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WTS several creatures


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All untokened. Place bids below.

Sold - 20gc Tal
Snowman (morph)
Name: Snowball
ID: 696317
Age: 421
Heat: 43427

Sold - 10gc Manda
Name: Gift
ID: 696575
Age: 405
Heat: 26107

High Bid - 3sc Lone Wolf Pup
Sharptear Archer
Name: Rain
ID: 711998
Age: 445
Heat 437046

Name: Maurice
ID: 683536
Age: 604
Heat: 1343384

Imperial Aramor
Name: Tusk
ID: 690752
Age: 578
Heat: 412304

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Why is trading restricted? I have a CTC.

I've seen lots of morphs for sale in the past year. None of them were morphed?

Edited by Rumi
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You have the ctc, but you won't be able to transfer it. Yes, all of those were unmorphed.

[quote][color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1238 - [2010-01-05 16:33:59 - Alpha 9][/color]
IMPORTANT: once morphed the creature can not be transfered! This restriction will apply only to some morph creatures, currently there is only this one. if you want to trade or transfer it to an other account you can do so only BEFORE its morphed. No exceptions.[/quote]

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Due to lack of offers, sharptear, imp, and joker will probably be donated as a quest prize. If you have a quest you'd like sponsored with these crits, please let me know. Otherwise they'll probably be sponsored as prizes for community garden quests/contests.

Unless another offer comes in, Rein is going to Manda soon.

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As to avoid confusion, I would appreciate it if you would also edit your first post...while it is clear your sale again is after the edit, it looks confusing if people like to only watch the summary.

Edit: 15g as a bid from me as well for it.

Edited by Shadowseeker
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