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WTS/T Tokened Angiens, Morph

Phantom Orchid

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WTS or trade for tokening service, ~extremely~ old creatures, beastiary. Feel free to post or PM gold bids / offers. Note: creatures may be sold/traded privately.

[s][b]Angien #1[/b] [/s]- [b][i]won by darkraptor[/i][/b]
Stored Heat 5.1 mil
Age 520
Creature Tokens: [claw1][stardust][darkshield][onyxfangs][blacktear][antifreeze][enlightning][emeraldglare][darksky][sunshine][goldbelt][claw3]

[b]Angien #2[/b] - [b]1 gold The Warrior[/b]
Stored Heat 5.2 mil
Age 516
Creature Tokens: [blooddrop1][stardust][antifreeze][onyxfangs][sunshine][claw1][claw2][emeraldglare][enlightning][darkshield][blacktear][claw3][goldbelt]

[b]Morph[/b] - [b]17 gold Grido[/b]
Stored Heat 1.5 mil
Age 429

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