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July 30th 2012 Council Update

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We have added an estimated time of arrival (ETA) to work so that you have a better understanding of how much time is available and how far in advance coding is delayed by, this should also allow you to see when certain things are estimated to come into effect. None of this is set and it will get moved as urgent/immediate actions are needed, for example reward issuing which can take anything from 20 minutes up to 1 hour, bans, sanctions, security issues and similar. Where something takes an hour or more it can move the whole list back a week. Because the coding list is now booked over two months in advance we will not be accepting any further personal requests than we have already accepted. If you send us personal requests they will be denied. This week no coding on citizenship has been able to take place as the access to the system became completely disabled at the point this was due to be done. We hope to resolve this soon.

Latest Update:

Community garden work pending responses
General email responses
Interaction with avatar team re stolen work & outcome action
Speaking with avatar team re auctions

Discussions on:

Revival method - system agreed on, timescale being confirmed
Event management - system agreed on,added to code list, ETA 4 weeks
Treasury access for the dead - agreed on, added to code list, ETA 4 weeks
Research clues system - updates agreed on, added to code list, ETA 8 weeks
LHO 'lost people' issue resolution agreed on, added to code list, ETA 5 weeks
Blacksmith cauldron functionality foundation - based on personal request - added to code list, ETA 9 weeks
Outstanding personal request for cauldron item
Hidden systems fixes

Code related work:

BHC rewards issued
Alt adepting restriction measures issued
Bone collecting items added
Completion of effect on auction item
Update to Kill items
Admin rewards issued to PL editors
Updated item image upload text
MS Summer Festival rewards issued

Citizenship work: Current ETA 7 weeks[/cquote]

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