Tal:o.o the dead are alive again.
[17/02/12 22:55] Axel Keravnos:Losses please, keep attacking

[17/02/12 22:55] Amoran K Kol:Indeed.
[17/02/12 22:55] Passant the weak:Do you Handy????
[17/02/12 22:56] Handy Pockets:And look what you did with it

[17/02/12 22:56] Handy Pockets:yes I do
[17/02/12 22:56] Guillak:Axel, how about everything I have in

my inventory, except the herb planter's cart?
[17/02/12 22:56] Handy Pockets:You stopped at Awiiya;s Way
[17/02/12 22:56] Passant the weak: *smiles* It's true, I

[17/02/12 22:56] Passant the weak:I was looking for ant

possible use of it
[17/02/12 22:56] Passant the weak:*any
[17/02/12 22:57] Passant the weak:Seems we have found one good

[17/02/12 22:57] Handy Pockets:Yes
[17/02/12 22:58] Passant the weak:And I even got it back

[17/02/12 22:58] Passant the weak: *bows* Now, if you would

excuse me.... I need to rest
[17/02/12 22:59] Amoran K Kol:Be well, Passant.
[17/02/12 22:59] Guillak:See you Passant! Thanks again!
[17/02/12 22:59] Handy Pockets:Rest well.
[17/02/12 22:59] Princess Katt:Bye, Passant... and thank you!
[17/02/12 22:59] Lintara:Fare thy well, Passant!
[17/02/12 23:00] Passant the weak:Thank the people here

Guillak. It's teir voice that was heard.... *trotts off to a

quiet place with music*
[17/02/12 23:00] : Phantom Orchid throws the dice and gets 12
[17/02/12 23:00] : Amoran K Kol throws 2 dice and gets 6, 2
[17/02/12 23:00] Passant the weak: (Be well all)
[17/02/12 23:00] Guillak:Yes! Thank you all!
[17/02/12 23:00] :Phantom Orchid passed Movelock stone to

[17/02/12 23:01] : Phantom Orchid throws the dice and gets 7
[17/02/12 23:01] : Amoran K Kol throws 2 dice and gets 5, 3
[17/02/12 23:01] Guillak:Axel, are you still there?
[17/02/12 23:01] :Phantom Orchid passed Attacklock stone to

[17/02/12 23:02] : Phantom Orchid throws the dice and gets 12
[17/02/12 23:02] Axel Keravnos:Buying a cup of tea for two

[17/02/12 23:02] :*BFH Lightning* spams Mur
[17/02/12 23:02] Guillak:Axel, I exchange everything I have in

my inventory, except the herb planter's cart, for Princess

Katt's leash.
[17/02/12 23:03] Guillak:Including the tea ...
[17/02/12 23:03] :Azull passed Cup of Aromatic Tea to Axel

[17/02/12 23:03] Azull:no charge
[17/02/12 23:03] Axel Keravnos:Thanks Azull.
[17/02/12 23:03] Phantom Orchid:One more roll
[17/02/12 23:03] : Phantom Orchid throws the dice and gets 4
[17/02/12 23:03] :Phantom Orchid passed Movelock stone to Handy

[17/02/12 23:04] Tal:the anouncement was from whom?
[17/02/12 23:04] *Shadowseeker*:is seigheart here right now?
[17/02/12 23:04] *Shadowseeker*:or is he somewhere else?
[17/02/12 23:04] Handy Pockets:thank you Phantom Orchid
[17/02/12 23:04] Guillak:Announcement from Mur.
[17/02/12 23:04] Princess Katt:He was in the park.
[17/02/12 23:04] :[Spell] where are you??? - Seigheart
[17/02/12 23:04] Tal:mp says he is stil dead?
[17/02/12 23:04] Axel Keravnos:That much huh Gulliak? You

really want her leash don't you?
[17/02/12 23:04] :Phantom Orchid smiles
[17/02/12 23:04] :Handy Pockets passed Gold coin to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:04] *Shadowseeker*:ah.
[17/02/12 23:05] Axel Keravnos:What do you think Princess Katt,

do you want to be owned by Guillak?
[17/02/12 23:05] *Shadowseeker*:So him having been moved means

he lost his revival
[17/02/12 23:05] *BFH Lightning*:please stop attacking me!
[17/02/12 23:05] Guillak:Huh, thank you my Queen, but ... why?
[17/02/12 23:05] :Handy Pockets passed Silver coin to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:05] Princess Katt:Axel, I think Guillak may be

kinder to me, so yes.
[17/02/12 23:05] *BFH Lightning*: (unstable flash player atm

and messes a bit with my browser ...)
[17/02/12 23:05] Handy Pockets:To help
[17/02/12 23:06] Tal:how much for katts leash?
[17/02/12 23:06] Guillak:Thank you M'am Pockets ...
[17/02/12 23:06] :Axel Keravnos Looks into Guillak's inventory

and frowns a little
[17/02/12 23:06] Guillak:Deal, Axel?
[17/02/12 23:06] Axel Keravnos:So far the bid on her leash is

whatever in Guillak's inventory.
[17/02/12 23:06] Guillak: (prepare for chat spamming :P)
[17/02/12 23:07] Axel Keravnos:But I dunno, quite a bit of

sentimental value in this leash.
[17/02/12 23:07] Guillak:Except the herb planter's cart.
[17/02/12 23:07] Princess Katt:Except the cart.
[17/02/12 23:07] Handy Pockets:except the herb planter
[17/02/12 23:07] Handy Pockets:eeks
[17/02/12 23:07] :Guillak giggles
[17/02/12 23:07] Guillak:Now that's a united voice!
[17/02/12 23:07] Tal:10 tea for katts leash
[17/02/12 23:07] Handy Pockets:MRAlyon, how did you do that so

close together?
[17/02/12 23:08] Guillak:><
[17/02/12 23:08] Axel Keravnos: *Chuckles a little then frowns

a little more* enticing offer... Do you have anything else to

push me over Guillak to make the sale final?
[17/02/12 23:08] : Muratus del Mur was dragged by Sashas

[17/02/12 23:09] Guillak:I can't give you more than I have.
[17/02/12 23:09] Axel Keravnos:Maybe add a promise to give me

as many losses as you can?
[17/02/12 23:09] Guillak:Oh, that I can.
[17/02/12 23:09] Tal:like 10K of losses in a row? :P
[17/02/12 23:10] Axel Keravnos:Sweet, deal then. Nah I just

need a 600 loss unbalance.
[17/02/12 23:10] Guillak:But, as you might have noticed, I'm an

adept of the random ritual, so I don't control everything ...
[17/02/12 23:11] Axel Keravnos:Give it all to me and I will

toss you the leash.
[17/02/12 23:11] Guillak:'twould be faster if you set up a tree

too. Just sayin' ...
[17/02/12 23:11] Guillak:Right.
[17/02/12 23:11] Princess Katt:Guillak, no, you shouldn't.
[17/02/12 23:11] Princess Katt:It's too much.
[17/02/12 23:11] :Guillak passed Heat stone to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:11] :Guillak passed Cup of Aromatic Tea to Axel

[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Cup of Aromatic Tea to Axel

[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Gold coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] :Phantom Orchid frowns
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] Axel Keravnos:Why the frown Phantom?
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:12] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:13] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:13] Tal:do you need to ask?
[17/02/12 23:13] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:13] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:13] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:13] :Axel Keravnos Nods his head
[17/02/12 23:13] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:13] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:13] :Amoran K Kol frowns slightly
[17/02/12 23:13] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:13] Amoran K Kol:There is little need to rob one

of everything for ownership of another.
[17/02/12 23:13] :Guillak passed Branches to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:13] :Guillak passed Lumber to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Mineral Water to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Rainwater to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Raw Glass to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Sawdust to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Skin to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Tea leaves to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Timeless dust to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Water to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Rainbow candy to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Rainbow candy to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:14] :Guillak passed Spicy Pickle to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:15] Handy Pockets:I am honored to know you

Guillak, such honor and dignity
[17/02/12 23:15] :xcercses passed Cask of beer to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:15] :Guillak passed Rainbow candy to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:15] Princess Katt:Guillak, I know not what to say.

Thank you.
[17/02/12 23:15] :Guillak passed Rainbow candy to Axel Keravnos
[17/02/12 23:15] Guillak:And the rest was given to me

afterwards ...
[17/02/12 23:15] :Tal thinks katt should have married guillak
[17/02/12 23:16] :Guillak passed Gold coin to Handy Pockets
[17/02/12 23:16] :Guillak passed Silver coin to Handy Pockets
[17/02/12 23:16] :Lintara passed Silver coin to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:16] Phantom Orchid:Guillak, I have a gift for you

*smiles* Find me later
[17/02/12 23:16] Guillak:There.
[17/02/12 23:16] Amoran K Kol:It is a noble thing to do, Sir

[17/02/12 23:16] Guillak:Axel?
[17/02/12 23:16] :Axel Keravnos passed Princess Katt's Leash to

[17/02/12 23:16] :Draconas passed Silver coin to guillak
[17/02/12 23:16] :Axel Keravnos passed Heat stone to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:16] Guillak:Ha!
[17/02/12 23:16] :Draconas passed Silver coin to guillak
[17/02/12 23:17] Guillak:You're mine, Princess!
[17/02/12 23:17] :Draconas passed Silver coin to guillak
[17/02/12 23:17] :Axel Keravnos passed Spicy Pickle to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:17] Guillak:Nobody will ever drag you around!
[17/02/12 23:17] Guillak:Eh?
[17/02/12 23:17] :Axel Keravnos passed Sawdust to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:17] Handy Pockets:I am amazed at what I see here

[17/02/12 23:17] :Axel Keravnos passed Tea leaves to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:17] Guillak:Whadyadoin'?
[17/02/12 23:18] :Axel Keravnos passed Lumber to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:18] Handy Pockets:Such honor amoung friends
[17/02/12 23:18] Lintara: *chuckles* A great day today, no?
[17/02/12 23:18] Handy Pockets:yes indeed.
[17/02/12 23:18] Axel Keravnos:I just wanted to see if you

would really do it Guillak.
[17/02/12 23:18] Amoran K Kol:You would have made a grand

knight, Guillak.
[17/02/12 23:18] Guillak:Who do you think I am?
[17/02/12 23:18] Axel Keravnos: *Smiles towards him* I will

just take your coin, that is it. To pay back what I payed for

her leash.
[17/02/12 23:18] Guillak:Not a knight, M'am Amoran! A pilgrim!
[17/02/12 23:18] :Amoran K Kol passed Invisibility stone to

[17/02/12 23:19] :Axel Keravnos passed Branches to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:19] Guillak:Just ... a bit later though.
[17/02/12 23:19] :Axel Keravnos passed Rainwater to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:19] :Axel Keravnos passed Timeless dust to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:19] Guillak:Whoa huh I'm receiving more than I

gave ...
[17/02/12 23:20] Guillak:Well, err, thank you, I guess, Axel.
[17/02/12 23:20] Draconas:that you get when you earn the

sympathy of the people
[17/02/12 23:20] :Axel Keravnos passed Skin to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:20] Amoran K Kol:Your honor, good sir, is in need

of reward.
[17/02/12 23:20] Princess Katt:Thank you, Axel.
[17/02/12 23:20] :Axel Keravnos passed Mineral Water to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:21] :Axel Keravnos passed Rainbow candy to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:21] :Axel Keravnos passed Raw Glass to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:21] :Axel Keravnos passed Water to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:21] :Axel Keravnos passed Rainbow candy to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:21] :Axel Keravnos passed Rainbow candy to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:21] Guillak: W- wiat ...
[17/02/12 23:22] :Axel Keravnos passed Rainbow candy to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:22] Guillak: Xcreesc!
[17/02/12 23:22] Guillak: *sosb* You did it again!
[17/02/12 23:22] xcercses:aye? *smiles*
[17/02/12 23:22] Princess Katt:Just give it to Axel.
[17/02/12 23:22] Guillak: You abused of me!
[17/02/12 23:23] Guillak: Ah? No ... Am II saienkpg nmryaoll?
[17/02/12 23:23] Draconas:i wouldnt calll that abuse, id call

it fun
[17/02/12 23:23] Axel Keravnos:There you go Guillak, the tea

seems to have stuck to me though.
[17/02/12 23:23] Guillak: No ...
[17/02/12 23:23] :Axel Keravnos passed Cup of Aromatic Tea to

[17/02/12 23:23] :Axel Keravnos passed Cup of Aromatic Tea to

[17/02/12 23:23] Axel Keravnos:There you go.
[17/02/12 23:23] :Lintara passed Flowers to Guillak
[17/02/12 23:23] Guillak: Err ... Tshkna, Axel.
[17/02/12 23:23] :xcercses passed Cask of beer to Draconas
[17/02/12 23:24] :Lintara smiles
[17/02/12 23:24] : *kwlas toarwd ...hic ... Xescersc*
[17/02/12 23:24] :[Spell] A good thing here today

[Spell] A good thing here today
Axel Keravnos: For the Children my Sibyl use it well.
: Axel Keravnos passed Gold coin to Amoran K Kol
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
Draconas: *raises his cask to xcercses* cheers
Guillak: I'll tell Wdyin, Xesrescc!
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
Princess Katt: Oh, dear, Guillak.
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
assed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
Guillak: Mmf seh's been iansne ltaley aywany ...
xcercses: hmm need to get more alcohol....be right back
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
: [Spell] a cookie for draconas
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
: Amoran K Kol blinks.
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
: Axel Keravnos passed Silver coin to Amoran K Kol
Guillak: Adn, er, II foogrt to say tahnk yuo, Ma'm Amrona.
*Shadowseeker*: Amrona..lol [/spoiler]

Edited by Handy Pockets
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