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Current location as spell target


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(Somehow related to [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11883-spells-on-clickables/"]spells on clickables[/url], but much more accessible)

How about the possibility to cast spells on the current location rather than a specific player? The spell would "hang in the air" in the scene and would be automatically released on the next person who walks in the location. A single wizard could cast several spells in a location, then all of them would be triggered off simultaneously whenever a character enters the scene, friend or foe (or the caster himself if he left and came back, forgetting about his own spells). If the spell allows for multiple targets, then it could effect all players in the current location (?).

Technically, in order to cast the spell on the location rather than on a player, you would simply use the spell words without specifying the target (e.g. just "movelock" instead of "movelock Grido").

This would make it possible to set up random traps or blessings on a specific area. In the former case, a group of hunters would have to communicate in order to prevent a member to trigger a trap by accident.

To protect yourself against such time bombs: walk around being cloaked/ghosted, in which case the spell would be lost (or the spell would ignore you and affect the next person instead?). The caster's spell counter would be decremented at the time of the cast rather than that of the triggering.

Movelock was obviously the spell I first had in mind … Now it would really get hellish, making it possible to really [i]guard[/i] places. Currently, however strong you are, you can't stop someone from passing by you if the person clicks arrows too swiftly. And even if you see the other's name in the player list, by the time you cast the spell the target is likely to be gone since long ago. This would make up for such situations. It might help slowing down pursuers too, especially if your opponent has a large land loyalty advantage in a highly viscous place.

Locate might get a new dimension too, as it would allow to watch over a place and report who the first person to visit it is, assuming the caster is online at the time the spell is triggered.

Etc. All other spells would work as well of course. I think it is an easy way to give much more value to all spells, especially basic ones such as movelock and ghost.

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Heat is needed to cast spells, where is the heat?

There were thoughts to have spells in clickables, which would be activated upon opening or whatever which never resolved yet, but that wouldn't really result in what you're looking for.

Fun idea though.

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Heat cannot (/should not) be indefinitely retained which is what would happen with a spell in the way you describe - it would be retained in the form of the spell, but retained it cannot be.

Heat would need to be stored, with the heat reducing and the spell cast upon a player's entrance to a scene - or at least that would work with my current understanding of it.

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well just a newby mp3 thinking

its those are like mines, and will indicrimialy bomb anyone ... think about an mp3 that try to explore MD , and get bomb by that ... i dont think it would be nice

and if the only protection is the ghost spell ... mp3 wont have that kind of protection at his disposal

and i am thinking that those bomb wont be nice gif but mainly instead nasty spells (dont know what is avalable for that , but probably its whats will be apening if no safeguard)

Sorry for my not clear thinking or saying ... but id say if its done, some safeguard as for what use and what spell is use must be there to prevent use that will be not nice ...

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