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What do you see when you look at the mirror?


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[center][size=5][color=#4b0082][b]The Mirror Quest[/b][/color][/size][/center]

- Rewards: creatures (tormented souls), enchanted stones (summoned army and mirror ritual).
(additional rewards will be considered if your submission deserves it).
- Requirement: this quest is intended mostly for MP4, but it's open to everybody.
- How to start: Contact me (in-game PM or forum PM).

Following this trail will require Time and a sharp gaze, but will grant you a better understanding of the concept of mirror in MD.
You'll also gather experience on fighting, creatures abilities, and all those details one cannot ignore when dealing with mirrors.
Completing the quest will grant you a deep knowledge of the mechanics beyond mirror ritual spell (as far as I know, the only way to be 100% sure to win a fight, no matter the opponent).

- The quest is divided into 4 parts;
- Each part will be presented singly, when the previous one is completed;
- [b]Each satisfactory submission will be rewarded with creatures and/or enchanted stones;[/b]
- Part 2 and 3 will be reviewed together with 2 judges, who will decide whether to sponsor an additional reward;
- There's no deadline.

Have fun!!!

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Quest started, 18 participants so far.

The following, additional rewards have been sponsored:

[s]Heat stone[/s] (awarded)
[s]Chaoticboost stone[/s] (awarded)
[s]Weaken stone[/s] (awarded)
[s]Silvertoungue stone[/s] (awarded)
[s]Invisibility stone[/s] (awarded)
[s]Locate stone[/s] (awarded)
[s]Prot. Movelock stone[/s] (awarded)
[s]Prot. Freeze stone[/s] (awarded)
[s]Toadspeak stone[/s] (awarded)
[s]Prot. Nomulti stone[/s] (awarded)
Prot. Movelock stone
Movelock stone
Attacklock stone

Thanks a lot to the sponsors: Falronn, Peace, Phantom Orchid, Maebius, mcvitie, ignnus and Raven!!!

(Could this quest be added to the quest panel? I'm willing to keep it running continuously)

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