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TK's MD Point Contest

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Spreading the word

The Treasure Keepers are celebrating MD's 7th Birthday by holding a 7 party!

Anything you hand over to the TKs, resources, items, etc, in multiples of 7, will net you a point.

In cases of Resources, for the next 24 hours, you will get 1 point for every group of 7 you donate. So, if you donate 25, you will get 3 points because 7x3=21. The remaining doesn't count.

However, if you donate 77, you get 11 points, and 2 more for having two 7s in the donation!

Also, if you complete the following puzzles, you will also gain 5 points.

(To complete the puzzle, and have it count, pm me, IG, the screenshot of the screen after you have completed.)


PS - I'm sure someone will ask, so ALL resources gathered through this event will be given to the Garden Initiative.

Good luck, have fun, and Happy 7th Birthday!

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Does this count for any TK, or just handing them to you?
(edit: you meaning Seigheart?)

also, what puzzles is this you mention? I'm trying to track down the original source for the quote, to see about the extra point puzzles. :)

Edited by Maebius
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I'm guessing the highest point value at the end is "winner" and will be rewarded? I'm sure Seigh will confirm or deny soon.
(please? I want to catch the 24 hour cutoff, but not waste my stack I've collected)

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