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Encrypted Letter Puzzle


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This is a simple quest, with a simple answer. The words below are in a code. Reveal the secret message and send me a PM here in the forums with the decoded letter. Rewards will also be pending further sponsorship. The deadline is yet to be determined. Periodically, depending on the amount of correct answers I get, I may give a hint or two.

xzc rhgs rcqnv xl ns mdjqzdg
dkzs dgs qzdg kkhv tnx
rdszf fmhcmzsr-qdud drngv cmzk dgs en
khzv xkgsqzdmt zm rxzvkz qdsst

xzr nr duzg h szgv vnm qzdg
dshqv h rcqnv dgs czdq cmz
dgs drnqz cmzk dgs en stn vng
sgfhe z qne fmhgbsh rdzgr

mnhunqbdm en xqnsr dgs vnm czdq
srtc lnqe mdrhqz mnhszm z
cdjqzor dbmdknhu mh cdfqne cmz
srtk-qzv rtldknf xa

Rewards are as follows...
1st Place - 1 Tormented Soul and 5 silver coins.
2nd Place- 3 silver coins.
3rd Place-1 silver coin.

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Wow! Four takers over the course of one night! O.o Heh I guess next time I'll have to step it up a notch and increase the difficulty of the code. In any case, we have four winners.

Keep attempting to decode the puzzle though, I may have more rewards available if I obtain any more sponsors. The deadline will be placed as this Friday.

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