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Oh no, more Cavities! WP quest.

Fyrd Argentus

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Looks like all that candy passed out at the 7th Anniversary celebration has taken its toll. Everyone is lining up at the dental office in the hut north of Wind's Sanctuary again. And once again, Fyrd's "help" has scrambled the filing system......

Rules are exactly as before:

The phrases are changed and the list reset as of right now.

If first place has already received a wp from me, they will get a consolation prize, and the wp passes to the next in line.

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Just to point out to people that this has now been completed so WP no longer a reward far as I figure, and people are getting told they are winning gc's - no idea how many of these there are :P

LE: It wasn't me that came first, btw

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Wow, that was fast!

Okay, as of now, the Dental Office is out of gold. Eight of you need to get a gold coin from me, and ignnus gets the wp. Congrats!

Anybody else is free to work the puzzle, but all that is offered as a prize from here forward is a pickle point.

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