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MagicDuel XMAS Festival 2012


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[center][b]MagicDuel XMAS Festival 2012[/b][/center]


[center][b]WHERE:[/b] Some meeting spot and events will occur on the whole realm.[/center]

[center][b]Confirmed: MoC and CTD will help![/b][/center]

Major points I want to fix from previous Festival:[list]
[*]A more player based interaction event.
[*]Removing quester’s restrictions.
[*]A fair system to both the quester and the participants.
This year:[list]
[*]No teams will be done.
[*]Everyone can become a quester.
[*]Quester can be both a quester and participant (obviously he/she can participate on other questers’ quests)

Will be incentivized (rewarded) depending on the feedback given by participants and overall effort done during the questing part.[list]
[*]Each quester designs his/her quest without any restrictions in a way that it becomes a fair quest, so that he/she receives a good feedback.
[*]The quester choose fairly how he will judge his quest (He choose his winner(s)). NOTE: Maximum three winners per quest. There might be exceptions if you contact me beforehand explaining what you want to do.
[*]Each quest they make will be assigned rewards after the quest. Which means surprise factor, you might any kind of surprise rewards, regardless the quest, after it becomes analyzed by both TK’s and me. This will help people to participate and get involved in as many quests as possible.
[*]After each quest is completed, both quester and participant will fill up a form (Crash Test Dummy will help us with that).

Quester form:

[indent=1]This form will include:[/indent][list]
[*]*Quest Name
[*]*Quest Description
[*]*Suggested Rewards
[*]*Winners and why [TABLE]
Participants form:

[indent=1]This form will include:[/indent][list]
[*]*Quest Name
[*]*Rate: From 1-5 (1 means poor quest - 5 means great quest)
[*]*General Feedback:
[*]*Fairness: From 1-5 (1 means unfair – 5 means fair quest)
Forms will be only seen by me. It means that you can criticize freely, without any restrictions, since nobody else will see that.
If you think something is very wrong about any quest you can always contact me, or anyone I leave in charge, since I’ll be very active during the event.


Have many possibilities of winning:[list=1]
[*]Each quester’s quest will have a reward.
[*]As described before each quester will choose fairly the winners of his quest. (Max 3 winners per quest)
2. Overall winners of the event.

[indent=1]At the end of the event the participant with the best feedback the questers and overall performance will get (there might be more than one rewarded according to the level of participation):[/indent][list]
[*]Puzzle Medal
[*]MD Xmas Trophy Item
3. Main Quests[list]
[*]I’ll probably run some main quests. Those are judged apart and do not count for overall winners.
[*]My rules and rewards are announced at the beginning of each quest.
Quest Creation Support:[list]
[*]MoC is at the Gazebo of Equilibrium currently offering quests help.
[*]Feel free to always contact me for questions.
[*]Remember that I’ll make sure Tk’s sponsor each quest after it so you don’t have to worry of rewards.

If you don’t see me, MoC, any admins, or anyone that I selected to moderate the events online, feel free to run things. Don’t get bored, because I might appear and random reward whatever you guys are doing to have fun.


Please post here your intentions to make a quest for those days. (If you have already a specific day for the events please post it). Idea is to not have empty days and to make sure a day isn’t that charged of quests.

Form links will be posted at the beginning of the event on forum. Each quester should make sure that after his quest everyone fill up their form.

[b]IF MD Awards organizers want to take one of this days please let me know ASAP! :D[/b]

[b]Questions & Comments are welcome.[/b]

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I would like to run a quest, its a little bit time consuming (treasure hunt style) so I would want to start it on the 21st and have winners chosen on the 29th.

In terms of questions, is it permissible to provide a fourth prize category, above the prizes that you provide? Or would it be more suitable for me to put my intended first place prize (a Wishpoint) on top of whatever you give for first place?

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I have no problems with extended quests like yours. I actually like that you are taking that initiative.

After Tk's and me checking your quest and assigning our rewards to the top three, yes you can pick either of the options you proposed based on what we give. The idea is that questers don't use their own rewards when we have sponsors like TK's. If you need a fourth place reward you can always ask us. However, I can't stop you if you want to use that WP.

Let me know if you need that fourth place. :)

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[quote name='Mya Celestia' timestamp='1353896198' post='126394']
[color=#008080][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]Do you need any prior details?[/font][/color]

No but it will be useful to know if you have the intentions of organizing a quest and when it gets closer a moreover or when the quest will happen

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'll need help for the second part of the festival, as I had a last minute medical issue with a close familiar who will have an emergency surgery.

On the other Hand. We are close to starting the MD XMAS Festival. I kindly request quest creators to NOT release all the quests on the first day. Please distribute the quests among the six days of the festival.

Moreover, remember that every quest creator will receive a link to submit their quest and its winners and another link the most provide to its contestants. That will allow us to give proper rewards to each quest.

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For this second part as I announced, I will be rarely available as I'm dealing with some personal issues, which I already mentioned. Tonight I'll host my last quest.

It is possible that MoC will host the event the remaining days when he is available. I'll try to leave him two quests ready.

This means that this second part is yours. I can't host it, you, the community can. Have fun, fill the forms and every effort will get rewarded.

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