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Transfering non-transferable item.

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This isn't exactly a new idea, but I mostly wanted to hear different opinions on the topic.

I know certain Items can't be transfered on site, but only at specific locations.
I think it's not a bad idea such items to be able for transfer between people with a certain amount of loyalty, maybe grater than the required in the first place for the item to be taken from the dispatch locations.

If there is a deeper logic behind the current state, please feel free to enlighten me.

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  • Root Admin

I see little reason to require more loyalty to trade the item to somenoe than take it, becuase then new people without loyalty definitely wont be able to get items. Wheras at the moment people need a large amount of loyalty but they dont need it to pass it to someone else. So you can pick up items to give to new people.

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Maybe I am not clear enough - My suggestion is the items to be able for passing in every scene, where two people with the required loyalty meet. The Trading Inquisitor could just deny passing them to a person, who don't have the required loyalty.

I am not against trading them for everyone through ITCs in the right locations .

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  • Root Admin

I think the question is, why has it been implemented?

From the look of it, many of the items that are marked as no transfer, are shared items. And If you remember history, a certain hoarder giving all the GG aramors the shared items, so other land couldnt take them. This means that a person has to "accept" the item, instead of it being forced upon them.

Where does your idea fit into it?

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Interesting suggestion.
If I'm understanding you right, you mean that using an ITC would work the same way it does now, so that "new folks" can grab items with the help of someone with the required loyalty to grab it.
But in -addition-, if two people have the required Loyalty to grab it in the first place, they can jsut trade it at-will the same way silver coins and such work, as long as they are in the same scene? If the recipient does not have the proper Loyalty, they can still grab it via ITC at the current Item_Transfer locations?

Or am I understanding it wrong.

If this is correct, I think it could be very handy for folks grabbing shared tools, (heck, my own bucket-use would benefit from this!) but in general I think it may be a bit too open for abuse, in the sense that a dedicated team could strip all the shared tools within seconds, passing them to a "hoarder", unless the Trading inquisitor also would limit them to 3 shared, as it does now too. If those limitations are in place, I think it's a neat idea, but feel a tiny bit worried there's some flaw I'm not seeing that would make it abusable.

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Maebs, you have put it the exactly the way I wanted :) And gladly I am seeing the opinions I wanted.

But, as Chett said, there still can be some abuse... Unless this could be straighten out with this Trading Inquisitor. What is this, some kind of a script, that checks certain variables?

I admit I haven't visited GG in a while, so I was thinking only from a players point of view. Excuse me, but I have forgotten the fact, that was stated it in your post, Chewett.

My memory has always served me badly.

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