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Summer Team #2 : Summer Quizz


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Last day of he festivities so it's Quizz Time!!

Someone said to me that there is a magic quizz book on the archives that can be openned using the words: [b]Summer Quizz[/b]

Go find it and complete the Quizz!

There is a Time limit on every question, so be fast! 16 Random Questions, 10 seconds max to answer each one, 0.25 points score for every correct answer.

The player with the highest score in the less amount of Time (Winner!!) will gain a extra Point!

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1 - When does it end?

2 - (Can't actively travel there atm, so;) Is the 10 sec countdown visible as you answer the question?

3 - Is it repeatable?

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1. It endend at 00:00 since was part of the Festival.
2. Yes the countdown was visible
3. No, players only could have one try

Score Results:
ignnus scored 3.25 in 123 seconds
Eagle Eye scored 1.5 in 120 seconds
lashtal scored 3 in 129 seconds
Nimrodel scored 2 in 155 seconds
tankfans scored 1.75 in 135 seconds
Valldore Nal scored 1.5 in 124 seconds
Sunfire scored 2.75 in 112 seconds
AmberRune scored 3.25 in 108 seconds

Thank you all participants!

note: as stated on the Final Team Results the score will be truncated and summed by team, also the winner (AmberRune) will score an aditional point

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