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WTS imps/pimps/ele


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[u]Imperial Aramor #1 -[/u]

Stored Heat 605421
Age 500
Tokens: [b][antifreeze] [/b][b][kellethafire][/b][b][claw3][/b]

[u]Imperial Aramor #2 -[/u]

Stored Heat 98630
Age 165
Tokens: [b][kellethafire][/b][b][claw2][/b][b][onyxfangs][/b][b][goldbelt][/b]

[u]Pimped Grasan #1 -[/u]

Stored Heat 363795
Age 328
Tokens: [b][stardust][/b][b][claw1][/b]

[u]Pimped Grasan # 2[/u][u]-[/u]

Stored Heat 86383
Age 221

[u]Elemental -[/u]

Stored Heat 5993855
Age 408
Tokens: [b][stardust][/b][b][enlightning][/b]

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