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I didn't see this on forum, but found it when searching Announcements for something unrelated.
It still works, I just tried it. :)

Check group location via MD Script
A new function was added to allow you to check if a given group of people are in that moment online in a given location on tha map. Placed on an item this could allow for example, items that work only when a team of players are together in the same place (team quest). Other possible uses are to unlock certain things if all the players from a "circle" gather in the same place to open a chest box. Remote checking if one single player or multiple players are online in a predefined spot can also have lots of creative uses.

Syntax and sample code:
@vn = 'Super Bozo,Nickmonster,Hocku,Kylar Stern,Grido,sinner,';
@va = mds_check_group_location(@vn,'1_-2x-1_2');
echo 'Group online in Paper Cabin '.@va.'/6';

mds_check_group_location(playernames, location) will return the number of players from the given list that are currently online in the given location. You can pass the player list as a comma separated list OR as an array, both work. the second parameter should be the location coordinates of the place you want to check. This function should not be used to check in what location a player (or group) is, but to check if a player is or isn't in one place. (Usage limit of 4 automatically apply, editors found to use ways to avoid such restrictions will lose their editing ability)

Edited by Maebius
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