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Accepting coins, resources [preference to tea herbs or sand], memory stones.
Bid here, PM me in game or forum.
Time availability: Currently unlimited until I change my mind.

[u]Angien I[/u]
-ID: 656197
-Age: 429
-Heat: 4492532
-Tokens: None

[u]Angien II[/u]
-ID: 656335
-Age: 429
-Heat: 2719343
-Tokens: None

[s][u]Bird I[/u]
-ID: 700801
-Age: 274
-Heat: 1161476
-Tokens: None [/s] Sold

[s][u]Bird II[/u]
-ID: 701698
-Age: 272
-Heat: 1155095
-Tokens: Firedrop [/s] Sold

[s][u]Bird III[/u]
-ID: 702825
-Age: 270
-Heat: 1200752
-Tokens: None [/s] Sold

-ID: 733374
-Age: 221
-Heat: 1106388
-Tokens: None

[u]Pimp I[/u]
-ID: 714609
-Age: 67
-Heat: 20036
-Tokens: None

[s][u]Pimp II[/u]
-ID: 758733
-Age: 54
-Heat: 8923
-Tokens: None

[u]Pimp III[/u]
-ID: 758734
-Age: 39
-Heat: 13918
-Tokens: None

[u]Pimp IV[/u]
-ID: 758744
-Age: 39
-Heat: 6143
-Tokens: None[/s]

[u]Pimp V[/u]
-ID: 758745
-Age: 36
-Heat: 692842
-Tokens: None

-ID: 764113
-Age: 27
-Heat: 1660949
-Tokens: None

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Still interested in those Angiens. :rolleyes:
I'll have to get a few more credits or other resources (most of my coins fell out of my pocket lately), but I'd like both, if we can work out a deal.

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