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Maebius Monthly Madness #1 - Winners Poll


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(edited for better collapsable logs and to remove some names in submitted entries)
The [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12861-maebius-madness-monthly-mini-quest-1/"]"Sunlight" quest[/url] has run out, and here are the entries thus far.

I made this a multiple-choice Poll, so feel free to vote for your favorite 1, or three, or however many you want to.

At the end of two weeks, September 15th, the poll will close, and I'll award the top three winners their choice of prize, from my stash. (stash includes a Gold Coin, a few Silvers, and a few creatures with 2-5Mil Heat, plus anything they might request specifically in terms of resource or Enchanted Stone, or such... feel free to get creative)

Thanks all for your participation!

[log='Submission #1'] Shades went about their business as usual:
Unnoticed by the things that clamored around all the time, and in fact unnoticeable to almost anyone but themselves.
Not to say that nothing was unusual to everybody else though, quite the opposite in fact.
Lo and behold, the eternal sun was gone, and it had been replaced by a large white rock, while darkness covered the land.
Irritated warriors took little notice, other than to complain about the lack of training partners.
Giddy researchers flocked about, taking measurements and making observations, you could almost feel their hurried excitement.
Huddled together deep in the forest, a group of people stood together, smiling at the sky.
"Today, brothers and sisters...today we witness the night, the overwhelming presence of the moon and the unmistakable absence of sunlight, so let us enjoy while it lasts."[/log]

[log='Submission #2']Summer days arnt here to stay
Unless united with the moon's bright rays
Now winter comes to seize the day
Letting it's frozon grasp chill the summer Inside we do not stay
Going outside is the way to see the moon lit sky brighter
Hardly cold it is anymore since the moon began its wanning
Togeather the sun and the moon have brought back these summer days

[log='Submission #3'] Sometimes, it just feels to sit back and relax, watching people argue, quarrel and fight in front of you.
Unlike most, such people have simply learned to mind their own business.
Not that this is always right, because many a time it is needed to interfere in problems you're not part of to help prevent it from rising further.
Life isn't about keeping that one angry thought in your head, and repeatedly using it as an excuse to continue fighting.
It is about working hard; using time and energy to solve these problems which have occurred in the past, and continuing to do so or else these problems might arise again.
Greatness is only truly achieved by those who understand the importance of the very few people who struggle to prevent problems instead of increasing them, and try to have these qualities in themselves.
Having to learn this is the only way one can be successful in life.
This is what I have learned from the Principle of Enthropy.[/log]

[log='Submission #4']
Seems Unbelievable: No Lorerootian Is Generally Hugging Trees!

[log='Submission #5']
Studying Uronology Naturally Legalized Imbued Golemian House Throngs

[log='Submission #6']
Sanctifying, scintillating, scarring
Undulating, ushering, unyoking
Nurturing, nourishing, nullifying
Luminescing, liberating, lilting
Gate-crashing, gyrating, glamoring
Heartening, hypnotizing, hexing
Titillating, truncating, tyrannizing

[log='Submission #7']
Searching for the beginning and the end
Under every rock and in every crack
Nowhere to be found and
Life has become a wreck I'm starting to despair
Giving up has crossed my mind
However how much i seem to care
To remain sane i must leave this search behind

[log='Submission #8']
[url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=5017"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=5017[/url] We hid the poo under the plant... :D

[log='Submission #9']
Somewhere along the plains, Dante stood, blinking into the sunlight; seeing it reflect of the thousand soldiers, decking in shining armor that were to be his opponents today.
Unlike so long ago, he was no longer a young little mp3, no longer did anyone dare to call him weak in fear of getting crushed of when he proved otherwise.
Now was his time to truly shine though, this invading force moving to charge, ignorant of the reputation this man had build for himself.
“Lionheart! Lionheart! Lionheart!”, roared the men behind him, rallied behind their leader whom stood in front of them all, ready to meet the enemy, not to cower behind his allies.
It was a thunder of sounds, metal against metal as the armies clashed, led by the brave Dante, his swords flashing about; his creatures wreaking havoc wherever they went.
Graves where to be filled this day, for the carnage seemed nearly endless, yet finally the forces of Lionheart overwon, armor caked in grime, dirt and most of all blood...but faces shone with victory.
Heroically Dante staked his banner into the ground of the battlefield, claiming it as another victory for his forces, staring up into the sun....
To then suddenly open his eyes and find himself waking up, still a tiny frail mp3, the glories of his conquest nothing more then a pleasant dream as he fell asleep on the grass, baking in the warm glow of the sunlight.

[log='Submission #10']
this is a test. say hi

[log='Submission #11']
Sunlight shone through the window-pane as my mind started to wander,
Upon my life did I ruminate, examine and ponder.
Never did I question the journey of life I’ve taken,
Little did I fathom that it would end so sudden.
Invigoration of a child; the feebleness of an elder,
Growth and time will just lead to decay and departure.
Hunched and huddled upon my deathbed, in desperation to caress,
The sunlight’s lapsing touch upon my wrinkled, withered hand.
(A poem about death, dealing with the principles of entropy and time.)

[log='Submission #12']
Silver light shone through the night,
Under trees and over highs
Never known to be the sun
Light holds down every tongue
In awe all await the moment when
Golden rays pass the horizon
Holding the day soon to arrive
Twilight comes to ban the night

(And a little bonus:) Secrets from the Sun
Sunlight shines forever more
Under gazebos and over doors
Never saying what to see
Light tells us of a mystery
In time we'll know what we were meant to see
Growing closer to the things that be
Holding all secrets to ourselves
Twilight will bring the end of times

So comes the pain
Unless we recover
No one knows when
Liars are healers
In times of distrust
Grey is cool and grey will come
Hell is now and hell is right
Till we find out...here comes the sunlight[/log]

[log='Submission #14']
Sunlight Sunbright First Star I see each day. I wish I might I wish I may Have this wish, I wish, horray!

[log='Submission #15']
(S)everal times I have watched, the clock ticking, and the time pass.
(U)nder it mechanical contraptions that spin and spin.
(N)ever ending.
(L)eisurely I sat as the clock said "Tick-tack."
(I)magining fantasies that may never be.
(G)hosts of hope crossed my mind, of dreams that may never be.
(H)ere I sat leisurely.
"(T)ick-tack." Said the clock.

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[quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1347010121' post='121512']
As an added note, Ties will be resolved by drawing names from my hat, in a similar fashion to my first "[i]Tour of Sorts[/i]" quest. :)

I demand another video!

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The results are in, and I decided to keep ties as tied for this, rather than draw a name from a group of 2-3 for each place. With that in mind:

First place (5 votes) - Each wins a [b][color=#ffd700]Gold Coin[/color][/b]![list]
[*]DARK DEMON & samon
Second place (4 votes each) - Wins either 4 Silver Coins or an Enchanted Stone (ChaoticBoost, Locate, or the choice of the others I carry)[list]
[*]Pipstickz, lashtal, & Jaime

Mods, this topic can now be closed, please.
See you next month for another fun mini quest.

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