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A Song of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones


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Hey :)

Anyone else a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire books and the tv serial Game of Thrones?

I'm currently reading the books and in middle of Book 5 of the set of 7 :) I watched season 1 on blu ray and am waiting to watch season 2. Fans will know that season 3 is due to arrive on tv screens in March next year.


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Oh you should! I watched season 1 before reading the books, but have been hooked on the books. Would suggest you check it out :)

Read the books first though, because I found the tv series a bit hard to follow, but then when I had read the book it made sense :)

They are doing each book as a season so there will be 7 seasons in total.

Plus since it's mostly filmed over here (some in the South of Ireland) I figured I might as well get into it :) If that makes sense? Most of those things are filmed in the states or elsewhere.

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There is an Iron Throne in one part of the kingdom and whoever sits on it rules the kingdom. It's about those who sit on it, plots to get those on it removed, plots to get people seated on it. It's Fantasy but very addictive! I've got Kaijin reading the books too :) She's just finished book 3, which will be the new season 3. What I said to her I'll say to you "It's got violence, sex and incest in it but it is addictive. If you can get past the incest then you'll be okay".
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I have indeed just finished book 3 :) though am currently watching season 1 of the series. Thanks to purplebunny who has loaned me the first season of the series and is loaning me the books to read as well.

I love it :) Though I must admit that the names in it are lovely and the unusual ones/the ones that i love i'm putting to one side as possble baby names! ;) lol

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